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When should we have the bachelor/ette party?

Smart Party Scheduling

Though outdated tradition dictated that bachelor/ette parties be given the night before the wedding, it's not a smart idea, especially if alcohol is involved. A lot of time, money and effort have gone into making the wedding day as perfect as possible, and having a tired/hungover bride and/or groom will ruin the entire day. Be smart and have the parties a week or two before the wedding.

What creative bachelorette party can we have?

Beauty Bachelorette Party - Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

If the bride isn't all that thrilled about going out drinking and to strip clubs, there are other fun bachelorette party ideas. Many beauty salons and day spas are now offering bachelorette parties---you book a room for the entire party, and each guest gets a manicure or pedicure. Often the spa will throw in drinks and munchies. Check with your local salons and day spas for prices.

What kind of bachelor party should I throw?

Options for the Guys - Bachelor Party Ideas

Many men, especially those who are older, would rather not have the typical 'beer and stripper' type bachelor party. For some bachelor party ideas, try going to a sports event, playing golf, going fishing, visiting a classic car show, touring a brewery, or playing paintball.

Who plans the bachelor or bachelorette party?

Party Responsibility

Usually the bulk of the bachelor or bachelorette party is planned by the maid of honor or the best man. But if the bridesmaids or groomsmen want to chip in and help, that's great too---often the MOH or BM will be grateful for the assistance.

What should I do for a bachelorette party?


As maid of honor, join forces with the best man to combine the bachelor and bachelorette parties into a stag and doe party. It can be catered or to cut costs formatted as a potluck.

This is especially helpful to raise money for couples that are feeling the wedding pinch. Sell tickets, or include games to help raise money, but leave the "dancing girls" out. Make it a cash bar and enlist family and friends as wait and bar staff.

What fun foods can we have at the bachelorette party?

Foods for Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you're having an at-home bachelorette party but would like to get wild. Here are some fun bachelorette party ideas for you. Consider serving all kinds of penis-shaped foods. You can buy penis-shaped pasta online, make cocktail weiners, breadsticks, a penis-shaped cake, etc. Makes for a rowdy party and interesting conversation!

What can we do for fun bachelorette party ideas besides hiring a strip

Non-Stripper Entertainment - Fun Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you looking for fun bachelorette party ideas but aren't in the stripper mode, try booking one of the following: magician, comedian, psychic to read fortunes and beauty consultant to give everyone makeovers karaoke machine

What inexpensive things can we do for a bachelor/ette party?

Inexpensive Ideas

Want to have a good time but not spend a lot of dough? Try one of these ideas:

1) go mini-golfing, to batting cages, or to race mini grand-prix cars
2) have a cookout
3) rent a karaoke machine, or go out to a karaoke bar
4) stay home, play cards and have pizza
5) go to a showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Who pays for the bachelor/bachelorette party?

Coughing up the Cash

The point of the party is to give the bride or groom a fun 'send-off,' so all of his or her expenses are paid for and are usually divvied up between the bridesmaids or groomsmen. Each BM or GM also pays for his or her own expenses.

What should we consider when throwing the bachelor/ette party?

Drinking Smarts

If you're going to be traveling from one location to another during the party and you're also going to be drinking, establish one or more guests as designated drivers. If everyone wants to drink, consider getting a limo or other large vehicle that you can rent along with a driver.

How can we find a stripper/exotic dancer?

Stripper Search

The best way to find a stripper is through word of mouth---ask other friends, family co-workers, etc. who they've used. You should also check the Yellow Pages under 'Entertainment--Adult'; that's where they list strippers and the like.

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