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What kind of wedding favors can I make myself?

Handmade Wedding Favors

The cost of a wedding can be astronomical. For someone looking to save money, add a personal touch, or simply leave their guests with a unique memento, creating your own wedding favors is an excellent option.

Create a favor that ties into the theme of your wedding. Getting married around Christmas? Personalize a glass ornament for each guest or sew miniature stockings with a photo of you and your new spouse inside. Having a spring wedding? Purchase small watering cans and fill them with dried flowers. Add your names and the date to the outside. Getting hitched on the beach? Collect shells and paint them with your wedding colors, then personalize with the date and a message from the bride and groom.

Give your guests something that you love to help them remember your special day. If you are a candle lover, buy wax kits to create your own, or purchase tea lights and place them in a hand-painted glass votive. Love to cook? Give your friends and family your favorite recipe and one of the spices it uses in a personalized jar. Another one-of-a-kind favor idea is to give each guest a CD featuring songs that are played at your reception. The discs can easily be personalized with a computer label.

Personalize the old standby of a candy favor by making your own bags or jars in which to take it home. Whether you pre-fill the container with sweets or the guests select from a candy bar, the lasting keepsake of a personalized holder will endure long after the candy is gone.

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