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Can pearl bridal jewelry be used in non-traditional weddings?

Pearl Bridal Jewelry

When you think of pearl bridal jewelry, it's easy to think about a Victorian-style wedding with high collars and a lot of formality. Sure, pearl bridal jewelry sets can really fit into a traditional wedding, but there are different colors and styles of pearl that will just as easily fit into a non-traditional wedding theme.

For example, beach weddings typically evoke images of sea-shell wedding favors, flip flops, sun umbrellas, and sun-kissed skin instead of jewels. Pearls, the ultimate jewel of the sea, would fit perfectly in a beach themed wedding. You can opt for the real-deal or faux pearls depending on your budget. Pearls, like diamonds, come in different cuts and quality, so make sure to talk to a professional jeweler about your options. There are so many uses for pearl bridal jewelry and so many colors and options to choose from. Imagine a pure black and white wedding theme with either a white dress and black pearls, or a black dress and white pearls. What about a pastel wedding with softly colored pink or mint green pearls? You don't have to stay with a traditional theme to use pearl bridal jewelry! If you can't find what you're looking for at one retailer, keep looking. If you're opting for a custom bridal jewelry set, consider adding pearls for a unique look.

Why should I consider crystal bridal jewelry for my wedding?

Crystal Bridal Jewelry

Not everyone wants to have the same kind of bridal accessories that their mother's had when they were married. That probably means ditching the string of pearls and going with some different bridal jewelry. Have you given any thought to crystal bridal jewelry? Think about it! You can easily associate the shimmer of crystal to a starry evening, or a crisp winter day. That means no matter when or where you're getting married, crystal bridal jewelry can really fit in and make a statement.

You can get a gorgeous pair of crystal earrings (clear or colored) for as low as $25.00. If you check out some bridal sites you'll find that there are a lot of different kinds of crystal jewelry as well including special bracelets for the flower girls, or even crystal anklets for brides aiming for something a little less traditional.

The beautiful thing about crystal bridal jewelry is the fact that it comes in all shapes, sizes and costs. If you're going with a non-traditional wedding theme, you can get crystal bridal jewelry to reflect the day. You can any color and/or style you want! The other nice thing about this kind of bridal jewelry is that it can be worn again and again, beyond the actual wedding day. If you buy something that screams “bridal” and bridal only, when are you really going to get a chance to wear it again? You'll probably tuck it away with your wedding dress without another thought. Crystal bridal jewelry will look good on your wedding day, but it will also serve you well at work, at home, or on a night out.

What kind of bridal accessories should I have on hand for touch-ups or emergencies?

Sanity Saving Bridal Accessories

No matter how simple and easy you expect your wedding to be, every bride wants to look her best. It doesn't matter if you're getting married wearing shorts and a t-shirt, or a full-length gown, the bride and the bridesmaids need to have certain sanity saving reinforcements to make sure the day is as stress-free as possible. Get a small plastic portable tote, place it out of the way where guests won't see it, but let the bridesmaids know where they can find it if necessary. Fill it with the following must-have bridal accessories:

  • A light body spritz for freshening up.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Extra deodorant
  • Safety Pins
  • Hair clips
  • Bobby pins
  • A mini sewing kit including a small pair of scissors, thread and a needle.
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Powder
  • Breath mints or hard candy
  • Extra toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Dental floss
  • Energy drinks
  • First aid supplies
  • Extra gel shoe inserts
  • A nail file and/or nail clippers
  • A couple of energy bars (especially if you or one of your bridesmaids has low blood sugar and needs a boost of energy between meals)
  • A hair brush
  • A small mirror
  • A small container of hair gel or hairspray

Chances are, you won't need all of these items, but they're good bridal accessories to have on hand!

What should I include or eliminate for a Zen wedding celebration?

Zen Wedding Accessories

A Zen wedding is a wedding that offers the opportunity for an unpretentious and authentic exploration of self, love, and life. There's no book of rules for a Zen wedding, because it's more of a concept than an institution. If you're interested in having your family and friends come together to celebrate your wedding day authentically, free of diversions that take away from the meaning of the day, consider adding or eliminating the following wedding accessories:

1) Eliminate walls and boundaries. If it's possible, have your wedding outside where you can connect with the earth and the sky.

2) Opt for no music, or live music only. For a Zen wedding, you want music that's restorative (think Yoga music), if you need music at all. If your wedding is going to be outside, ask your guests to focus on the sounds of nature and to breathe deeply and calmly as you say your vows.

3) In a lot of traditional weddings, there's a lot of emphasis on bridal accessories and wedding accessories. Simplify your life and everyone else's by eliminating as many distractions as possible. The day should be about you and your partner making a commitment together, not about the wedding accessories.

4) Depending on where you're going to get married (i.e., outside), the weather conditions and the landscape, you might want to have a picnic style wedding where the guests dress in very comfortable loose clothing and sit on the ground (on mats). Just keep in mind that some guests may have physical limitations. You want your wedding your way, but you don't want your guests to suffer either. Wedding accessories and bridal accessories are beautiful and fun to pick and choose. However, if you envision a simplified wedding day, less is definitely more

What exactly qualifies as a bridal accessory?

Pre-Wedding Bridal Accessories

Everyone knows that the wedding day is what all the fuss is about. All of the planning, saving, spending, partying, celebrating and promising boil down to that one day. Of course, that day is going to be crazy. It'll go by in a blur, so you want to make sure you slow down at least once before the wedding to enjoy some time with your friends. When you're planning on bridal accessories, don't forget the pre-wedding down time. Bridal accessories like personalized slippers and bathrobes are a nice touch for your bridesmaids and they double as bridal party favors as well. Other pre-wedding bridal accessories that you and your bridesmaids can enjoy include:

  1. Funny calendars or comic strips. Take some time to share a laugh.
  2. Snacks, and lots of them. Indulge in some of the things you've deprived yourself of these past few months . Personalized bathing suits will look fine on you and your bridesmaids as you spend a day by the pool.
  3. Come up with your own slogan and have it personalized on t-shirts for you and your bridesmaids to wear. Better yet, get some plain t-shirts, a ton of glitter, stencils, and fabric paint, and spend an evening creating your own personalized t-shirts.
  4. Hair and makeup kits. Put together some quality kits for your bridesmaids to use before, on the day of, and after the wedding. Anything that'll help smooth the transition from single to married, whether it's something for a party, cushy bathrobes, or personalized slippers to relax in, should be considered essential bridal accessories.

Can I use crazy props as wedding accessories?

Wacky Wedding Accessories

The last thing your guests are going to expect is a squirt of water from a strategically placed squirt gun, or the sound of a buzzer when you shake their hands after the ceremony. If you're known for your crazy sense of humor or your jokester personality, why not introduce a few props to your guests on your wedding day? People normally think of wedding accessories as things like candles, guest books, plume pens, and corsages, but there's no rule that says your wedding accessories can't be comedy tools. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1) Instead of bouquets of flowers, have the bridesmaids carry squirt guns down the aisle (fully loaded with water of course).

2) Make sure your bridesmaids and the groomsmen all have cell phones on them, and make sure they're turned on! Arrange for one of the guests to keep calling their phone numbers throughout the ceremony. Your wedding party will know what's going on, but the rest of the guests won't. If you're a good actor, make sure to act really annoyed.

3) Crossword puzzles and pencils. Wedding accessories should include items to keep your wedding party from getting bored during the ceremony.

Of course, these are pretty tame practical jokes, so feel free to ratchet it up a notch. You know your friends and family better than anyone else, so gauge exactly how low-brow you want to go with your plans. It's possible that nobody has ever used a Whoopie cushion as a wedding accessory before, but you could be the first.

What kind of wedding accessories can I use for a non-traditional wedding?

Wedding Accessories For Non Traditional Weddings

Let's face it, not everyone is into the traditional white wedding gown complete with tightly bunched yellow roses and a jaunty little girl following behind with rose petals in a basket. Some of us are into black strapless dresses, biker-chic leather boots and pixie haircuts. If you're that kind of girl, you might want to add the following wedding accessories to your list of things to buy:

1) Leather cuffs instead of dainty bracelets.

2) False eyelashes – glittery or jet black.

3) Forget pearl bridal jewelry, think onyx or sapphire.

4) Bring back a hint of the 80's with a glittery head-band.

5) Not sure what to do with your hair? Try a funky wig!

6) Music. Whatever kind of music that speaks to you.

You're inviting your friends and family to celebrate your wedding and it should reflect your personality. Don't weird-out your friends by showing up looking and acting like somebody they've never met.

Chances are your wedding location will be as non-traditional as your wedding dress accessories so make sure to add the final touches to the décor. Accessories for outdoor weddings could include anything from strategically placed faux black crows to dozens of kites tied to trees on a windy day. Indoor wedding accessories might be limited, depending on what you want. It's always best to check with the owner of the land or property before getting your heart set on something.


The Wedding Defines the Wedding Attire

When it comes to choosing your wedding attire here are a few suggestions that will help out men and women alike. A dark suit or blue blazer is generally appropriate for men. Their wedding attire should include shirt and tie and well-pressed slacks. If the wedding is an outdoor wedding or the reception is outdoors, men can switch from dark suit to a lighter colored suit. Be sure to check the wedding invitation and whether it advises black tie or not. If the invitation requests black tie, it's customary to obey the request or look out of place.


You Do Not Have to Be Emily Post

Take a hint from the wedding invitation for the proper wedding guest attire. It's a good idea to consult with the bride's parents or the bridal party for Wedding attire etiquette questions. If you're unsure what to wear, always ask.


My Wedding: My Bridesmaids

Take a day where you and your bridesmaids can visit all the bridal shops and check out all the potential dress ideas. Make it a girl's day, include a fun lunch and just spend the day having a good time. Have the bridesmaids try on a variety of bridesmaid dresses and take plenty of notes on what you like about the dresses and what you don't like.

What accessories should I wear on my wedding day?

Accessories 101

Here's the bare minimum for what brides should consider when planning their accessories for the wedding:

  • headpiece/veil/tiara
  • gloves
  • wrap/shawl
  • shoes
  • necklace
  • earrings
  • engagement ring/wedding rings
  • bracelet

What kind of bridal accessories should I use for my hair and face?

Bridal Accessories From The Neck Up

Let's hope that when you walk down the aisle, or over the hot sand, or through the garden path, your guests won't be looking at their manicured hands. You want them to look at you. Sure your beauty should be enough to turn some heads, but a little glint and glitter in the cranial region isn't a bad idea on your wedding day! Believe it or not, there are a million things you can use for bridal accessories, but let's stick with ten ideas:

1) Crystal drop earrings that dangle and catch the light as you walk by.

2) Rhinestone barrettes. Take three or four tiny barrettes and tuck them behind one ear for a nice effect.

3) Metallic eye shadow is eye-catching, but don't overdo it unless you're going for the street walker theme.

4) A gigantic diamond (or faux diamond) choker says, hey look at me!

5) Give yourself a light spray of self-tanning lotion the day before the wedding for a healthy glow. Either do it yourself or get a professional to do it. Just go easy on the application.

6) Glittery lips. If you're going sultry with the eye makeup, slick a little glittery lip gloss on and smile all the way down the aisle.

7) Hair glitter or sparkles make a good substitute for a veil.

8) If you normally wear glasses, think about getting some contact lenses for the wedding day. Colored contacts can either brighten your eyes, or change their color completely. Even if you don't normally wear glasses, you could get a disposable pair of colored contacts without a prescription just to give yourself a new look.

9) Get a good facial so that your skin glows.

10) Brighten up your smile by using a commercial tooth whitener before the wedding.

So, do you want to be remembered as the bride who lacked luster or the bride brighter than Las Vegas? Go ahead bride…put the glow on.

How can I introduce cheap wedding accessories into my wedding day without appearing cheap.

Finding Or Creating Perfectly Cheap Wedding Accessories

Not everyone can afford a celebrity style wedding and not everyone wants to spend their money on expensive bridal accessories and/or wedding accessories. Why spend all that money for one day when you could be putting it toward the honeymoon of your dreams, or into a new house? Of course, the next question is, how do you find cheap wedding accessories that don't actually look cheap? Easy! Do an Internet search for bridal sites that sell cheap or inexpensive wedding accessories. If you're looking for more traditional items like plume pens, guest sign-in books, and bridal jewelry sets, you'll probably find everything you need at one bridal site. However, if you're going for something a little non-traditional, you might want to look at other ways of coming up with cheap wedding accessories. For example, do you really need a puffy satin pillow-topped guest book, or could you get by with a scroll for everyone to sign? Unless you have a thousand guests coming to your wedding, you'll end up filling only the first five to ten pages of that expensive guest sign-in book.

Whether you're getting married in a church or at home, do you really need to have expensive flowers pinned to every chair? Sure it looks nice, but in one year from now, will any of your guests be able to remember what type of flower marked their seat? If you're into crafts, you could easily make your own placards as pew markers. Create your own cheap wedding accessories. Sure, it costs money to get the supplies you need, but it's still cheaper than buying pre-made wedding accessories. Besides, when you do it yourself, you get exactly what you want!

How can I find unique bridal jewelry?

Custom Bridal Jewelry

Your bridal jewelry doesn't have to be purchased from a bridal shop. In fact, if you're having a really non-traditional wedding (gothic, for example) you're probably going to have to get your bridal jewelry customized for the occasion. It's easy to find traditional pearl earrings and necklaces, but to find really unique bridal jewelry to match your wedding theme, have a look at these ideas:

-Raid your grandmother's attic. This is a great idea if your wedding theme is staged in a completely different era for example, Victorian times. Your grandmother (or other relatives) might have some costume jewelry on hand that she's willing to lend you to use as bridal jewelry.

-Have a look in second-hand clothing shops. Sometimes they'll have bins or buckets of cheap bridal jewelry or everyday jewelry that might fit into your wedding theme.

-Have a look at different bridal sites because they might just have the perfect bridal jewelry based on what you're looking for.

If you're raiding your grandmother's attic, don't forget to look for stuff your husband-to-be or groomsmen could use too. That way, you carry theme to everyone in the bridal party, not just the bride or the bridesmaids. Who knows…you might even find a vintage wedding dress or other vintage clothes to wear at the reception.

What is proper wedding attire etiquette for family of the bride and groom?

You Do Not Have to Be Emily Post

Here are some basic wedding wardrobe etiquette tips for the Bride's side:

The Mother of the Bride The wedding attire etiquette for the mother of the bride is one of the most clearly defined because she is the second most important female at the wedding. The mother of the bride isn't required to match the female wedding attendants. In fact, the mother of the bride should stand out from the bridesmaids and have her own look and style, which accompanies the bride's color choices and decor.

The Mother of the Groom Wedding attire etiquette requires that the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom be in contact with each other over their choices of clothing. They should coordinate their colors so they do not clash and it is of vital importance that no competition is played out during the selection of clothing between the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.

Does the wedding attire define the wedding?

The Wedding Defines the Wedding Attire

When you say the words wedding and wedding dress, you automatically presume that the wedding attire will be something formal and dressy. Many weddings depicted on television are blac tie or suit and tie events with the women being dressed in formal and fancy dresses. Wedding attire is a standard that is expected not only for the wedding attendants, but also the guests. The reality is that wedding attire is dictated by the style, time and season of the wedding.

For women's wedding attire, there are a wider variety of options.
Female guests attending a wedding can wear a dress, a morning suit,
pants or skirt and blouse. A formal wedding or a black and white wedding can suggest the color black or dark formal attire for wedding attire. You should also avoid wearing floral patterns because they can cause you stand out in the crowd - something that should only be captured by the bride.

Just because a shoe looks great on you doesn't mean it is the shoe to wear to a wedding. Most weddings last more than a couple of hours so you should aim for flattering shoes that are far more comfortable. Female guests should also pay specific attention to not try and outshine the bride. Let the wedding define the wedding attire and whether you dress up or you dress down, be sure to always dress well.

My bridesmaids don’t like the bridesmaid dresses I chose, what do I do?

My Wedding: My Bridesmaids

Sometimes the most complicated task is finding a bridesmaid dress that everyone likes. When it comes to shopping for your bridesmaids' dresses here are some suggestions for making the process simpler and easier on everyone involved.

Plan a day dedicated to bridesmaid dress shopping. You may find yourself making this trip more than once, but when you've completed your research on bridesmaid dresses and how your bridesmaids look in the various dresses and colors, it will be time to make your actual choice. The color is your choice - review your notes and make the selection for the bridesmaid dresses.

Remember, the bridesmaid and the bridesmaid dresses should simply complement your wedding fantasy.

How do you shop for men’s wedding attire?

Tuxedos, Cumberbunds & Top Hats, Oh My!

When it comes to choosing the men™s wedding attire, it™s important that the bride and groom not only agree on what the men are going to wear, but that the attire they are looking for is available. Unlike the bride, the men are not expected to purchase their wedding attire and keep it forever. In fact, in many cases, a man may never wear a tux in his life before or after the day he gets married. Rentals are more than acceptable. Rental or not, great care goes into selecting the men™s wedding attire.

Tuxedos are always in fashion whether it's morning, midday or evening. The level of formality will dictate the style of the tuxedo. Colors include off-white, gray, white and black. Cummerbunds are great because the cummerbund color can match that of the bridesmaids' dresses as can the actual tie or cravat. Accessories for the bridegroom, groomsmen and best man should include cufflinks, leather shoes and a boutonniere. The groom's boutonniere should match the bride's bouquet.

When shopping for a suit rental, make sure all of the men's wedding attire is rented from the same location. This will ensure that the style, color and accessories are the same. It's also important to make sure that rentals are confirmed at least three to five weeks ahead of time and that the men present themselves for one fitting in case a suit needs to be altered. In the event of traveling for a destination wedding, the men's wedding attire should be rented from the same place the groom and groomsmen are coming from in order to avoid mix-ups during arrival. While tuxedos are standard, it's perfectly acceptable for men's wedding attire to reflect the theme or style of the wedding. That means casual dress for a casual wedding, costume for a themed or costumed wedding and more.

What should I consider when having alterations?

Don't Go Shoeless

When going to have measurements taken for your alterations, be sure to wear the shoes you'll be wearing on your wedding day so the seamstress can get the correct length for the dress.

What should I consider when having alterations?

Wear Those Petticoats!

Don't forget to take along your petticoats or crinolines when having alterations made to your gown---they'll give the seamstress the exact idea of what length and shape your dress should have.

What kind of gloves should I wear?

Which Gloves to Wear?

Want to wear gloves but clueless as to which ones go with your dress? Check out these suggestions:

  • short sleeve gown = wrist-length gloveswrist
  • strapless gown = gloves that go above the elbow
  • gown with cap sleeves = elbow-length gloves

What should the groom wear?

A Great Groom

Want to make your groom feel special and have him stand out from the group of guys in tuxedos? Give his attire a little twist by having him wear a white tux (if his guys are wearing black) or wear a jacket that's slightly different than the groomsmen's jackets (i.e. single-breasted instead of double). You can also set him apart by having him wear a different colored bow tie or vest than the others, or by making his boutonniere slightly different.

What is the difference between informal and casual wedding attire?

Sundresses & Open Collars

A casual wedding can be elegant and beautiful. A casual wedding embraces a relaxing atmosphere that seems a mix between a backyard family barbecue and Christmas dinner. The kids run around and make noise. The adults mingle and seating is all together rather than separated out.

Casual wedding attire is exactly that – it's casual. It's not the formal morning suit and big skirted white dress. Sundresses and open collars dominate the day. Casual wedding attire may include jeans and t-shirts, shorts and tank tops or even swim suits, but it's a good idea to check with the bride and groom first before downplaying your attire. The idea behind a casual wedding is to come as you are and celebrate the matrimony between two people. Some popular casual wedding attire for brides include:

  • Wearing a bridesmaid dress in a different color
  • Wearing a sundress
  • Wearing a casual dress or pant suit
  • Jeans, Khaki or Swimsuits
Bridal couples choose casual wedding attire for any number of reasons. They may choose it because it makes their wedding that much more affordable if they aren't spending hundreds of dollars on tux rentals and bridal dresses. They may choose it because they are going for a low key feeling of a backyard wedding. Some couples choose casual wedding attire because they want to spend their money on an extended honeymoon or a house. The great thing is that casual can be charming, fancy and engaging. If you are choosing to go the casual wedding route, let it reflect your personalities and tastes rather than worrying about matching all the bells, whistles and traditional expectations associated with a wedding.

How can I find a good seamstress?

Go Independent!

Many bridal salons and stores will offer in-house alterations, but before you sign up, be sure to check around with independent seamstresses in your area: often their prices are less inexpensive and their work is just as good.

How can I save money on attire?

The More, the Merrier

When you go to rent the guys' tuxes, be sure to ask for the package deal that usually comes with wedding rentals. Stores often have a discount if you get the groom's tux and at least two or three other tuxedos from the same store.

How can I keep my feet from hurting at the reception?

Dancing Queen

Want to boogie down on the dance floor without worrying about aching feet? Try decorating a pair of new white sneakers or ballet shoes with ribbons, pearls, etc. (think Kimberly Williams' shoes made by dad Steve Martin in Father of the bride) and wearing them at the reception.

What should I consider when having alterations?

A Perfect Fit

When you go to get fitted for your dress, do all the things you'll be doing at your wedding: sit down, move around, raise your arms above your head . . . this will guarantee that you're not going to have a sleeve split in the middle of doing the hokey pokey!

If I want to buy a cheap yet beautiful wedding gown, what is the best time of the year to do this?

Any Time is a Great Time to Buy a Wedding Dress

The busiest bridal shopping time of the year is from January to April, so you may be able to get good bargains on wedding dresses in November or December. However, that's not to say that there aren't great bargains on wedding dresses all year round. The internet is a great place to look for deals. Ebay has many wedding dresses that are both beautiful and under $500. Many have never been worn! If you already know what dress you are interested in, you can search for that dress using . This search engine, which is part of Google, will tell you where you can get the best deal on that perfect dress.

What should I consider when having alterations?

Be Honest About Your Size

When getting alterations, be honest about what size you are. Don't ask the seamstress to take in the dress a size or two just because you think you might lose some weight before the event---if you don't, you'll end up miserably squeezed into a too-tight dress on a very important day.

How can I find a good seamstress?

Finding a Seamstress

If you're having a hard time finding someone to do alterations, ask around at local bridal salons (they often keep a list of seamstresses in the area) or ask a nearby friend who has been a bride or bridesmaid.

What jewelry should I wear?

Necklace Know-How

Is your dress neckline just calling for a necklace but you aren't sure what to wear? You can't go wrong with pearls, be it a choker or a long strand, real or artificial. They're the traditional accessory for brides and look beautiful on everyone.

What should I consider when choosing my wedding shoes?

Shoes for the Outdoors

If you're exchanging vows outdoors or will be spending a lot of time in the grass for photos, you might want to consider wearing shoes that don't have spiky or small heels----they'll sink into the ground and be more difficult to walk in.

What kind of trousers do guys wear for a wedding?

Picking the Pants

If you choose a formal tuxedo, your trousers should match your jacket in style and color. If you'll be in a formal daytime wedding and will wear a stroller coat or cutaway coat, wear gray or gray pinstriped trousers.

How do you adapt African traditions and attire for your wedding?

African Wedding Tradition & Attire

Africa is a beautiful continent that is comprised of multiple religions and cultures. There are Muslims, Christians, Hindu, Baha'i and more. There are many African wedding traditions and choosing African wedding attire for your ceremony can add color, culture and more to your ceremony.

Among the African wedding traditions you might choose from include Ankole, Pygmie and Nile traditions. The colorful garb of African wedding attire is a beauty in its own right, so don't feel like you have to use these traditions in order to wear it. Your Christian, African American family hosting a wedding in a Catholic chapel can still wear African wedding attire for the bridal party, the guests or all of the above if they choose to. That being said, here is a little about each of these African based wedding traditions:

  • Ankole – Known as a lake kingdom, Ankole's King owned the cattle and in theory, the women as well. Fathers of daughters wanted to bring them to the King's attention because he gave such great wedding gifts. It should be noted that slimness is not prized in Ankole wedding tradition, whereas round and heavy is.
  • Pygmie – In this tradition, the groom brings a gift of game or arrows to his in-laws and then takes his bride back to his family. He is only required to provide for his new wife's family a girl willing to marry the brother or male cousins of the wife.
  • Nile – Along the Nile if a man wished his sons to be married well, he would need a large herd of animals. To marry, a groom must present livestock to the many members of the bride to be's family. As a part of the invitation, the groom would travel among his own family, gathering up gifts of more herd animals in order to present the bride's family with the best he can while still maintaining enough to support his bride.
While you may not be interested in incorporating these African wedding traditions into your wedding ceremony, you can reference them – call them to mind with your choices in African wedding attire.

How can I get ready for my wedding day?

Readying Your Shoes

Be sure that you break in your shoes before your wedding by wearing them around your house for a few hours. You'll also want to make sure you "scuff up" the bottoms on the driveway or on a cement step so you don't slip.

How do we decide between the hawaiian print tie and the black bow....

Classic is Best

When you're picking out wedding clothing, ESPECIALLY the groom's, always err on the side of the conservative. Yes, almost everyone looks better in a tuxedo, but usually not a white one with a purple lame cumberbund. When you look back at your photos in the years to come, you should be reminded of your good taste and classic elegance.

What do you wear to a beach wedding?

Bermuda Shorts & Poet Shirts

Life's a beach; why not host your wedding there? The question is pretty rhetorical because beach weddings are among some of the most popular and most romantic on and off the big screen. Interestingly enough, when you think of beach wedding attire the mind leaps to Hawaiian dress. However, Hawaiian dress is not necessarily what is required for your beach wedding attire.

A beach wedding is set against one of the most magnificent backdrops that Mother Nature provides. Casual is usually the catchword when you think of beach weddings and beach wedding attires. So whether you are getting married on a sand or rock against the Pacific or the Atlantic with yachts or lighthouses in the background – the time of year and the weather influence your beach wedding attire.

Beach wedding attire should be more relaxed and more comfortable than your traditional wedding attire. For the men, loose, button down shirts don't have to be tucked in. For women, loose flowing dresses with no shoes are the way to go.

Veils may be beautiful, but they are not the greatest idea for beach wedding attire, especially if there is a strong breeze. Ultimately, a beach wedding is about the couple joining lives together against one of the most powerful settings in the natural world. The oceans tides represent the tidal forces of your life and the sunrise or sunset add to the wonderful color of two lives blending together. What you wear is up to you. Don't be surprised if you see someone marrying in Bermuda shorts with tuxedo shirts and black ties on the beach.

When you are planning your wedding on the beach, don't worry about fashion or the fashion statements, instead enjoy the casual beauty and the relaxed atmosphere and most of all – the beautiful spouse waiting to make you theirs – as for the rest of the beach wedding attire – it will take care of itself.

Why should I consider getting custom bridal jewelry?

Custom Bridal Jewelry

Okay, so you've looked and you've looked but you can't find the bridal jewelry you want. You've gone to every jewelry store and when the associate asks what you're looking for, you really don't know. Maybe it's one of those “I'll know it when I see it” things. Sound familiar? Maybe it's time to consider getting custom bridal jewelry made. Forget all about cheap bridal jewelry. If you want to really make a statement, custom bridal jewelry is the way to go. The other thing to take into consideration is that with custom bridal jewelry, you've got an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation, not something that's going to be lost or forgotten.

With custom bridal jewelry, you can choose the color, cut, and design of your bridal jewelry. Now, if your mind goes blank at the thought of creating your own bridal jewelry design, don't worry! Professional jewelers can help you with catalogues, templates, and photos of what other people have done. Another great thing about custom bridal jewelry is that it can fit any wedding theme whether you're going for something very traditional, or something extremely alternative. The bridal jewelry you design is unique and distinctly you.

To find custom bridal jewelers, do an Internet search for various bridal sites. Bridal sites are geared to accommodate all kinds of wedding accessory needs including bridal jewelry sets and custom bridal jewelry.

What kind of wedding accessories should I use for a fitness themed wedding day?

Fitness Wedding Accessories

Are you and your partner fitness buffs? You probably met in a gym or while jogging in the park, right? Come on, admit it! If that's the case, why would you want to restrict yourselves to uncomfortable wedding garb and ditch the trail for a sit-down wedding? Your wedding should be a reflection on who you are as a couple, which means customizing the bridal accessories and wedding accessories to suit the day. Forget tradition, pick up your pedometer and walk through these wedding accessory ideas:

1) Sprint down the aisle (or trail!) by wearing sneakers. Sure you can wear sneakers with a tux or a full gown, but if that option doesn't speak to you, why not really make the day your own by wearing matching jogging or track suits?

2) Have you ever been on a vacation where the hotel folds your towel to look like a swan? Towels are cheap wedding accessories that can really add to the day if they're folded into different shapes and used as decorations.

3) Guests love to throw things at the newly married bride and groom. It's true! In today's eco-friendly world, the last thing you want is your guests tossing non-biodegradable stuff all over the ground. Keeping with the fitness theme, why not give your guests fistfuls of trail mix to toss? It's biodegradable and won't hurt birds and animals who want to take a nibble. Wedding accessories for a fitness themed wedding are so much fun. Think headbands, pedometers as wedding favors for the guests, energy drinks in the punch bowl, etc. Wedding accessories don't have to include straight backed white chairs, you could offer stability balls for the guests to sit on!

What other things besides hair pins and purses fall under the category of wedding accessories?

Wedding Accessories

Have you ever been somewhere, to an event or a party, and felt like there was something missing? No doubt it was the details that weren't there. If you don't dim the lights at a dance, it's just a big glaring room with loud music. You get the idea. Even if you're getting married in t-shirts and jeans, you still want to add some bridal accessories, like matching personalized belt buckles, to pull the look together.

You might think you're ready for the big day, but have you included any of these hot little items for your bridal accessories?

-Hair or body glitter

-Rings that have a compartment to hold chap stick. You and your bridesmaids are going to be puckering up a lot!

-Are you getting married in your own backyard by the light of the moon? If so, you'll probably want to have lots of lighted citronella torches to keep the mosquitoes away.

When you think of wedding accessories, you probably think about the pearl drop earrings and crystal hair pins worn by the bride and bridesmaids, but there are a lot of other things that can fall into the category of “wedding accessories” like extra pins or a tiny sewing kit in case of emergencies. Just think of all the possible mishaps or problems that could occur (but probably won't!) and add them to your bridal accessory list.

What kind of bridal jewelry should I wear?

Big Bridal Jewelry

Big is beautiful, right? So why not go big and beautiful on your wedding day with the biggest, roundest, brightest bridal jewelry you can find. Keep the outfits simple but the bridal jewelry over-the-top with huge colorful bangles, multi-colored beaded necklaces, and hoop earrings to match. Hey, if you're going to go with the theme, you may as well really go with it. If you're not really interested in beads and baubles, then go with something else that suits you. Instead of one strand of pearls, go with four or five strands of pearls. Tuck the delicate gold chain away for another day and add bronze, silver, or gold chunky layers to that swan-like neck of yours. You don't have to out-do your bridesmaids either. They may not be wearing the same dress (or wedding outfit) as you are, but they can still carry the big chunky theme with you down the aisle.

Don't worry about the expense because it's perfectly okay to go with cheap bridal jewelry, as long as it doesn't look cheap. You're obviously not going to want to get your bridal jewelry from a candy dispenser, but if you do some searching around at different bridal sites, you should be able to find what you're looking for at discount prices.

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