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What are some inexpensive centerpiece ideas?

Centerpieces on a budget

A wedding centerpiece makes the table. It costs a pretty penny to include an elaborate floral display for each table however, especially if you're having a large wedding. How can you get around the cost and still have a stunning display?

Instead of visiting the florist, try this: visit your local garden or home center and purchase several flats of annuals or perennials in colors matching that of your wedding party. Purchase enough small plastic or terra cotta pots for each plant. Spray paint the pots in gold or silver, or wrap in elegant, metallic foil. Each pot gets a plant or two. This can also be done with tree seedlings.

Group potted blooms together at each table to make a wedding centerpiece. You may need to play around to find a suitable design. If you purchase enough so that each couple can take one home, you'll have favors as well!

How can I decorate without spending a lot of money?

Cheap Wedding Decorations

If you're a bride on a budget, you might be interested in learning where to find cheap wedding decorations.

Did you know your local dollar store yields an amazing assortment of items that can be used to decorate your ceremony and reception area? Go ahead and take a look around, you might be pleasantly surprised at what you'll find. Behold some of the items found in the aisles of the dollar store:

• Candles
• Fabric
• Silk Flowers
• Baskets
• Plastic pearls and other jewels
• Table Cloths
• Potpourri
• Vases
• Picture frames
• Ribbon

Is it easy to plan a beach wedding?

A Beach Wedding

If you're getting married on the beach, you might consider having a beach themed reception as well. Because beach weddings are gaining in popularity, these aren't difficult to plan at all.

Your florist will help you to choose tropical flowers to go with your beach theme. He may even be able to offer palm trees to help create a “beachy” atmosphere. The Internet is filled with websites offering centerpieces, favors, gifts, leis, and appropriate attire. Serve fresh seafood and citrus fruits and place shells around your wedding cake..

A word of caution however, if you're considering spreading sand on the ground, this isn't always recommended. It can make the floor slippery and most guests don't like the feeling of sand in their good shoes. It's best to leave the sand on the beach and off the dance floor.

How can I save money on centerpieces at my wedding?

Cool Candles

Want to use candles at your wedding but aren't thrilled by store-bought candles? You can make your own candles using inexpensive sheets of beehive wax wrapped into a scroll. They will provide a soft glow throughout the reception and are very long-burning with minimal dripping.

Why should I choose a wedding theme?

Be an Original

We've all been to a cookie-cutter wedding, one of those plain ones that all seem the same except there are different people getting married. By choosing a theme or some other style that has personal meaning to you, your wedding will be not only easier to plan but will have a personality and creativeness all its own.

How should I decorate for my winter wedding?

Decorating Ideas for Wedding

Tulle is a life saver for winter decorating ideas for wedding! Placed around centerpieces and the cake table it can give the illusion of snow. Hung from risers and strung with snowflake strings can make a lovely presentation. Both ice blue and white tulle together, accent a winter wedding scene.

What type of centerpiece should I have for my wedding?

Wedding Flower Centerpieces

An elegant and inexpensive decorating idea for Fall is the use of "fallen folliage" in your decoration. Lovely wedding flower centerpieces can be made with a $1.00 piece of florist's foam (either from your florist or any craft store) and decorated with fallen leaves and a few fresh flowers. Fall asters in plum and gold tones are usually around 50 cents a stem (6 to 8 blooms on each). Finish with a taper candle.

What type of centerpiece should I have for my wedding?

Centerpiece Savings

It's amazing how far some greens and a block of florists' foam can go. Making your own centerpieces can be very rewarding. You don't have to be Martha Stewart (or MacGyver) to create stunning table toppers out of toothpicks! Florists' foam covered with greens and embedded with an elegant taper candle and a few well placed flowers can be lovely.

What type of centerpiece should I have for my wedding?

Wedding Party Decorations - Teapot Centerpieces

With some savvy garage sale shopping prior to the wedding, start collecting teapots. They can look lovely filled with flowers or ivy for a wedding party decorations idea. China cups and saucers could also work in the powder room and on smaller side tables.

What should I do when planning my wedding?

Theme Time

It's important to choose some sort of theme or common style before you get into organizing your wedding. Deciding early on whether you want a Victorian wedding or a western-themed wedding will help you choose your dress, venue, flowers, and many other aspects.

How do I choose a theme for my wedding?

Creative Wedding Reception Ideas

If you have a certain ethnic heritage, you can use it to help plan your wedding theme. There are creative wedding reception ideas and customs for Polish, Mexican, African-American, etc. weddings. You can incorporate the theme into your dress, music, food, decorations, and even vows.

How do I choose a theme for my wedding?

Movie Themes

Trying to find a theme for your wedding? Is there a movie or television show that has special meaning to you and your beloved? Maybe the film you saw on your first date, or the television show you watched together in your dorm rooms during college. Consider using the movie as a jumping-off point for a wedding theme---some popular ideas have been 'Somewhere in Time,' 'Titanic,' and 'Beauty and the Beast.'

What colors should I have for a summer wedding?

Summer Colors

Color is really a matter of personal preference, but there are a few basic guidelines you can follow. Most weddings in the summer are light colors (pastels), such as sky blue, pink and pale yellow. Any pastel color is a good choice, and you can pair them with silver if you want an elegant effect. Peach, mint green, and lavender are also pretty colors for June weddings, or you can combine them in pairs---pale yellow and lavender is a popular combination right now. Lighter neutrals also look nice; khaki, taupe, pale silver and pale gold are examples.

How do I honor a deceased friend at my wedding?

How to Remember Deceased Friend?

It's great that you want to honor your friend---the key is to keep it classy and not to depress your guests but do it it a manner of celebrating her life. You have several options. You can write a tribute/poem to your friend in your program, have a moment of silence in the ceremony to honor her, light a candle in her memory, play one of her favorite songs during the ceremony or toast her at the reception.

A wedding isn't really the best place to be collecting money for a charity; couples aren't even supposed to ask for gifts in any form, so coming right out and asking for donations could be construed by some guests as tacky, no matter how good your intentions. You could spread the news via word of mouth that you'd like donations to be made to the American Cancer Society in lieu of gifts, or you could donate monetary gifts from your wedding to the organization in her name.

What kind of edible centerpiece can we make for our wedding?

Edible Centerpiece

Make cookies on a stem, wrap them in cellophane and secure with a bow. (This is not as hard as you might think) Use them for your table centerpieces by inserting cookies into decorated flower pots. Craft stores have necessary "tools" to make the cookies. Let guests know they can each take one cookie home (or eat it on the spot!)

What type of centerpiece should I have for my wedding?

Elegant Wedding Centerpieces

To create inexpensive but elegant wedding centerpieces, consider renting silver candelabras, ($10-$15 for rental). The bases can be wrapped with tulle or ivy and some single cut flowers can be placed around the base. The look can be enhanced by placing it on a mirror.

What type of centerpiece should I have for my wedding?

Wedding Ice Sculptures

An inexpensive and elegant centerpiece is a molded wedding ice sculptures. Available for about $30.00, starting a week before the wedding, you can use the mold over and over. Food coloring may be added in your wedding colors. At $1-2 a block, dry ice will need to be placed at the base during the reception. Mask with tulle and have the caterer spritz with water for a "smoke effect".

How do I choose a theme for my wedding?

Wedding Theme Ideas

Is there a special place that holds a lot of meaning to you and your fiance(e)? Did you vacation in Hawaii, or meet on the ski slopes, or take a trip to a cowboy ranch? Using your special place as the wedding theme ideas that will make your wedding unique and add extra specialness to the big day.

How do I choose a theme for my wedding?

Pick a Time Period, Any Time Period

Looking for a creative idea for a wedding theme? Consider using a certain period of time, the ideas are almost endless: Victorian era, the Roaring 20s, the 1940s (think 'Homefront'), the rock n roll 50s . . . .

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