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JK Wedding Entrance Dance

83 million views, linked to a charity against domestic violence, and one of the first funny dancing wedding videos out there. Always make an entrance on your wedding day.

T&A: Wedding Dance (The ORIGINAL YouTube Surprise Wedding Dance)

This video was featured on "Good Morning America" and started a wave of hilarious wedding videos. Treat your guests to a surprise dance- they'll love it.

Wedding Fails Compilation 2012 || FailArmy

In our minds weddings are considered graceful affairs, perfect and beautiful. But they aren't always like that. Watch some of the funniest wedding blunders in this "Fail" styled compilation.

Can't Stop Laughing

They say laughter is contagious and this video is proof. If you get a case of the giggles at the altar, just go with it like this couple.

My Clumsy Best Man Ruins Our Wedding - THE ORIGINAL

The best man is supposed to throw the bachelor party and make sure the wedding rings make it up to the altar without getting lost. Nowhere on his list of duties is he supposed to accidentally push the bride into a pool of water.

Emotional Best Man Speech

This one is titled "Emotional Best Man Speech". It lives up to it's name.

Best marriage proposal ever!

A shocking and thoughtful proposal was filmed in this video. This woman had no idea what was going on from the start of her day, what a wonderful idea!

Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal

An adorable twist on a normal proposal. This video was taken with the help of a flash mob at a large home improvement store.

World's Most Beautiful Marriage Proposal

This one is actually a clip from the hit TV show "Mobbed." It really is an amazingly beautiful wedding proposal AND shockingly a wedding!

The Most Touching Speech Made by Bride's Father to the Groom

This wedding video of a speech from a father to his new son in law is beautifully touching and yet comical at the same time. I couldn't help but laugh at his thought provoking words.

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