Why Not Provide A Friendly Competition?

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I would like to host a unique wedding attendant luncheon for our entire wedding party, do you have any suggestions?

Why Not Provide A Friendly Competition?

A paintball competition is an exciting bridal party luncheon idea that provides the most competitive and heart-pounding fun for everyone. Not only is a paintball competition a wonderful way to introduce your entire bridal party to one another but it creates instant fun and competition between the two different attending groups.

There are many different locations that can be chosen for a bridal attendant's luncheon and for some, this sport is too rough so you will need to consider the different members of your bridal party to make sure it is a good fit for everyone involved. However, if you have the right group of people, a paintball party can create an event that will be talked and laughed about for years to come. Don't forget the purpose of the wedding attendants' luncheon, and arrange for a quiet time after the game to share lunch and to honor the friends and family that you have chosen to stand next to you on the most important day of your life.

The wedding attendants' luncheon is intended to be a special time for the bride and groom to honor the members of their wedding party and to say thank you, with special wedding attendant gifts, for being a part of their special day. It is a good idea to hold the bridal party luncheon even a month or so prior to the wedding, following this timeline gives everyone an opportunity to build friendships that might not have developed without this special event.



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