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I would like to host a unique wedding attendant luncheon for our entire wedding party, do you have any suggestions?

Why Not Provide A Friendly Competition?

A paintball competition is an exciting bridal party luncheon idea that provides the most competitive and heart-pounding fun for everyone. Not only is a paintball competition a wonderful way to introduce your entire bridal party to one another but it creates instant fun and competition between the two different attending groups.

There are many different locations that can be chosen for a bridal attendant's luncheon and for some, this sport is too rough so you will need to consider the different members of your bridal party to make sure it is a good fit for everyone involved. However, if you have the right group of people, a paintball party can create an event that will be talked and laughed about for years to come. Don't forget the purpose of the wedding attendants' luncheon, and arrange for a quiet time after the game to share lunch and to honor the friends and family that you have chosen to stand next to you on the most important day of your life.

The wedding attendants' luncheon is intended to be a special time for the bride and groom to honor the members of their wedding party and to say thank you, with special wedding attendant gifts, for being a part of their special day. It is a good idea to hold the bridal party luncheon even a month or so prior to the wedding, following this timeline gives everyone an opportunity to build friendships that might not have developed without this special event.

I went to a bridal shower and one of the guests talked about a plant that had the word “love” printed upon it, have you ever heard of it? I am planning a “green” wedding and I would love to find out where to get these for my wedding attendant gifts.

Planning a Green Wedding

As you are planning your ecologically friendly wedding, it is often a challenge to uphold your beliefs and still plan the wedding of your dreams. However, recently a new wedding party favor idea was introduced that is absolutely the most darling idea for any bride looking for unique accents in her wedding, even if she isn't going “green”. This most delightful wedding party favor is not only fun for adults but for children that are involved in your wedding. This unique wedding attendant gift is a wonderful way to send your love for the environments, your newlywed spouse and your family and friends home in one tiny little package.

Now this gift for your wedding attendant may be small but it sure packs a powerful surprise. In one of the most unique wedding attendant gifts and wedding party gifts available for the “green” wedding theme, a tiny hand painted flower pot is a small package that is individually wrapped with its own potting soil and a tiny seed. Once the seed is planted, they need only wait one week to see the really surprise, when the tiny seed breaks free, the word “love” is written right on the sprout itself. This creative, elegant and amazing wedding party favor is a great gift to send home with everyone that has been involved with your wedding plans.


What's Expected of the Wedding Party?

There are a multitude of duties that bridesmaids, groomsmen, maids of honor and best men are usually expected to fulfill. It's a good idea for the bride and groom to identify their needs to the wedding party prior to the wedding. This can help your attendants to help you fulfill your wedding expectations.

What do you want from your Maid of Honor?

The Maid of Honor - Her Role and Duties

The maid of honor is considered a position of honor; pardon the pun, in your wedding party. A bride will typically ask a close female friend or relative to fulfill this position. In some cases, the mother or daughter of the bride will be asked to serve as maid of honor. (It's worth noting, however, that if the woman you ask to fulfill this position is married, she should be called your Matron of Honor).

The Maid of Honor has a variety of typical responsibilities. Her primary part is to be the leader of the support for the bride. She will coordinate the bridesmaids to make sure they make it to their fittings, pick up their dresses on time as well as arranging for any pre-wedding grooming preparations like hair, make-up and nails. The Maid of Honor will also be responsible for making the arrangements for the bachelorette party.

During the wedding, the maid of honor will help the bride with pretty much everything. She will adjust her train, hold the groom's rings, hold the bride's flowers during the ceremony and sign the marriage certificate as an official witness of the wedding. A word to the wise, don't let the maid of honor schedule any kind of night before the wedding party – the best thing for the prospective bride (and groom for that matter) is a good night's sleep.

What type of gifts should you give to your wedding party? (Client Tip)

Gifts for the Wedding Party

Typically wedding gifts are designed around the idea of setting up a new home and that the bride and groom need staples to get their new joint home set up. But there are few typical rules applied to the gifts that the bridal couple bestows on their wedding attendants. Wedding party attendants do not expect gifts, but they are an important part of the core support that a couple receives in the months before and during their wedding. Here are a few suggestions to help you out in selecting wedding attendant gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen. The maid of honor and best man should receive separate, more intimate gifts that can be exchanged between friends.

Wedding Attendant Gift Suggestions for Groomsmen:

  • Cufflinks
  • Watches
  • Engraved Pocket Knives
  • Monogrammed Money Clips
  • Specialized Key Chains
  • Personalized Coffee Mugs
Wedding Attendant Gift Suggestions for Bridesmaids:

  • Bracelets (Engraved or Not)
  • Watches
  • Charm or Charm Bracelet or Both
  • Hair Combs
  • Specialized Key Chains
  • Personalized Coffee Mugs

What does a Best Man do?

The Best Man in Your Wedding Party

A best man is someone the groom chooses to stand up for him and to be his main support during the ceremony and the weeks leading up to it. He may choose his brother, his best friend, his father or even his son. The best man will handle carrying the bride's ring during the ceremony, he's in charge of making sure the groom gets to his fittings, picks up the suit and is dressed and on time for his ceremony on the day of the wedding.

The best man is also in charge of the bachelor party. The bachelor party is a considerable event in the year of celebration leading up to the wedding ceremony. The best man will handle the standard organization of the bachelor party including location, events and invitees. The best man will also give a toast during the reception and he will sign the marriage license as one of the two official witnesses to the marriage ceremony.

What instructions should you give to your wedding party? (Client Tip)

Wedding Party Guide

The wedding party includes the bride, the groom, the attendants and the parents of the bride and groom. For bridesmaids and groomsmen alike, there is some helpful instructions you can provide them with during the wedding planning. If you hire a wedding planner, they may provide you with a tip sheet or sheets for your wedding attendants. If you plan your own wedding, the following tips should come in handy for both you and your wedding party:

  • Be sure to attend all fittings for the dresses and suits to avoid any surprises on the big day.
  • If jewelry and accessories are coordinated, do not add or subtract anything without consulting the bride and groom.
  • Pregnancies happen, be sure to let the bride know as soon as possible, especially if it means alterations to the dress or plans.
  • Destination weddings automatically require additional costs for travel and lodging, be sure to discuss this.
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen are expected to cover their own expenses; if this is an issue, please discuss it BEFORE finalizing plans.
  • If readings, singing or other additions are planned for the ceremony, be sure to clear the selection with bride and groom to avoid any unpleasant surprises
  • Guests of the bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually okay, but it's always good to clear questionable additions with the bride and groom.
  • Punctuality and attention to detail are the key words to success as a wedding attendant.
  • If you have questions or concerns, don't wait until the last minute to discuss them.
  • Unforeseen events and emergencies happen – accept that and work with the bridal couple in the event of unforeseen events.

Why include a flower girl and a ring bearer?

Small Children as Wedding Attendants

Traditionally, a flower girl represents the promise of new life and fertility for a bride and groom. She spreads flower petals along the path that a bride takes towards her new life. The ring bearer offers similar promise as he carries the symbols of that new life down the path that the flower girl has just laid.

Including a flower girl and a ring bearer in your ceremony is also a way to let children in your family participate. For bride and grooms on their second marriage or with children from a previous relationship, it's a way to make their children a part of the ceremony. It's important to remember that very young children can have severe stage fright when it comes to the actual ceremony, so make sure that their part is not so important that it messes up your ceremony if they fail to perform. In some cases, let them walk down the aisle together or even with the bride or maid of honor, because they can provide comfort for the children. A word to the wise, don't have a late in the evening wedding where children are involved – cranky children are worse than children suffering from stage fright when it comes to a wedding ceremony.

Do your wedding attendants know what you want?

What's Expected of the Wedding Party?

When you ask someone to be an attendant at your wedding, do they know what it is you expect? It's always best to clearly define your expectations for your attendants when you are asking them to be a part of your wedding. For example, many bridesmaids are expected to purchase their own dresses. If you are asking someone who cannot afford to purchase their own dress, then you need to work out these types of details. If the groomsmen are going to be required to rent tuxedos, then you are going to want to try and have all of them rent their tuxedos from the same shop in order to ensure matching styles and colors.

What are the responsibilities of the mother of the groom as a wedding approaches?

Wedding Duties for the Mother of the Groom

It is often difficult to know what the duties and responsibilities of the mother of the groom entails.

Her first duty upon hearing of the engagement is to contact the bride's family and introduce herself and her family. If they live too far to get together for the first meeting, a friendly letter will be fine.

If there will be a meeting, either make reservations at a nice but cozy restaurant (not too upscale, you really don't know what the bride's family prefers) or a meal at your home. Your son and future daughter-in-law may enjoy attending this meeting but it is not a necessity.

Another duty for the mother of the groom is to make sure the bride has a guest list of people to invite to the wedding among the groom's friends and relatives. The groom's mother should find out the total number of guests so that she will not be suggesting too many invitations.

Etiquette suggests that the groom's mother choose a dress to complement the colors of the dress of the mother of the bride. The length is determined by the length the bride's mother chooses. Do not match the color of the dress of the bride's mother, however, just complement.

If you have guests coming to your son's wedding from out of town, you will be taking care of the reservations to make sure they have a place to stay.

After many of the details are out of the way and the wedding is about to happen, it will be your family (parents of the groom) who will host a rehearsal dinner. The type of meal and venue will be your choice.

At the wedding, your official duty will be to help greet guests in the receiving line.

How do you organize travel plans for a destination wedding for your wedding party?

Destination Wedding Tips

A destination wedding is one where the bridal party, family and friends travel to a pre-chosen destination for the wedding ceremony and reception. Destination weddings can take place all over the world and planning a wedding is complicated, but when you throw in travel plans it can be a recipe for disaster unless someone takes the lead on making the travel plans. Do not leave anything to chance, a wedding planner will likely take point on coordinating the travel plans for the wedding party. In the absence of a wedding planner, one person in the wedding party – preferably not the bride and groom, should take the lead on coordinating the travel plans. This can be done via travel agent who can plan flights, lodging and transportation in order to insure that the entire wedding party is where they need to be when they need to be. The following is a guide for organizing travel plans:

  • One person should be the coordinator to make sure that conflicting arrangements do not happen by accident.
  • The bride, groom and wedding attendants should arrive no later than 24 to 36 hours before the planned wedding date. It's actually best to arrive at least 2 days beforehand, especially if you are planning a rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Wedding attendants should bring all of their attire with them, whether it is a rented suit or not – do not rely on picking it up at the last moment at the destination.
  • Guest travel plans should be coordinated as well to help avoid delays that can impact the wedding. Request that no one plan his or her arrival on the day of the wedding.
  • Destination weddings will usually involve at least 2 to 3 days of travel and lodging, coordinating the plans for the wedding attendants and guests may earn a discount from both the airlines and the hotel.
  • If the bridal couple is planning to cover any portion of the travel arrangements, designate one credit card in order to more clearly track the billing.
  • Communicate frequently to ensure that all the plans are clearly understood and that nothing has been left to chance. Email lists are a good way to keep everyone in the loop.

My groom and I would like to host our individual parties for our attendants as one combined event, so that our friends can meet and we can all get to know one another before the day of the wedding, is this okay?

Wedding Events: Think Golf

Today, couples are worrying less about etiquette and more about having the wedding and wedding events that reflect their personal style. If you and your groom are considering a couples bridal shower and other combined events, why not host a bridal party luncheon and honor both the male and female attendants at the same time. For many couples, the bridal party is a mixed group on both sides of the alter, with sisters standing up next to their brother, the groom and many brides having their brothers stand in for the traditional maid of honor.

Wedding celebrations and the traditionally accompanying parties such as bridal showers and bridal party luncheons were once events only attended by the bride's attendants. However, today bridal parties all across America are changing the list of invitees and combining the once traditional male and female parties into a combo package that includes all the wedding attendants at one event.

If you are trying to decide where to host your combined bridal party luncheon, what about a miniature golf course? The miniature golf course provides a great opportunity to introduce the bridal party to one another, is standard with the over-the-top fun environment designed to create memories and friendships, and at the same time and allows the bride and groom the opportunity to deliver the special wedding attendant gifts to say “thank you."

What should I bring to my wedding for emergencies?

Bridal 911

Make sure you're prepared for emergencies on your big day: take along a purse or bag containing items such as Band-Aids, clear nail polish, needle and thread, aspirin, an extra pair of hose, and other things that might come in helpful in a pinch. Give them to a bridesmaid to keep for you.

What should I think of when choosing dresses?

Choose Well for Your Friends!

When you're picking out bridesmaid dresses, remember that your friends are on budgets. Even if they're absolutely gorgeous, don't pick a gown that is going to make it difficult for them to purchase. They're mostly likely only going to wear it once, and they're not going to love you if you pick something that costs two hundred dollars or more, especially considering that they also have to pay for shoes, bridal shower, shower gift, wedding gift, lodging, transportation and more. Don't forget to pick out a nice bridesmaid gift for your friends as well!

What should we keep in mind if we´re having a ring bearer?

Ring Bearers 101

If you're having a ring bearer for your wedding, it's a good idea to use fake rings on the pillow (in case they're lost) and to sew them on so they don't fall off.

How can I dress my bridesmaids?

Bridesmaids of Different Shapes

If you have bridesmaids of varying shapes and sizes, keep in mind that it's unlikely there's one dress that's going to flatter everyone. You want everyone to look their best, right?

It's a nice idea to pick the designer, fabric and color, then let your bridesmaids choose the cut that looks best on them. You can give them as much or little leeway as you like, but remember that a comfortable bridesmaid is a happy bridesmaid!

I am on a vey tight budget for my wedding, do you have any suggestions for cheap wedding attendant favors?

Shopping For Wedding Attendant Gifts on a Budget

Planning a wedding on a budget is not an easy task, often it feels like you have to give up on your dream wedding to remain on budget. But don't despair, this is not necessarily the case, with a little planning, preparations and hard work it is possible to create the wedding of your dreams without creating a financial nightmare. When you begin shopping for wedding attendant gifts, visiting bridal websites provides many valuable and inexpensive bridal attendant gift ideas without breaking the bank.

One of the most wonderful aspects of wedding planning today is the extensive wedding themes that a bride has to choose from when planning the wedding and buying wedding attendant gifts and wedding party favors. For the bride that has already decided upon a theme for her wedding, she need only enter the search words on any wedding site and she will be redirected to the area of the site that focuses specifically on her theme topic.

One of the most inexpensive and yet, fun wedding attendant gift ideas is the thematic name card holders, designed to coordinate your wedding theme. These tiny wedding party gifts can be used at the luncheon to establish the arranged seating for your guests and can then be taken home to use as a picture frame. Be sure to bring your digital camera with you to the bridal party luncheon so that you can have someone take pictures of the bride and groom with each member of the wedding party. Enclose a copy of each wedding attendant's picture in a small note thanking them for attending the luncheon and for their participation in your upcoming wedding.

Who can we have as ushers?

Guys Only?

If you have younger female cousins or sisters who won't be bridesmaids/junior bridesmaids, feel free to make them ushers. Girls can be ushers, too!

What should the maid of honor know?

Maid of Honor & Your Dress

Be sure that your MOH knows exactly where and how your dress fastens and where and how your dress bustles (if it does) or how to detatch your train.

What are an usher´s duties?

Weather-Ready Ushers

Be sure to supply some ushers with big umbrellas. In case it rains, they can escort people to and from cars.

How can we make sure children behave well during our ceremony?

Coin Place Markers for Kids

If you have small children as part of your ceremony, tape a silver dollar onto the floor where they are supposed to stand. Tell them that they should stand on the coin and if they are good, when the ceremony is over they may keep the dollar.

In a Jewish wedding, who carries the huppah?

Huppah Carriers

In a Jewish wedding, huppah carriers hold the huppah poles during the wedding ceremony and are usually friends or family members.

What are the best man´s duties?

Best Man 101

The duties of a best man include being an assistant to the groom and the head of the groomsmen; he also is in charge of the bachelor party, getting the groom to the church, paying the officiant, signing the marriage license, holding the rings and giving a toast at the reception. He has a lot of responsibility and its also traditional to give him a nice gift at the rehearsal dinner to say thank you for all of his hard work!

How can I include my bridesmaids in my planning?

One Color, Many Styles

If each of your bridesmaids is shaped differently and each would look good in a different style, you may want to consider choosing the color, designer, and fabric of the gown and then letting each maid choose her own style. This will ensure that each girl looks her best and also give your wedding less of a 'cookie cutter' look.

How can I include my bridesmaids in my planning?

Let's Do Lunch

It's a good idea to get your bridesmaids together well before the wedding and ideally, before you select dresses. Often maids won't all know each other and going out to lunch, brunch or dinner will give them a chance to meet before the wedding.

What should the flower girl wear?

Dresses for Little Ones

Be sure that your flower girl's dress fits in with the overall theme or style of your wedding. If your dress has a tulle skirt, the flower girl's dress could; if you're carrying roses in your bouquet, try finding a little dress with silk rose accents.

How do I pick bridesmaids´ dresses?

Flattering for All

One dress silhouette that looks good on everyone is the A-line, so you may want to consider this style if you have many sizes and shapes of bridesmaids.

What if we don´t have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen?

Uneven Numbers

Don't worry if you don't have the same number of bridesmaids as groomsmen. There's no rule dictating that the numbers be even, and having an uneven number will make things even more interesting.

How can I be a good bridesmaid?

Keep 'em Shut

If you're serving as a bridesmaid, remember to be quiet and not fidget when you're standing during the ceremony. This might seem obvious, but I've seen many a bridesmaid distract from the ceremony by moving around, whispering and even talking during the ceremony.

How can I involve my stepchildren in my wedding?

Involving Stepchildren

Involve children from previous marriages to let them know how important they are to the new family structure. Include them as junior bridesmaids, flower girls, or ushers. Invite the children to participate in the unity candle lighting, the readings in the church or present them with their own family ring. Make a special toast to them during the speeches. Perhaps forego throwing your bouquet and instead present it to your new daughter to be.

I have decided upon a beach theme for my wedding and want to host a wedding attendant luncheon with the same general theme, do you have any ideas of how I might do this?

Beach Party

If you are holding a beach themed wedding, keeping the theme universal makes the planning and preparations much easier. When you begin planning the bridesmaid luncheon, why not consider combining the male and female attendants “thank you” party into one competitive and fun event. Planning the wedding attendant luncheon for your entire bridal party can be a great deal of fun and take very little effort as long as you identify your main goal of the event and create an entire afternoon around that activity. Since you are hosting a luncheon, a beach barbecue would be a thematic and fun.

An afternoon activity that would provide lighthearted fun and competitiveness between the two sides of the bridal party could include a “sand castle building” competition at your local beach. This unique and exciting activity would provide a great opportunity for everyone to meet and get to know one another and express their creative side along the way. Additional activities that could be included in the day's itinerary could include a game of beach volleyball and a bonfire. However, if you intend to build a fire on a public beach it is often a good idea to check with your city council to discover if any special permits are necessary prior to hosting your event.

Taking time to locate beach themed wedding attendant gifts for each member of your wedding party is actually easier than you might think; many online and retail wedding planning outlets have unique and creative wedding party favors to give to your friends and family on this special day.

What should we remember to do the morning of the wedding?

Breakfast for Bridesmaids

A good wedding tip to make sure the bridal party stays happy! Be sure that all of your attendants eat breakfast or lunch---it could be hours before you get to the reception and have something to eat, and being hungry makes everyone nervous and cranky!

My groom and I are both uninterested in attending the traditional bachelorette and bachelor parties, is there something else we might do instead?

A Great Way to Bring Friends Together

If you and your groom are both uninterested in participating in bachelor and bachelorette parties, why not consider a combined “thank-you” event for your wedding attendants? Traditionally held for the bridesmaids as a Bridesmaid Luncheon, this event is a special time that focuses on the love, support and friendship provided by the bridal party during the preparations and organization of the wedding.

Combined bridal party luncheons or wedding attendant luncheons, can be a fun way to introduce the wedding party to one another, create a festive atmosphere as the wedding gets closer and can help to create new friendships before the day of your wedding. This is a wonderful time to deliver the wedding attendant gifts to each member of the bridal party.

For many bridal couples, the idea of bringing their childhood friends, business associates and relatives together as members of their wedding party can seem a bit intimidating as not everyone knows one another; hosting a combined wedding attendant luncheon provides the perfect format for introductions, building of new friendships and a great way to relax together before the wedding date.

It is traditional to host the wedding attendant luncheon within a month of the wedding date. However, if many of your bridal party have to travel a great distance to attend the wedding, it would be best to schedule the luncheon within two or three days of your wedding.

What´s a page?

What's a Page?

Pages are also known as train bearers; they're little boys or girls who carry a bride's extremely long train as she walks down the aisle.

Do we have to have attendants at our wedding?

No Attendants?

There's no law stating that you have to have attendants at your wedding. If you don't want to have any, that's your choice (and it's a perfectly valid decision).

How can I save money on bridesmaids´ dresses?

Bridesmaid Dress Options

If you want to save some money on bridesmaids' dresses, try outfitting your maids in prom or homecoming-style dresses or formal gowns from the misses' or womens' department in your local department store. Or, choose a color and let them choose their own style of dress. Options like these often cost much less than regular 'bridesmaids' gowns. For some ideas on bridesmaid gifts, check out!

How many attendants should we have for our wedding?

How Many Do We Have?

How many attendents you choose to have is totally up to you. Traditionally, informal weddings had up to three attendents, semi-formal had up to six, and formal had up to twelve. But nowadays anything goes!

Who should pay for the travel & lodging of an out of town attendant?

Paying for Travel

Any attendants who are coming from out of town to be in the wedding pay for their own travel arrangements, including hotel room, rental car, airplane/bus/train tickets, etc. If the cost of being in the wedding is more than you can afford, don't hesitate to let the couple know and gracefully bow out. As they knew you were coming from out of town when they asked you to be in the wedding, they should understand your situation.

How do I pick bridesmaids´ dresses?

Picking a Dress

When selecting a bridesmaid's dress, keep in mind the various size and shape of each of your bridesmaids. Although your wedding is *your* day, you need to remember that your bridesmaids will be in your photos and you want them to look and feel their best.

I want to create an emotional and sentimental wedding attendant luncheon for our bridal party, any ideas?

Personalized Wedding Attendant Gifts

Wedding attendant gift ideas can vary from extremely personal to very general; if your wedding party consists of friends and family that you have known for a long time, it would be best to purchase personalized wedding attendant gifts for each person. Wedding attendant gifts do not have to be expensive, for many it is the sentiment of this traditional gift that is important.

Some great ideas for a bridal party get-together could include a miniature golf, paintball game, swimming at a beach or private pool, game night or afternoon, a video arcade... the ideas are endless. The purpose of the bridal party lunch or dinner is to introduce the bridal party to one another, honor your special friends and relax together.

I woulud love a Christmas wedding but worry that it might send me over my wedding budget, what do you think?

Holiday Wedding on a Budget

If you are trying to plan a wedding on a limited budget, consider holding your wedding during the Christmas holiday season. Holiday weddings are a beautiful expression of love and are often less expensive to plan. Many Churches colorfully decorate their chapels to reflect the holiday, including the warm red color of poinsettias, soft green of the Christmas trees and the colorful lights and brightly colored decorations upon each Christmas tree all combine to create an environment that is festive and cozy. With this in mind, a Christmas wedding theme is the natural theme for any holiday wedding that is held in December.

As you plan your wedding, many of the decorating expenses will be greatly reduced due to the decorations that are already provided by the church in which your wedding will be held. Using the churches entertainment hall for your reception could also reduce your decorations expenses as this room is often decorated by the church as well. Even with expenses greatly reduced, there are often many hidden expenses that can send you over budget so it is important that you shop for creative ideas and solutions to financial challenges.

Wedding attendant gifts are an expense that need not break your budget, a creative holiday themed wedding attendant gift is the sterling silver engrave able picture frame Christmas ornament. This Christmas ornament can be personally engraved with your names and wedding date and can hold a picture of each individual member of the bridal party with the bride and groom. This picture can then hang upon their Christmas tree as a special memento of your wedding and friendship. A unique wedding attendant gift such as the Christmas tree ornament frame becomes a treasured memory to last a lifetime.

I am planning a destination wedding in Las Vegas and I want to host a luncheon of appreciation for my wedding party, do you have any gift ideas I might use?

Las Vegas Destination Wedding

If you are planning a destination wedding to Las Vegas, it would be a great idea to host a combined wedding attendant luncheon on the day of arrival. Beginning your destination wedding with a special luncheon event that introduces the wedding party members to one another is a great ice breaker and immediately creates an environment of comfort and friendship for everyone involved. Shopping for wedding attendant gifts for a destination wedding is often best done if you keep the gift ideas inline with the destination of the wedding; not only are the wedding attendant gifts special mementos of your wedding but also of the exciting vacation shared with friends and family.

Unique Las Vegas destination wedding attendant gift ideas might include “ace of spades” cuff links for the men, playing card place card holders that can provide a dual function, arrange the seating chart for the luncheon and hold a sentimental picture of the special event after the luncheon is over. Other fun gift ideas could be personalized decks of cards, chocolate candy bar labels or mint tins with a Las Vegas theme or other specialty gift ideas. It is often fun to create an overall theme such as “Las Vegas” and use it throughout the entire wedding planning- wedding attendant luncheons, wedding attendant gifts, wedding invitations, decorations and such.

Destination weddings provide the perfect underlying theme for any wedding and surrounding wedding events, using the destination as the theme allows for the creation of many unique wedding planning ideas for both the wedding itself and the wedding attendant gifts.

My husband and his friends love golf, any ideas of how I could create wedding attendant gifts that match his favorite sporting event?

Wedding Gift for the Golf Enthusiast

If you are having a difficult time shopping for wedding attendant gifts for the groomsmen, simply reorganize you game plan and begin looking for ideas by following their favorite athletic pastimes; golf is an ideal example. If your groom and his friends love to play golf, why not treat them to a day on the golf course. The wedding attendant gift could include a gift certificate for their favorite golf course, tees and golf balls engraved with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Additionally, golf themed cuff links make a wonderful wedding accessory for each man to wear during your wedding ceremony.

This wedding attendant gift not only provides a day of companionship for the groom and his groomsmen but also is a great day of relaxation prior to the wedding. If you are looking for a unique way to create the overall presentation of the wedding attendant gifts for the groomsmen, why not host the bridal party luncheon at a local golf course. At each table place a golf themed name cardholder at each place setting for the male bridal party members in which to place the golf gift certificate for each of the male attendants. If possible, hold the luncheon immediately prior to the golf tee-time so that the men can follow up lunch with a nice relaxing game of golf.

In addition, place a small decoratively wrapped box on the center of each male wedding attendant's plate that holds the engraved golf balls, golf tees and the golf themed cuff links. If the women in the bridal party are also golf enthusiasts, give similar gifts but replace the golf themed cuff links with sterling silver initial jewelry for the women of the wedding party.

What is a unique gift that I could give my male wedding attendents to recognize their unique character?

Cuff Links : Accent Piece for the Wedding Tuxedo

Accessorizing is a term that is now equally as popular among men as it is among women. Designer cuff links, created with many different themes, have become an inexpensive way for a man to change his mood and his mindset just by changing the cuff links on his tuxedo. The themes are endless; sports such as golf, basketball, football, soccer, baseball, golf and sailing are very popular. There are also other thematic ideas such as gambling, handcuffs, financial symbols, expressionistic art images and many more different ideas to show off personal style, occupations or hobbies with this new accessorizing accent piece.

For the detail oriented bride, designed cuff links offer a unique way to remain within your wedding theme, right down to the cuff links the men wear in their tuxedos. So if you are a bride that prides herself of being attentive to every detail of your wedding, don't forget to locate thematically appropriate cuff links to give to each of your groomsmen.

These make a wonderful addition to the wedding attendant gifts, not only are they unique wedding attendant gifts but they are inexpensive as well. Also, don't forget the father of the bride; they make a special set of cuff links just for him, beautifully detailed with the words “father of the bride” on each individual cuff link.

All of the attendants in our wedding party enjoy sporting events and games, do you think I could find something unique as an attendant gift for them?

How To Shop For A Sports Enthusiast

If your wedding party attendants are sports and game enthusiasts, there are many creative ideas available to recognize the special friendships in your life. Shopping for male and female wedding attendant gifts is not always as easy as it might seem, it is often best to highlight several personal hobbies or character traits of each wedding attendant to discover the best gift for each member.

There are many different wedding attendant gifts that are ideal for the party enthusiast in your wedding party; handheld sodoku games, engravable domino sets, miniature desktop basketball games and hand-held roulette games, are unique wedding attendant gifts that are both personal and fun for the whole group. It is important to remember that you do not need to give matching gifts to your entire wedding party; shopping for individual gifts that recognize their individual uniqueness is perfectly acceptable. Often, searching online retail wedding outlets will provide many wonderful ideas, enough to match every person in your wedding party, at a price that won't break your budget.

The obvious convenience of online shopping for your wedding attendants is that it can be done at any time and wedding outlets keep price and quality within a range that every bride can enjoy. Since the bridal online retail market focuses on assisting the bride and groom with simplifying the planning of their wedding, wedding attendant gifts are designed to be cost effective and appropriate for the occasion. Online bridal shops not only are there many different ideas to choose from but the prices range extensively so that you can give quality gifts without sacrificing the overall wedding budget.

My grooms best man is absolutely crazy about cars, is there anything unqiue I could give him as a wedding attendant gift?

Wedding Attendant Gifts For the Car Enthusiast

If your groom has requested that you assist him in purchasing the wedding attendant gifts for his friends, you might find yourself overwhelmed with what to buy. What may seem like an insurmountable task is really quite easy if you closely examine the different hobbies of each of his friends. If a member of your wedding party is a car enthusiast, you might despair over what to get them as a wedding attendant gift. However, with a little creative online shopping, this task is easier than you might think.

Adorable and appropriate cuff links with a five-speed motif area a wonderful accent for the race car enthusiast's wedding tuxedo. Supplement the wedding apparel with a car cleaning kit or a car hazard safety kit and you have created a unique wedding attendant gift especially designed with this special friend in mind. If he is a proud owner of a showroom car, why not include a deluze car cover with which to cover his prized automobile after he has cleaned and polished it.

Another idea is to have a personalized parking sign made for the make and model of the vehicle your friend owns, car enthusiasts are very proud of their prized automobiles and anything that identifies and recognizes it's value in their lives is always appreciated.

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