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How do I choose the kinds of wedding party gifts I'm going to give when it's such a large wedding party?

Wedding Gifts For Bridal Party

The wedding party usually includes everyone participating in some way in the wedding celebration. That could be groomsmen, brides maids, flower girls, clergy, both sets of parents, etc. They're the people who are helping to bring the big day together. Many people decide to take the group out to a nice restaurant as the wedding gift to the bridal party, but there are other things you can do as well. Of course, the bigger the wedding party, the harder it's going to be to come up with unique wedding party gifts. Rather than give each individual person something different as a wedding gift, why not give gifts based on gender and/or age.

Women: The ladies can each get the same gift, just make sure to personalize the gift that you give. You might want to give them each a personalized ladies shaver, gift certificates to their favorite book stores or coffee shops, personalized cameras, blankets, sheets, or something simpler and alternative like a personalized mp3 or cell phone cover.

Men: Gifts for the wedding party should be something you know they'll enjoy. Maybe it's a bottle of whiskey, or a weekend pass to a racing event. Maybe there's an awesome concert coming up that they'll all appreciate having tickets too.

Kids: If you have a flower girl or ring bearer in the wedding party, don't forget them! Unique wedding party gifts for them could be a case of bubbles to go through. The bubbles will keep them entertained for hours, especially when you tell them it's “okay” to spend the day blowing bubbles. Hey, it'll add to the atmosphere and keep them busy at the same time!

What kind of bridal party gifts can I give that are unlike anything has ever given before?

City Bride, Country Bride, Camping Bride

So, you're living in the city, working in the city or big noisy town, and you can't think of anything to give your hardworking bridesmaids for a wedding gift. You've probably walked your heels off at all the malls, and typed your way through several online bridal sites. Sure there's some great stuff, but none of it looks right. Either you know your bridesmaids won't use half the stuff, or you just wanted to come up with fun wedding party gifts, not the same old plastic personalized wedding bell favors. Well, here's an idea that'll blow your socks off…camping.

Yup, wilderness camping. In tents. In the woods. Where wild animals sleep at night. Not into that idea? Well, you can always pitch a tent in your back yard and act like teenage girls again. Someone's dog might sniff your tent, but that's about as dangerous it'll be. If you timing it just right, that tent might be the perfect place to crash after your bachelorette party!

You might still be wondering exactly how this idea translates into a fun gift for the bridal party. Well, think about the looks on their faces when you break the news. Hey girls, instead of buying you each really expensive gifts, I've decided to take you camping! Then you can sit back and take it in, because the looks you'll get will be priceless.

Of course, when you actually get them to the tent, you could follow up with bridal party gifts that are a little more tangible. Stick with the nature theme and give them each a bird house complete with bird feed. If you get to that point and they're still not happy, it's time to open the picnic basket to reveal the copious amount of alcohol that you brought along. A bottle of wine for everybody! Nothing makes a bridal party camping trip better than a good stiff drink. Talk about first loves, laugh about lost loves, and turn it into a yearly tradition. Whatever you do, make the camping trip something the bridesmaids will look back on (and have to admit) that it was a huge success.


Tokens of Appreciation

Do not forget to plan for bridesmaid gifts. Though some may abandon this tradition, it's a truly thoughtful tradition of extending tokens of appreciation to the bridesmaids for spending time, effort and their own money in support of you and your wedding choices.

What do you do if a couple doesn’t register?

Gifts for the Couple Who Asks for Nothing

If you are looking for a few solid wedding gift ideas, but don't have a registry to work off of, here are some suggestions for gifts:

  • Money – Cash gifts may seem impersonal to some, but for couples that are not registered the gift of cash can be put towards anything they'd like whether it's a down payment on a vehicle, a house or just fun splurge money for their honeymoon vacation – it's a gift that let's them get what they want.
  • Reservations – You may not think this is such a big deal, but covering their expenses for a night in a luxurious honeymoon suite before they continue on to their honeymoon can be a real kick for many newlyweds. They can savor the room service, the Jacuzzi tubs and the opulent privacy that every newlywed couple deserves
  • Gift Certificates – Whether you give them a gift certificate to a wonderful place at their honeymoon destination or to favored restaurants at home; gift certificates are great wedding gift ideas because it allows them to enjoy fine food and a romantic dinner
  • Bottle of Wine or Champagne – This is a good wedding gift idea for the right couple. Give them a bottle of wine or champagne with a note to not be opened until their 1st wedding anniversary. It's a charming gift that inspires confidence in their choices and their wedding

My best man is nothing like the rest of the groomsmen. What do I get him for a gift?

Best Man Gifts For the Cultured Best Man

What's your best man like? Is he into art or music? Maybe he's a surfer enthusiast or a guy who appreciates opera and the ballet. It's easy to find sophomoric gag gifts, but a lot harder to come up with unique wedding party gifts that really speak to a person's personality. If your best man is an art aficionado, but the rest of the groomsmen are into computer gaming and drinking beer, it wouldn't make sense to have all the same gifts for the wedding party. In a situation like that, where the guys are so different from one another, it's a good idea to take the best man aside, maybe have a night on the town with him, and give him his gift without the other guys around. The next question is, what to get for a gift?

For someone with more mature sensibilities, try one of these wedding party gift ideas:

-Is he an artist? Get him some hard-to-find art supplies. If you plan early enough, you should be able to find out (either through him or through another friend or family member of his) where to get the things he needs.

-Is he an avid reader? Judging by the books lying around his place, it shouldn't be hard to figure out what he likes to read. Why not get a complete boxed set of whichever genre he reads the most?

-Does he have a sports car that's his pride and glory? Get him a certificate to a specialty car shop where he can buy accessories.

The key here is to take into account the vast differences in personality between your best man and your groomsmen. No matter where you're getting married, or how you're getting married, your best man will really appreciate the effort you took to say “thanks”.

What are some good ideas for wedding gifts for my father?

Wedding Gifts For Dad

The type of wedding gifts you buy for your father will probably depend a lot on his age and his hobbies. If he's got a crazy sense of humor and is expecting something a little off-the-wall, you could get him an engraved fishing pole and a bucket of realistic looking fish. Maybe you could even give him a disposable camera to take pictures of the one that “didn't get away”.

For fathers who are into genealogy, or just like to reminisce, you could put together a disc of hundreds of old photos that he can just pop into the DVD player at home. If you're a photo-buff, or you know something about Photoshop, you could do it yourself, If not, just check your local business listings (or maybe you already know someone) for someone who provides that service.

Now, if you want your father to really be noticed, personalized license plates make great wedding gifts. There are lots of ideas on the Internet, or you can come up with your own by using a combination of letters and numbers that reflect your father's motto, sports car, life goal, etc. If you're the daughter giving your dad a personalized license plate, you could play on the whole cost of the wedding issue (if that's an issue), the fact that he's not losing a daughter, but gaining a son, etc. It's tricky, but with a little brain-storming, you'll be able to come up with something really unique.

What are some unique wedding gift ideas?

Great Wedding Gifts

When the bride and groom open the present you bought them, the last thing you want to hear is, “Oh…thanks! Another toaster.” Sure they may have a bridal registry somewhere, which is a huge help, but that's not always the case. Giving them money is the easy way out. No thought required. Unless they start dropping hints, or give you a map and directions to their favorite store, you're going to have to come up with your own ideas for great wedding gifts. The trick is to come up with something the couple will be able to enjoy together. Technically, a newly married couple can enjoy making toast together with their new wide-slot toaster, but the best wedding gifts are the ones that take them out of their own kitchen. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Gift certificates to their favorite restaurant.

2) A picnic basket filled with their favorite snacks and drinks.

3) A massage oil set of different scents and flavors.

4) Get them maid service for a year so they can spend their time doing more newly-wed things and less dusting.

5) Are the newly-weds building a new house or moving into a new apartment? Give them something practical like a gift certificate to a hardware store.

6) Personalized sheet sets, pillows, towels, etc.

Great wedding gifts are the ones where the bride and groom look at each other and say, “Yeah, we can really use that!”


The Personal Touch

Personalized wedding gifts are a wonderful way of celebrating your wedding day. They can be created from a wide variety of things whether they are sports based or more traditional such as picture frames.


Men at Arms - Groomsmen Gifts

Choosing your groomsmen gifts will take a little forethought. You may want to choose groomsmen gifts that are reflective of the things you enjoy doing together.

Is it too late to order best man gifts online?

No-Time-To-Get-Creative Wedding Party Gifts

Sometimes the most fun weddings are the ones that give you little time to think about all of the little details that tend to creep up on you. Of course, sometimes they're panic inducing. If you're panicked about getting last minute best man gifts, bridal party gifts, or bridesmaids favors, worry no longer. You can relax. Here are a few ideas for last-minute wedding gifts you can buy, from the almost-last-minute gift, to the extremely-last-minute wedding gifts:

ALMOST LAST MINUTE (two weeks to the wedding date):

-At this stage, you can probably order some neat gifts online. Personalized mugs, ties, golf sets, backpacks, business-class engraved pens, and cuff links are quick ideas. Just make sure to check the website's shipping policy to make sure your order will get to you in time.

NEARLY LAST MINUTE (one week to the wedding date):

-As long as you're willing to pay for shipping charges, you should be able to order last minute best man gifts. Some bridal gift websites offer free shipping on orders over a certain price, but you might have to pay extra for overnight delivery. If in doubt, ask the company before placing your order.

EXTREMELY LAST MINUTE (A couple days away from the wedding date):

-What the heck have you been waiting for? Okay, don't panic. You're going to have to go to the store and buy the biggest, fanciest bottle of champagne you can find. Forget price! You waited too long to worry about price. What you need is an awesome best man gift and you need it fast! However, make sure to check with customer service of that bridal site you were looking at. They just might be able to accommodate you, just ask!

What kind of wedding gifts should I get my new bride?

Wedding Party Gifts From The Groom To The Bride

So, you're marrying the woman of your dreams and now you have to buy her some wedding gifts and, of course, you want the wedding gift to cause a “gasp” reaction. No pressure! Whether you're celebrating your wedding vows in a traditional or non-traditional way, it's all about the romance. It doesn't matter if she says she's not the romantic type. Don't believe her. Maybe she means she's not into red roses and white lace, but when it comes to the wedding gifts you pick out for her, they have to evoke feelings of romance. What do men fear the most on their wedding day? Doing the wrong thing! Here are a couple of “don'ts” to keep in mind when picking out your new bride's wedding gifts:

-Don't give her a cooking appliance of any type. It's okay for someone else to do it, but the only message you'll be giving her if you do that is, “Get in the kitchen and cook something.” Even if she insists that she wants something for the kitchen, don't do it. Tell her maid of honor or her mother to get her something for the kitchen.

-Don't give her something really embarrassing, especially if she's opening the gift in front of her parents or grandparents! What constitutes embarrassing? Anything that falls in the “honeymoon toys” category pretty much sums it up. That kind of thing usually falls under the category of unique bridal party gifts.

Okay, those are a few don'ts. Now, here are a few do's:

-Do give her a gift certificate to a high-end shoe store. Really. She'll love you forever.

-Do indulge her like a pampered princess with a full day spa treatment that she can enjoy with a friend.

-If money is an issue, you can still give her the gift of her dreams by creating your own book of redeemable “gift certificates” that include things like a ½ hour foot rub, a back massage, a bubble bath complete with wine (served chilled) and cheese. Just make sure to follow through! Don't forget to include a bottle of massage oil with the certificates.

Good luck with the wedding gifts!

Can I throw an adult home party for the bride to be?

Bridal Party Gifts From The Adult Home Party Scene

If you're trying to plan the best bridal party ever, get the girls together and have an adult home party. There are different perks to hosting an adult home party, like free products after a certain number of sales. If you want the bride-to-be to reap the benefits, host the party in her name. They're a lot more fun than home parties where the spiciest thing you can buy is a jar of steak seasoning!

Of course, when you're booking a home party like this, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Are there any friends who'll be too embarrassed to enjoy themselves? Are you going to invite anybody's mother and, if so, will she be offended or will she have a great time with the girls? Although bridal parties are usually just for the girls, there's no strict rule that says it can't include the guys too. If you're the maid of honor planning the party, it's probably a good idea to include the bride-to-be and the bridesmaids in the planning stages. Surprises are lots of fun, but not when you run the risk of seriously freaking somebody out. Then again, if you know people well enough, you might just want to go ahead, book the party, pop open some champagne, and holler, “Surprise!”

Bridal party gifts come in all shapes and sizes, especially at an adult home party.

When should I mail thank you notes?

Send Thank You Cards in a Tinmely Manner

Wedding thank you notes should be sent out within four weeks of your return from your honeymoon. To take longer than that is disrespectful to those who attended your wedding and sent gifts. The longer it takes, the more your guests will wonder if you liked their gifts. Let them know how much their generosity means to you by sending thank you notes right away.

Do I have to give the groomsmen gifts?

Men at Arms - Groomsmen Gifts

When you are selecting your wedding party you are asking the men and women to stand up with you and to give you a hand during the wedding. The roles that groomsmen play may not be as obvious as that of the bridesmaids, but they do play a role and they should be honored as the bridesmaids are honored with groomsmen gifts.

Groomsmen Gifts Ideas:

  • You can purchase individual gifts for each groomsmen or you can choose a gift that covers everyone involved.
  • The groomsmen gifts are meant to be tokens of appreciation, but that doesn't mean they can't be practical as well such as a watch and sports sunglasses
  • The more technically inclined might go for a MP3 players, thumb drives or other handheld device as a useful groomsmen gifts
  • Sports oriented groomsmen gifts can be as casual as a baseballs or baseball gloves
  • Engraved pens, silver plated yo-yos and pocket watches are good ideas for the business oriented groomsmen
  • Lighters, money clips, key chains and pocket knives are standards and work well

My sister has requested cash donations for honeymoon in lieu of gifts. They have combined households so they don`t need sheets, towels, toaster, etc. Is this acceptable?

Wedding Couple Requests Cash

Many couples who are getting ready to wed would often prefer to receive cash rather than a traditional wedding gift.

Unfortunately, according to most etiquette sources a couple that requests money rather than a gift would be considered as being in poor taste.

One important note to remember, in today's world, one of the most popular gifts to give for weddings is money. Therefore, it is possible to receive enough money in gifts to pay for things such as a honeymoon. The important part is not to ask people for it!

What are bridesmaid gifts?

Tokens of Appreciation

Among some of the lovely options out there for bridesmaid gifts include several that are frugal and kind to your budget. The best part of these types of bridesmaids gifts is that although they are inexpensive, they are still charming and great tokens of appreciation.

  • Engraved purse mirrors are inexpensive, attractive and utterly feminine. Compact mirrors are also a very practical gift for many women. They can be engraved with a name, a monogram or even a pet name and quotes.
  • Jewelry is one of the most often given bridesmaid gifts. The jewelry can be a charm, charm bracelet or even the jewelry purchased for the wedding. This can actually be a frugal choice because you will often want your bridesmaids to wear a certain kind of jewelry
  • Digital photo albums are a little more expensive, but they are becoming more and more inexpensive every passing day. These are great ways to display photos in your home and they can even have a slideshow option to switch out the image on a regular basis
  • Spa certificates are a nice treat for the bridesmaids to be used before or after the wedding and can prove affordable on a limited budget, as some spas will offer group deals for buying in bulk. If you're looking for something different to give as a bridesmaid's gift, this might be the one for you.

We will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary with the renewal of vows in a Pastor`s office followed by a small dinner at a restaurant. Do I give the Pastor a gift,invite him to the dinner or give him a gift and invite him to the dinner? Julie

Pastor Gifts for Wedding/Anniversary

When a pastor marries a couple or assists in a vow renewal, the pastor should be compensated for his time.

If the pastor is not being paid a flat fee, it is acceptable to give him a monetary donation for his time. It is also acceptable to purchase a gift for the pastor.

The pastor should also be invited to the rehearsal dinner or any dinner accompanying the anniversary ceremony.

What unique wedding gifts can you give?

Unique Wedding Gifts

Family and friends of a bridal couple often prefer to give unique wedding gifts. Parents may want to give them something thoughtful and unique that they may or may not have asked for in their registry. Family loves to give something that the couple may not have asked for, but will actually be really appreciated. If you are looking for a unique gift for a bridal couple you know of, consider these three ideas:

  • A dozen 24k Gold Roses
  • Welcome Home Gift Basket
  • Homemade Quilts

Why give a wedding gift basket?

Give a Gift of Choice

A wedding gift basket is easy to put together and can really be quite personal if you take the time to pick the right items. The best thing about putting together a wedding gift basket is that it doesn't require a huge financial investment to create a great gift. Wedding gift baskets are personal, fun and inexpensive.

Designing your own wedding gift basket begins by picking out the wicker basket. You can locate baskets at a number of different stores and locations. Once you've located the basket, you can take fabric remnants to dress up the basket. Depending on the wedding, you can base the color scheme of the basket on the couple has selected for their wedding. You can also adopt some part of their wedding themes. For example, a tropical wedding theme might lean towards a more tropical fabric to use on lining the basket.

Once you have your basket set up and the fabric remnant set up lining the basket, now it's time to begin filling it with various items for the bridal couples. You can go for things like matching watches, monogrammed handkerchiefs, homemade cookies, fresh breads, candles and more. You can theme the wedding gift basket and include in it all the right things for an evening picnic or movie night or more.

The beauty of a wedding gift basket is you can put just about anything into it and create whatever theme you want to for it without breaking the bank.

Do wedding gifts have to be practical?

Fun Wedding Gifts

Wedding gifts don't have to be practical. If you are the type of bride and groom that enjoy the fun and the hilarious, encourage your guests to give you the gift of humor.

If you're looking for some fun wedding gift ideas, here are a few to explore:

  • Personalized Cartoon featuring the Bride & Groom
  • Register in the name of the Married Couple at the National Star Registry
  • Give certificates of purchase for ocean property
  • Rubber ducky bride & groom set
  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse bride & groom sets
  • Boxed Games – Especially those that challenge your knowledge of each other
  • Wedding gift baskets packed with fun toys
  • Distorted or photo shopped pictures of the couple

When making out a check for a wedding gift - whose name goes on the check? Do you use the bride's married name?

Who to Write the Check Out To

If the bride will be taking her husband's last name, then you can write the check out to “Mr. and Mrs. Right”. If the bride will keep her maiden name, then write both names on the check.
If you are still uncomfortable about which name you should use, ask the bride or groom. They can easily tell you whose name is preferable. Alternatively, you can give cash or a gift card to one of the stores that they are registered at.

When should we register for gifts?

Give Them Some Time

Try to register for wedding gifts about six months in advance of your wedding date to give friends and family ample time to buy gifts and to have a list in place before any parties or showers.

Where should we register for gifts?

Get Real With Your Registry

Even though your average "registry list" has categories for fine china, ice tea spoons and silver tea services, there is no need to register for gifts that have no relevance to your lifestyle. If you are casual stonewear and stainless people, by all means, register for the patterns you will love and use. Or consider registering at a store that better suits your needs than a department store: Home Depot for first time homeowners/remodelers; Campmor for nature enthusiasts, Sam Goody or Tower Records, Barnes and Noble or Williams Sonoma. Your guests want to delight you; you can make it easier!

Where do i go to find where someone is registered?

Finding a Wedding Registry

The easiest way to find a wedding registry is to simply ask the bride or groom, or another close family member, where they are registered.
If, for some reason, you are unable to do this, then your best bet is to check out Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, or Crate and Barrel. This are the most popular stores for wedding registries. It's highly likely that you can find a wedding registry for your friend at one of these sites. Once at the site, you can click on the “registries” section and search for the couple's name. This will take you to a link for their registry, if they have one, and you can easily make your purchase.

Should I bring a gift to an engagement party?

Engagement Parties & Gifts

It's not necessary to bring a gift to an engagement party, but you can if you want to. If you do choose to bring a gift, check with the engaged couple to see if they're registered anywhere. If they're not, try to give something along the lines of what you'd bring to a housewarming party: plants, candlesticks, a vase, or picture frame would all make excellent engagement party gifts.

How can I ask for money instead of gifts at my wedding?

Requesting Money, Not Gifts

So many people ask wedding experts how to tactfully request money instead of gifts and this is the most acceptable solution: Put the word in a few well placed ears and ask them to spread the word: wedding grapevines move very quickly. The invitation is never the place to solicit for anything, it should remain only an invitation.

Can you ask for something other than gifts?

Turn Your Wedding into a Celebration

Instead of signing up for items on your wedding gift registry, you can ask that in lieu of a gift purchase that they make a donation in your name to one of these favored charities. With 2.3 million Americans being wed each year, that's about 380 million wedding guests who can be asked to donate between $10 and $50 dollars to the listed causes.

If only 10 percent of all wedding guests respond to the wedding gift registry and donate $50 to one of your listed charities that's a potential $1.9 billion that could go to a good cause. A wedding gift registry that thinks of others before themselves is not a new idea, but it is a great one. So if you don't need new dishes or a fruit punch bowl and you aren't sure what you could ask for on your wedding gift registry, consider asking for help for causes that need it. It's a great way to turn your celebration of love into a celebration of compassion.

What kind of gifts can you personalize?

The Personal Touch

The great thing about personalized wedding gifts is while they can be found everywhere, they take time and consideration to order and have engraved before the wedding.

Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas:

  • Personalized Wedding Plate
  • Personalized wedding frame
  • His & Her Just Married Caps
  • Wedding vows frame
  • Inscribe the wedding invitation on crystal
  • Personalized paving stone for a yard

How do we deal with gifts at our reception?

Gift Management

Before your wedding, be sure to designate someone to take care of your gifts after the reception (mom and dad are a good choice). They'll need to take them to your home or store them for you until you return from your honeymoon.

How can we make gift registry easier?

Doing the Prep Work

Not all guys get as excited about dinnerware, bed linens and napkin rings as women do. If your guy isn't thrilled at the prospect of spending hours in the department store registering for gifts, help him out by going to the store on your own first to narrow down the choices. He'll probably find it easier to pick from a handful of 'finalists' rather than trying to pick from dozens of choices.

How can we make gift registry easier?

Planning Wedding Gift Registry

Taking your beloved along for a registering trip? If you're planning on registering for a lot of different gifts, try splitting up your wedding gift registry into two or more visits to the store. It won't be so overwhelming and you won't feel pressured to make decisions just to get it out of the way.

Where do I send out registry information?

Not on the Invite!

It's extremely important that you not include registry information along with the wedding invitation---it's very tacky. It is, however, perfectly fine to include registry info. with a shower invitation, since the purpose of the shower is to give gifts.

How can I make opening my wedding gifts easier?

Keeping the Cards Together

Ask your maid of honor or best man to slip a roll of scotch tape into a bag or pocket: those pesky cards can separate from their gifts in no time. And then who knows who to thank for what!

What gift can I give my mom to say thanks for all her help?

Wedding Gifts For Bridal Party

Some alternatives to wedding gifts for your mom are a gift to thank her for helping you with your wedding. A trip to a beauty salon or day spa is always nice, and is something you can do together. A trip to a museum, a day at the zoo or botanical gardens, anything that allows you to spend time together is a great idea. You could also buy her perfume, jewelry, bath and body products, or a gift suited to her hobbies. Does Mom like gardening? Get her a gift certificate for a gardening catalog, or a gardening book. Is she always baking? You could give her those gourmet cookie sheets or mixing bowls she's always wanted. And there's always flowers---sending a beautiful bouquet is a perfect way to say thank you.

How can I register for my wedding?

Wedding Event Planning

If you and your spouse-to-be are having trouble with the wedding gift registries, whether it's because you live in different cities or just can't find the time, consider registering online. Sites such as and have online registry services that let you choose from a variety of stores and products---your guests can even shop online by searching for your name in the directory!

What gift can I give my groom?

Grooms Wedding Party Gifts

Are you a bride looking for gifts for the groom? Try one of these ideas:

  • gift certificate for a day spa massage
  • beer of the month club
  • a necktie
  • nice wristwatch or pocketwatch
  • CDs, DVDs or videotapes

What´s a creative wedding gift we can give?

Unique Wedding Party Gifts

Want to give the new couple creative wedding gifts? How about a bunch of cleaning supplies to get them off to a good start in their new home? Gather things like bleach, sponges, mop, broom, all-purpose cleaner, etc. 'Wrap' them in a big trash can and tie with a large bow.

How do I decide where to register?

Wedding Gift Ideas

Registering at stores that keep your wedding gift registries on file for at least a year after the wedding is a good idea not just for late gift-givers, but also because your family and friends can fill out your registry later on birthdays and other holidays.

What unique wedding gift can we give?

Wedding Gifts For Bridal Party

Want to give bath towels for wedding gift ideas? Try this creative method of wrapping them by turning them into a 'wedding cake':

  1. Start with four bath towels, four hand towels, and four washcloths.
  2. Fold the bath towels lengthwise, in quarters.
  3. Using a big safety pin, connect the folded towels end to end.
  4. Start at one end and roll the towels up. When you reach the end of the towel, fasten with more pins.
  5. Do the same thing for the hand towels and the washcloths.
  6. Stack the rolls of towels with the bath towels on the bottom, the hand towels in the middle, and the washcloths on top. Pin the three layers together.
  7. Decorate the 'cake' with ribbons, silk flowers, etc.

Can we ask for gift certificates instead of gifts?

Wedding Gift Registries

It is never proper for the bride and groom to out and out request any sort of gift----even the place of registry is only mentioned in a shower invitation, not a wedding invitation or announcement. Most people who bring you gifts will give you either something from your wedding gift registry, or cash. If it's from your registry, you can usually return it and get something else that you like better. If you would rather have gift certificates, the only thing you can do is spread the news via word of mouth and hope that word gets around.

How can we make gift registry easier?

Timing it Right

If you're planning a trip to the department store to register, try and go when the store will be less busy: don't go on a Saturday, and don't go when the store is having a big sale.

How do I register for gifts?


A few days before going in to register for your gifts, go into the store and look around to get an idea of what you like so you'll be more prepared and not so overwhelmed when you actually register.

If we send a gift, do we need to bring one to the wedding too?

Giving Twice?

If you have a wedding gift sent to the couple prior to the wedding day, there's no need to bring another gift to the actual wedding. Where/when you gave them their wedding gift doesn't matter---it's the fact that you did give them something that does. If you don't like the thought of arriving totally empty-handed, I'd suggest bringing a congratulatory card with a message such as "We hope you enjoy the" and then add whatever it was that you gave them earlier.

How do we decide what gifts to register for?

Confer with Your 'Other'

When you register, be sure to bring your intended along or at least confer beforehand to make sure what you register for are things you both like. Making a home together is easier when you're both comfortable with the color scheme of your bedroom, etc.

What gift should I give for a wedding shower?

Super Shower Gift

An idea for a super shower gift from a group: Buy a serving platter, serving bowl or vase from one of those "glaze it yourself" ceramic places. Have all your "givers" write their sentiments and doodles, then sign. Next glaze, fire, and wrap...

What are some original wedding gift ideas?

Creative Gift Ideas

For an original gift, consider donations to a research fund (Alzheimer's, heart disease, AIDS, etc.)


Celebrate in Style -- Traditional Wedding Gifts

There’s something to be said about maintaining tradition. Things change, the world moves on, but some traditions are long lasting. Weddings and the gifts for anniversaries that come after are steeped in tradition and hold a special place in our history, but many people don’t know what those traditions are for each year. This list will help you choose a gift that is timeless for any anniversary:

Year 1 – Paper

If you’re wondering how to make paper special, consider creating a photo collage of your first year of marriage.

Year 2 – Cotton

Pillows and lingerie are options to think about.

Year 3 – Leather

Meant to signify the durability of your bond, leather can sometimes be a tricky gift to think of. Purses and wallets are some options for this year.

Year 4 – Flowers

Celebrate how your love has blossomed with a colorful bouquet filled with beautiful flowers.

Year 5 – Wood

There are many ways to find a meaningful gift made of wood. Matching Adirondack chairs, pool sticks, a whittled sculpture, and pendants are just some of the options to choose from with this versatile selection.

Year 6 - Sugar or Iron

If you share a sweet tooth, sugar is the more viable option. Iron symbolizes strength and endurance, and as such, represents a solid gift for this year.

Year 7 – Wool

Warmth and comfort – protection: that’s what wool signifies. A cozy sweater or socks would do nicely with this theme.

Year 8 – Bronze

The strength of copper and tin combined to make bronze speaks of a bond that is long lasting. A piece of art created in bronze is an idea to show longevity.

Year 9 – Pottery

Beauty punctuates this year. A decorative vase would be a nice representation of this sentiment.

Year 10 – Tin

An important marker! A clock would be fitting to mark the passage of time.

Here are the remaining years and their corresponding gifts at a glance:

Eleventh: Steel

Twelfth: Silk or Linen

Thirteenth: Lace

Fourteenth: Ivory

Fifteenth: Crystal

Twentieth: China

Twenty-Fifth: Silver

Thirtieth: Pearls

Thirty-Fifth: Coral

Fortieth: Ruby

Forty-Fifth: Sapphire

Fiftieth: Gold

Fifty-Fifth: Emerald

Sixtieth: Diamond

Sixty-Fifth: Blue Sapphire

Seventieth: Platinum

Seventy-Fifth: Diamond

Eightieth: Oak

Eighty-Fifth: Moonstone

Ninetieth: Stone

Can a treasure hunt be used at a bridal party to get the guests to find their own gifts?

The Hunt For Those Unique Bridal Party Gifts

Here's an idea that'll get your bridal party acting like kids again; hold a treasure hunt. You can do this as part of the bachelor or bridal party, throw in a few alcoholic drinks, a treasure map for each of the guests, and send them on their way. Part of the gift is in the fun they'll have, but the tangible part of the gift is what's waiting for them in their treasure chest. After buying a bunch of unique wedding party gifts, stash them in a “treasure chest” and hide the chest somewhere. Could be indoors or outdoors. Make sure to supply plenty of food and drinks to keep their energy levels up! You can do this a few different ways by either giving each guest their own map to a treasure, or everyone the same map to the same treasure chest. If you're going with the latter idea, make a rule that says the first person to the chest gets to pick the gift they want.

Make sure to buy small wedding party gifts that are easy to hide. Things like candles, coasters, novelty mugs, slippers, lighters, small picture frames, and candle holders make good gift ideas. Throw in a few gag gifts for laughs if you want. Everybody loves a rubber chicken and, while you're at it, why not toss in a few whoopee cushions? Sure it's a little juvenile, but after a few drinks on a treasure hunt, your guests have every right to sink into that mode, and so do you! It's called inexpensive stress therapy. Have fun and don't forget to take pictures of the day.

Can you give me an idea for a really unique bridal party gift idea?

Very Unique Bridal Party Gifts

Stop stressing! You've probably spent more sleepless nights than you should trying to come up with the perfect and completely unique bridal party gifts. Do your bridesmaids a favor and get them each something they'll be able to use…self-defense classes! If you're opting for a less traditional wedding theme, forget the pink bunny slipper bridal favors, give the ladies something that will make them safer citizens. No doubt your bridesmaids have never been to a wedding, or been involved in a wedding, where the bridesmaids received unique bridal party gifts like this. If you like this idea and want to go for it, here are a few suggestions or guidelines to consider:

1)Location. If all of the bridesmaids live in the same area, finding a common place to take self-defense shouldn't be hard. On the other hand, if your bridesmaids live in completely different areas, you might have to do a little research to find classes.

2)Physical fitness. Anyone can take self-defense classes, but not everyone wants to. Sometimes people feel they're too old, too big, or too small to take self-defense classes. For those people, you might want to give them a one day pass to try out a self-defense class, or give them the option of trying out something else like Pilates or Yoga.

3)Membership. Do you want to pay for a full year membership to a gym where self-defense classes are an option, or would you rather buy something short-term, but specific only to self-defense for women? Giving unique bridal party gifts like this are only well-received when it's obvious the giver had the recipient in mind. There are lots of ways you can tailor the idea to make the gift a success. When you're picking out classes, don't forget to consider any physical limitations or health/mental issues that might stop one of your bridesmaids from making the most out of the gift.

Can you give me some good gag gift ideas for the groom?

Best Man Gifts - Gags For The Groom

Okay guys, it's time to come up with some unique gifts for the wedding party, or at least for one person in the party…the groom. It's a great idea to go with as many gag gifts as you can, just make sure to do it at an appropriate place like the bachelor party. Just make sure everyone invited to the party knows what the theme is and carry it through. Some ideas include:

-Tying The Knot Theme. For this theme, give gag wedding gifts that focus on the finality of the dating scene. For example, you could give the groom a “little black book” with nothing in it but his wife-to-be's name and phone number on every page.

-Ball and Chain Theme. Instead of giving the same old literal ball and chain as a gift, give the groom-to-be something to remind him that he'll never be allowed to leave home again (without permission that is!). A good gag gift could be a fake tracking device, a pager, a cell phone that can only call or receive one phone number, or a leash.

-Time To Grow Up Theme. For this theme, give the groom-to-be wedding gifts to remind him that a married man, is a mature man. For example, you could give him a calendar of sports cars with big X's marked through them or a note-book with helpful sayings for newly married men like, “Whatever you think dear,” or “What would YOU like to do?”

The gag wedding gifts you get will have a lot to do with how far you want to take the joke, how much you want to spend, and how much you want to annoy your closest friend.

What type of bridal party gifts can I get that work with a winter themed wedding?

Unique Bridal Party Gifts For A Winter Wedding

When you think of a winter wedding, you think of snow-capped trees, crisp fresh air, and twinkling snowflakes. If you could custom order your wedding weather, that's exactly what you'd pick. No wind. No ice. Just a sunny day where everything is white and beautiful and nobody gets cold feet (pun intended).

Of course, being a realist, you know that the possibility of that happening is slim. So, when you're shopping for unique bridal party gifts, buy weddings gifts that have a wild winter wedding theme. At bridal sites, you'll be able to buy things like snow globes or snowflake candles. But, if you're looking for alternative gift ideas for your winter wedding theme consider some of these options:

-Give everyone in your bridal party a bag of road salt and a shovel and tell them no snow storm could possibly keep them from getting to the wedding on time!

-Give the bridal party personalized ear muffs, mittens, and a car windshield ice scraper.

-Think ICE. Give bridal party gifts that need to be frozen (specialty ice cream), chilled (bottles of wine) or kept refrigerated (skin products made from products with an expiration date).

You can't control the weather but you can still have fun with the winter theme.

What are some good ideas for best man gifts?

Best Man Gifts

Come on guys, don't panic at the thought of buying your best man a gift! If he's your best man, he's probably a close friend- which means you know his likes and dislikes. What kinds of hobbies does he have? Is he into sports? You'll be relieved to know that you can buy engraved, personalized, sports-themed best man gifts at various bridal sites.

Chances are, your best man will be having some sort of bachelor party for you. Even if that's not your style, you'll have lots of opportunities before the wedding to give him a gift. Here are a few ideas:

1) If you don't want to wait for a bachelor party to give your best man his gift, take him out to the ball game. There are all kinds of best man gifts that fall under this category including personalized baseball bats or engraved baseballs. Depending on where you buy the gifts, prices will vary, but you can estimate a cost of anywhere from $12 to $50 dollars.

2) Take him golfing. The golf course is the perfect place to give your best man an engraved golf luggage tag or an executive golf putter set.

3) In between tennis sets, toss your best man a gift of personalized tennis balls, or a tennis racket keychain. Other best man gifts along the same theme could include tickets to see a professional tennis match or an engraved tennis score watch.

You see? It's easy. Just use your best man's favorite sport as a guide, and start looking for the perfect gift.

Is it okay to give my mother a wedding gift that's as non-traditional as my wedding?

Wedding Gifts For Mom

Wedding gifts for mom fall into two categories: gifts for the bride's mom and gifts for the groom's mom. What you get them for gifts should symbolize your appreciation for all they've done for you over the years and should also reflect their individual personalities. If all your mom has ever wanted was a big glass paper weight with your wedding date engraved on it, then your search is over. Chances are, that's not the case.

Mother's sometimes envision a dream wedding for their daughters, something large, lavish, and traditional. If that's the case, try to stick with traditional wedding gifts for your mother. Sure she's happy for you, but she may not be really comfortable with the whole idea of a beach wedding, a wedding under the stars, or any other kind of non-traditional wedding ceremony that doesn't resemble her cultural values. Because she just wants you to be happy, she's going to sit on that beach (or wherever) beaming with pride. However, she may not be smiling anymore if you try to give her a non-traditional gift like a conch shell bikini! She'll appreciate something she can use, so keep her hobbies in mind when you pick out the wedding gifts. For example, she might like a personalized leather wallet, engraved gold watch, crystal earrings, or even a personalized golf set. If you'd describe your mother as “earthy”, give her something unique like a pair of shoes made from 100% recycled material and an organic cotton t-shirt. The key is to keep both mother's feelings, likes and dislikes in mind when shopping for their wedding gifts.

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