City Bride, Country Bride, Camping Bride

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What kind of bridal party gifts can I give that are unlike anything has ever given before?

City Bride, Country Bride, Camping Bride

So, you're living in the city, working in the city or big noisy town, and you can't think of anything to give your hardworking bridesmaids for a wedding gift. You've probably walked your heels off at all the malls, and typed your way through several online bridal sites. Sure there's some great stuff, but none of it looks right. Either you know your bridesmaids won't use half the stuff, or you just wanted to come up with fun wedding party gifts, not the same old plastic personalized wedding bell favors. Well, here's an idea that'll blow your socks off…camping.

Yup, wilderness camping. In tents. In the woods. Where wild animals sleep at night. Not into that idea? Well, you can always pitch a tent in your back yard and act like teenage girls again. Someone's dog might sniff your tent, but that's about as dangerous it'll be. If you timing it just right, that tent might be the perfect place to crash after your bachelorette party!

You might still be wondering exactly how this idea translates into a fun gift for the bridal party. Well, think about the looks on their faces when you break the news. Hey girls, instead of buying you each really expensive gifts, I've decided to take you camping! Then you can sit back and take it in, because the looks you'll get will be priceless.

Of course, when you actually get them to the tent, you could follow up with bridal party gifts that are a little more tangible. Stick with the nature theme and give them each a bird house complete with bird feed. If you get to that point and they're still not happy, it's time to open the picnic basket to reveal the copious amount of alcohol that you brought along. A bottle of wine for everybody! Nothing makes a bridal party camping trip better than a good stiff drink. Talk about first loves, laugh about lost loves, and turn it into a yearly tradition. Whatever you do, make the camping trip something the bridesmaids will look back on (and have to admit) that it was a huge success.



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