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The Top 10 Apps that Can Help You Prepare for Your Wedding Day

You're getting married, and you know you have a lot of planning before the big day. You have to consider what you'll wear, what you'll eat, where you'll wed, and where you'll have the reception. Those are just some of your concerns. If you want to simplify the process a bit, look to your smartphone. Apps abound that can help any bride. Here are the top 10.

1. Wedding Party on Android or iPhone

This app is intended for the actual wedding day, allowing you and your guests to take pictures and videos of unforgettable memories and share them. Guests with a smartphone, tablet, computer, or camera can all partake in the fun. There are no cons to this app.

2. WeddingScan on iPhone

If you want to check out the price of that dress, flower set, or shoes, then use this app. You can scan anything and get a price. There are no cons to this app.

3. iWedPlanner on Android or iPhone

This app by SentientIT Software Solution cuts down on wedding planning by allowing you to make a calendar, schedule payments, track your budget, and receive reminders. You can also find florists, bakeries, and DJs near you. This app has no cons.

4. iWedding Deluxe on iPhone

Serendipity App Company produces this app that lets you set to-do lists, guest lists, budgets, RSVPs, and seating plans. You can send invites right from your phone's contact list. The only con is that this app costs five dollars, which may be too much for a bride trying to save.

5. Wedding Lookbook on Android or iPhone

The Knot, a top wedding website, allows you to browse dresses and pick the ideal gown for your wedding. You can browse by style, dress length, fabric, color, size, and price. There are no cons to this app.

6. Best Wedding Cakes on iPhone

AAPixel LLC's app lets you browse hundreds of high quality images of cakes. You can even design your dream cake. The only con is that the app is somewhat limited in that you can't contact bakeries through it.

7. AppyCouple on Android or iPhone

This app lets you chronicle your wedding, inviting guests, setting up venues, and letting guests share gifts. The only con is that all guests need an invite to use.

8. Married App on Android or iPhone

This app, like a few others, also lets guests share wedding day memories and lets you impart wedding venue directions and even song requests during the reception. The only con is that the app is only available for Android and iPhone.

9. Fun Wedding Traditions on iPhone

Blue Sodium Corp's app allows you to plan a wedding a little out of the ordinary, looking at worldwide traditions to borrow. There are no cons to this free app.

10. Wedding Countdown on Android or iPhone

This app by Sevenlogics, Inc. knows that in the flurry of stress surrounding wedding planning that you may forget when the big day actually is. You can check the countdown on this app. The only con is that it's somewhat limited.

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