Non Traditional And Charitable Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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What can I get my groomsmen for gifts?

Non Traditional And Charitable Groomsmen Gift Ideas

If you're looking for non-traditional groomsmen gift ideas, why not consider making a food bank donation on behalf of the groomsmen? Depending on what the needs of your community are, you might consider making a donation to other charities instead, or in addition to, your local food bank. Think about it, what are your groomsmen going to do with an engraved gold-plated pen or a shiny paperweight? Donations don't have to be in memory of someone, or only given on special holidays. There are hundreds of non-profit organizations or charities that could use some help. Consider some of these:

  • Red Cross
  • Cancer Society
  • Heart & Stroke Foundation
  • Diabetes Research
  • Monetary contributions for homeless shelters
  • A donation to a hospital or clinic to help purchase a piece of equipment, etc.
  • War Amps
  • MADD

This is just a short list, but there are many more out there. Sure it's non-traditional, but it's a great idea and it's something you could plan to do every year on your anniversary if you wanted to. Wedding gifts for men aren't easy to buy. What do you get them? This is a great way to ward off that shopping stress, while contributing to a good cause.



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