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Can you help me with an idea for a unique and funny groomsman gift?

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Anyone?

If you're looking for thoughtful wedding gifts for groomsmen, consider putting together a first aid kit…for hangovers! If you can, use a “real” first aid kit complete with the logo and the nifty packaging. You can buy first aid kits from any of the nationally known first aid trainers in the country just be going to their online websites. What you want to pay is up to you. Price ranges usually fall into the $20 to $200 price range. To pull off this kind of gift, you really don't have to spend a whole lot of money. If you decide to buy kits (it'll have a better effect on the gag), just take the “real” first aid stuff out and replace the contents with these choice items:

1) Tylenol, Advil, or some other headache reliever

2) A juice pack (any kind of juice will do)

3) Ear plugs

4) An eye mask for sleeping

5) A packet of coffee

6) Toilet paper

7) A couple of hand-written notes offering advice to the sufferer. For example, you could write a note that says, “At this moment, you're probably convinced that you will never, ever drink again. Let me tell you, you will.” You could also leave a list of phone numbers of people the recipient offended while he was intoxicated.

8) A couple of Vitamin C tablets.

9) A barf bag

These are just suggestions. You can really put whatever you want into the hangover first aid kit. Obviously, the smaller the kit, the less you're going to be able to fit into it. Just have fun with it. Later, when the joke (and the party) is over, you can give your groomsmen the real groomsmen gifts, the actual contents of the first aid kit.

How can I incorporate beer into my groomsmen gifts?

Beer Baskets As Groomsmen Gifts

Fruit baskets are neat, but they're probably not what your groomsmen are looking for. So why not turn the idea of a fruit basket into beer baskets? What better groomsmen gifts than that? By the time you're finished, the gift will look nothing like a fruit basket at all. Instead of using last year's Easter basket to fill, use something like a garbage pail (maybe a racing car themed garbage pail, or something like that). You can stuff a lot of beer in a garbage pail, so unless you want to spend a lot of money on your groomsmen gifts, start popping mounds of popcorn to fill in the spaces. Here's an idea of stuff you can put in the “beer basket”:

  • Beer – duh! If you know what each guy likes, aim to put a six-pack of bottles or cans of their favorite brew into the pail. You could also mix two or three different brands together.
  • Potato Chips. You gotta have chips with beer!
  • A rubber chicken. Why not?
  • Stick a TV Guide or a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition into the pail.
  • Beer nuts.
  • Peanuts – unshelled and loose. Just throw a couple handfuls into the pail.
  • Fake food (think things like rubber pizza slices – you can buy them in the kids' toys section)
  • Stick a couple of coupons for free pizza, free movie rentals, or anything along those lines into the pail.
  • A can of beans and a manual can opener
  • If you want these guys to be friends forever, don't forget their dogs (if they have any). You might want to toss a couple of dog bones into the “beer basket” as well.

The best unique groomsmen gifts are ones they can actually use. The best thing about a beer basket is that it can be tailor made to suit your groomsmen's personalities.

Is there a list of unusual or different groomsmen gifts I can buy?

Groomsmen Gifts: Sentimental or Funny?

Gifts for groomsmen are easy to find if you're going the traditional route. If you're looking for ideas that are a little different from all the rest, decide first if you want to give the kind of gift that serves as a keepsake, something practical, or a gag gift. What you decide will probably have a lot to do with the kind of wedding you're going to have. If it's highly informal or alternative, a crazy gag gift might be the perfect choice. If it's a straight-laced formal wedding, it's probably not a good idea to give the groomsmen engraved dog poop.

There are all kinds of gift ideas for groomsmen that are off the beaten track. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

1) Lottery tickets or Scratch and Win tickets.

2) Maid services (a whole year's worth of service might be too costly, but you could hire someone to do a one-day through cleaning for each of the groomsmen)

3) A bottle of whiskey, rum, or vodka with a set of glasses.

4) Engraved car mats.

5) A burned CD with all of their favorite music.

6) A bucket-O-chocolate (or just a whole lot of chocolate)

7) An educational toy like a “My First Chemistry Kit”

8) A toy doctor's kit

9) A gigantic bag of caramel popcorn (or other flavors)

The groomsmen wedding gifts are only as funny as you make them. A lot of the presentation involves the build-up before you actually give the gift, the commentary afterwards, and the amount of money you're willing (or not willing) to pay.

What can I get my groomsmen for gifts?

Non Traditional And Charitable Groomsmen Gift Ideas

If you're looking for non-traditional groomsmen gift ideas, why not consider making a food bank donation on behalf of the groomsmen? Depending on what the needs of your community are, you might consider making a donation to other charities instead, or in addition to, your local food bank. Think about it, what are your groomsmen going to do with an engraved gold-plated pen or a shiny paperweight? Donations don't have to be in memory of someone, or only given on special holidays. There are hundreds of non-profit organizations or charities that could use some help. Consider some of these:

  • Red Cross
  • Cancer Society
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Diabetes Research
  • Monetary contributions for homeless shelters
  • A donation to a hospital or clinic to help purchase a piece of equipment, etc.
  • War Amps
  • MADD

This is just a short list, but there are many more out there. Sure it's non-traditional, but it's a great idea and it's something you could plan to do every year on your anniversary if you wanted to. Wedding gifts for men aren't easy to buy. What do you get them? This is a great way to ward off that shopping stress, while contributing to a good cause.

Is it possible to find cheap groomsman gifts?

Cheap Groomsman Gifts

Don't believe what people tell you. Cheap groomsmen gifts are not tacky. Why is it when you change that phrase to “creative groomsmen gifts” it doesn't seem so bad? Okay, so get creative! For these gift ideas, you only need about $5.

Nothing screams “cheap groomsmen gift” like fake money. Visit a dollar store or toy shop and get a nice, crisp million dollar bill to give your groomsmen. The funniest thing isn't so much in the gift (although that is funny), but in the delivery of the gift. Build a speech around how much you know your groomsmen are worth, that you've been paying them all these years to be your friends, and that you're hoping a million dollars will keep them your friends for a few more hours.

Chocolate-flavored toothpicks. Why not? Just melt some chocolate, stick the toothpicks in it, allow to harden, and give as gifts! What groomsmen wouldn't want to stick chocolate between his teeth?

Home-made gift certificates are perfect, creative, and cheap. Type them up on the computer and include things like:

a) One lawn mowing (make sure to put a good disclaimer so you can easily get out of actually mowing the lawn, like “must be reimbursed within ten minutes”)

b) Will walk your dog twice. Disclaimer: Must be on a leap year.

c) Will pay for a week's worth of dry cleaning: Disclaimer: Must have a legit note from the doctor saying you have Avian Flu.

d) Will clean your garage on any Saturday of your choice (must be a rainy Saturday on a day when there are nothing but re-runs on television).

You see? Cheap doesn't have to mean tacky (although it can if you want it to!). So get working on those cheap groomsmen gifts.

What kind of gift can I give the groomsmen to help them reflect on their lives?

Gifts For Groomsmen Magnified

Weddings are a great time to do some soul-searching, especially if you're not the one getting married. Sure your groomsmen might appear intoxicated and care-free, but deep down (way deep down) they're wondering what their lives are all about. A little voice is whispering to them, “Will I ever find my soul-mate?”

When considering appropriate gifts for groomsmen, think about giving them something they can use as a tool for examining their lives, like a magnifying glass! Write up a set of specific instructions (dos and don'ts) for the magnifying glass and hand them out to the groomsmen at just the right time. These make great groomsmen wedding gifts! Here's an idea of the types of instructions, dos and don'ts you might want to write to accompany gift:


  • Use to closely examine your aging body. Reflect on what might have been.
  • Use to help you read the fine print on your insurance policies
  • Use to identify newly sprouted grey hairs on your body


  • Use on women. Never. For any reason.
  • Use this to reflect light into people's eyes.
  • Give the magnifying glass and call it your new best friend. That's just weird.

Okay, these are just a few ideas. A magnifying glass can be a really symbolic tool for your groomsmen to guide their lives, or they may decide to harness the power of the sun to burn holes in the wall. The important thing is that these gifts for groomsmen will keep their hands busy and off of the other guests.

Is it okay to pretend to be giving back weird personal items to my groomsmen instead of real gifts?

Boxing Up The Groomsman Gift

The best groomsman gift shouldn't cost a lot of money. Actually, it shouldn't require a lot of thought or careful consideration either. Nothing screams “creative groomsmen gifts” more then something totally unexpected and highly inappropriate. Hey, this is your wedding and you can do whatever you want! For this groomsman gift you don't have to spend any money at all, or very little money. All you need is a box and a bunch of stuff from your place. Start out by saying something about moving on, letting go of the past, and returning things your friends have left at your place over the years. Then start pulling things out of the box with a little explanation on what the item is. Here's an idea of what I mean, although you're only limited by your creativity:

  • Tommy, here's that ointment you've been looking for. Hope you feel better soon.
  • Ralph, I found your diary under my bed and made the mistake of reading it. The cops should be stopping by tonight to ask you a few questions.
  • Doug, here are those ladies heels you were looking for. Size 11, right?
  • Merv, I found those white pleathor pants you were looking for but couldn't pull them off the rubber doll. Sorry man.
  • George, my friend. Remember when we tried to pierce your tongue with the knitting needle? I found the knitting needle!

Okay, it's a little crazy, but so are your groomsmen. It's up to you how far you want to go with the stunt. The idea is to share a good laugh with friends and family, not alienate people you've just met, or friends you've known forever.

Is it okay to cook something special and give it as a groomsman gift?

Cooking Up A Groomsman Gift

If you love to cook or bake, why not whip up a batch of something extra special for your groomsmen? Creative groomsmen gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and tastes. Maybe you make the best chocolate chip muffins this side of Texas, or maybe you've got a knack for making a perfectly hot and spicy salsa. If your groomsmen appreciate a good sense of humor, make sure to personalize your own jazzy labels. For a nice touch add a note or a card to the batch of whatever it is you've made. Need help coming up with an “appropriate” message to go with the groomsman gifts? Try one of these:

  • Caution: Do not open jar near flammable material.
  • If you think the bride is hot, wait ‘till you try this stuff.
  • Thank you so much for being here, but you're a slob, so please don't eat these in public.
  • I suppose you wanted something gold?
  • You're a great friend for being here and an even greater friend if you can eat this stuff in front of everyone without making a face.

There's no need to spend more money than you can afford on groomsman gifts. Once you've cooked up something special from your kitchen, tell your groomsmen you put a piece of your heart in it. On second thought, don't say that. They might not eat it.

I'd rather not give the groomsmen gifts while the wedding guests are still around. How should I handle that?

Unique Groomsmen Gifts To Remember

Can't think of any unique groomsmen gifts? There's nothing wrong with giving handkerchiefs or gold-plated watches, that is if you want to be boring! Chances are you're pretty close to the groomsmen and you've probably shared everything from pizza to viruses with them. What could you possibly get them that they don't already have? Some gifts for groomsmen can be given before the wedding, after the wedding, in private, or in public. For these creative groomsmen gifts you're going to want to do it in public, preferably in front of all of your wedding guests.

Here's the setup:

If you're having any kind of formal or semi-formal wedding, the time is going to come for speeches. Nobody really likes speeches, especially long, drawn out, melodramatic ones. However, you're going to want to start out that way to pull this off. Let everyone know how much you love your groomsmen, how much they mean to you, yada yada yada. Wait until your parents or in-laws well up with tears, and then go for the gusto. At this point, let your guests know that you took great care in inviting every single former girlfriend of your groomsmen and, as a special gift to them, you've asked them to return every personal item they ever took from the men.

Cue the girls.

(Now, this will have to be planned ahead of time because you're going to need to make sure as many women in the audience [all ages, including great-great nanny] have the props they need.)

On your cue, the women can all get up and bring their props to the groomsmen. Some prop ideas include:

  • A baseball bat
  • A couple of empty syringes
  • Yarn and knitting needles
  • A blood pressure cuff
  • A couple of television remote controls
  • A big ball of aluminum foil
  • Pee-Wee Herman videos (or something equally weird)

Save the best groomsmen gifts for the end of the day, when everything has quieted down. That is if they'll still speak to you.

Can I give my groomsman a plant as a thank you gift?

A Plant Makes A Great Groomsman Gift

Okay, if you're looking for a really cool groomsman gift, why not give him something that he doesn't have to feed, can't kill, and can use at home, in the office, or in his garage if he really wants to. I'm talking about a houseplant, a fake one of course. There are some really impressive fake houseplants out there these days. The best thing about them is that they don't require any sunlight to thrive. So, if your groomsman wants to put the plant in a corner somewhere away from any windows, he can! A funny thing would be to get a plant that looks real, but isn't. Make sure to add a lot of detailed instructions on how to care for the plant. For added effect, put a handful of potting soil in the container! Unless your groomsmen have a PhD in agriculture, it might be quite easy to fool them. Sure they'll figure it out eventually, but why not make really creative groomsmen gifts by adding the following “plant care” instructions:

1) This plant requires at least one hour of cold temperatures every day. Place in a plastic bag and leave in the freezer for only one hour each day.

2) Fertilize regularly. Coffee grounds work best.

3) Keep the leaves free of dust by carefully wiping each leaf with a damp cloth. This should be done two or three times a day.

4) Once every two days, take the plant completely out of the pot, change the soil, reposition the plant, and pack down neatly.

5) Water as required.

Let's face it, your groomsmen probably aren't going to go through all of those steps, but if they do, they'll soon figure out the joke. Just to see the initial look on their faces is worth a laugh!

What kind of personalized gift can I get my groomsmen?

Personalized And Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Here's an idea that your groomsmen will flip over: Personalized puzzles. Chances are you've got some compromising pictures of your groomsmen kicking around your house. If not, they're probably not hard to find. Dig out your old high school yearbook, pay a friendly visit to his parents' house, or visit a former girlfriend.

Next, look for a local service (check with a photography shop, or a place that specializes in photocopies, etc.) that can transfer the photographs into a personalized puzzle. If you're not able to find anyone locally to do it, visit a computer store or anywhere they sell computer software and accessories. Chances are you'll be able to find a kit to do it yourself. If personalized puzzles aren't your thing, consider some of these other personalized groomsmen gift ideas:

  • Personalized calendars (make sure to mark your anniversary on it so the groomsman doesn't forget)
  • Personalized mugs
  • Personalized tee-shirts (I agreed to be a groomsman and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt)

To jazz up some of the groomsmen gift ideas, consider adding a simple touch. For example, you could use the tee-shirt to wrap up a bottle of wine. Add a few gift certificates, candies or nuts into the mug. If the groomsmen smokes, put some information on where he can get help to quit! Any gifts for groomsmen can be personalized, and they don't have to cost a lot of money.

How can I really personalize the gifts for my groomsmen?

Unique Groomsmen Gifts

Are your groomsmen built for speed? Why not give them a gift that speaks to their high energy needs? Maybe your groomsmen are more laid-back and relaxed. If that's the case, you could buy them something to suit that lifestyle, like a neck massager. There are a lot of unique groomsmen gifts you can purchase, and they don't all have to be the same. If your groomsmen all have really different personalities and lifestyles, you can mix up the gift-giving to reflect that. Try to match your groomsmen's personalities with the ones listed below for an idea of appropriate (or inappropriate depending on how you look at it) and unique groomsmen gifts

THE WARBLER – Can't really make a decision on anything.

  • A stopwatch. Tell him he has to practice making meaningful decisions by using the stopwatch.
  • A framed definition of the word Yes and No so that he can refer to it when faced with making a decision.

THE HOT-HEAD – Is easily angered and figures he has the right to complain (loudly) whenever he wants to.

  • An ice pack for the frequent headaches he must get.
  • A yoga video to practice relaxation exercises

THE COMEDIAN – This guy's the life of the party (or at least he thinks he is!).

  • His own laugh track. Can't find one? Get your friends together and tape yourselves laughing.
  • A microphone (toy or real) so that he can practice his material in front of his bathroom mirror.

THE LADIES MAN – This guy constantly brags about his dates and figures he can get just about anybody he wants to.

  • Condoms (flavored, colored, extra large ribbed)
  • Really cheap hair gel (try to convince him it's the latest thing for men).

Happy shopping!

Is there an inexpensive way to give engraved groomsmen gifts?

Engraved Groomsmen Gifts

Okay, just because a gift is engraved doesn't mean it was expensive, done well, or involved any previous metals whatsoever. No, engraved can mean a lot of things. For example, a gigantic cookie with the words “thank you” scratched onto the service can technically be classified as engraved. So if you'd like to buy engraved groomsmen gifts but can't afford anything too pricey, consider a do-it-yourself project. Sure you could buy them each a gold watch with something mushy engraved on it like, “Thank you for sharing this beautiful day with us.” OR….you could do something non-traditional like:

  • Get some Etch-A-Sketches and manipulate the word “Thanks” in the center of it. Can't get that far? Just aim for THX.
  • Make some big chocolate brownies or cake with icing and (using your finger, of course) “engrave” a friendly message into the icing.
  • Write a message to your groomsmen into the foggy bathroom mirror and take a picture of it. You might have to enhance the picture, but once it looks the way you want it to, frame it and wrap it up. You can tell everyone you bought your groomsmen engraved picture frames. It's sort of the truth!
  • If you feel comfortable with a soldering iron and a hunk of wood, “engrave” (i.e., burn) a message into the wood.

Whatever kind of engraved groomsmen gifts you decide to give, remember that the best part of this kind of gift is in the delivery. To get the best effect, make sure as many people as possible are around to hear the reasoning behind the gift. For example, you might want to say something like, “My partner thought we should give the groomsmen something sweet and engraved as a thank you for being here today.” That's your cue to hand out the “engraved” brownies. You see? Suddenly the word “engraved” isn't so intimidating anymore.

Is it okay to humilate my groomsmen with farm animal gifts, as long as it somehow betters the world?

Goats And Other Gifts For Groomsmen

When you're out shopping for the perfect gifts for groomsmen, do not allow your mother to make any suggestions at all. Can't you just hear it now? Why not a nice pocket watch like your grandfather had? she'll say. How about a nice pack of crisp handkerchiefs? Mmmm…that's just what they want, the chance to blow their noses in a six-by-six bed sheet. No, make sure to avoid that well-intended but very misguided motherly gift advice.

Most couples make the mistake of worrying about the type of gift the groomsmen will appreciate. Don't stress over that! Who cares if one of the guys is sporty and the other guy cries at operas? What you want to do is buy gifts for groomsmen that make a statement about who you are! Are you an environmentalist? Buy a chicken or a goat for a third-world family in the groomsmen names. But don't stop there. Sure, it's a great cause you're giving to, but isn't your goal really to humiliate and embarrass your groomsmen? I thought so. Here are a few suggestions to help you really make a statement when it comes time to let everyone know what you got the groomsmen:

  • Photoshop some pictures of farm animals with shots of the groomsmen.
  • Have one of those “farm animal noise” baby toys on hand (you know, the one where you pull the handle and different farm animals make sounds?) You'll be able to say….”And for Tommy, we bought him a (pull the lever to make the animal sound) goat.”
  • If you've planned for some music, throw in a couple of animal-themed songs.

At the end of the day (or night) you'll have done something great toward ending world hunger, while feeding your need for sweet, delicious humiliation.

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