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What kind of romance novels should I buy to give as bridal shower favors?

Putting Some Romance Into Bridal Shower Favors

Want to give your bridesmaids something really different? Get out the bridal shower favor tags and write a note on them inviting your bridesmaids to read the cheesy romance novels you bought for them! Try to find the juiciest, meatiest, raunchiest romance novels you can find. Paperback is much cheaper than hard cover. Depending on the number of bridesmaids you have, it might even make sense to join a book club. You'll get a bunch of free books (you'll have to pay the shipping costs though), and usually the purchase of a few more books at full cost will fulfill your membership requirements. Just a thought. There are also many second-hand book stores that sell romance novels in excellent condition. Books don't have to cost a fortune and you can turn this idea into cheap bridal shower favors if you give yourself enough time to do some comparison shopping. Harlequin is one publisher who offers a line of erotic fiction including the following titles:

1) The Twelve Dancing Princesses written by Nancy Madore

2) Naughty Paris by Jina Baccar

3) Broken by Megan Hart

4) Getting Some by Kayla Perrin

5) Lying In Bed by M. J. Rose

Of course, this is just a partial list of books and erotic fiction isn't limited to Harlequin Romance novels. Visit any bookstore (in person or online) and look for the erotic fiction section. You'll probably find it under “Adult – Romance”. If not, don't be afraid to ask. While you're at it, check and see if there are any titles available on the clearance shelf. Hot, spicy, sexy romance novels make great bridal shower favors!

What are two similar but different ideas to give my maid of honor and bridesmaids as bridal shower favors?

Making A Scrapbook As A Bridal Shower Favor

It's okay to give your maid of honor a unique bridal shower favor that shows your appreciation for the time and energy she's committed to helping you on, and before, your wedding day. One really good idea is to put together a scrapbook for your maid of honor. There's no need to feel intimidated because you can buy kits to help you get started, or you can just do a simple scrapbook using photos of the wedding preparations, the bridal shower party, etc. Add a few comments here and there so that in years to come, your maid of honor will be able to remember (hopefully with a smile) some of the mishaps and adventures that happened during the wedding planning and preparation. When you've got this planned ahead of time, you can watch for perfect (and funny) photo opportunities to include in this unique bridal shower favor.

Keeping the scrapbook theme in mind, you could create some inexpensive bridal shower favors for your bridesmaids that aren't as time-consuming, but equally nice. With excellent quality colored paper, maybe a colored printer, some soft ribbon or colored string, you could make a nice bookmarker for each of the bridesmaids. To get ideas for funny quotes, just do an Internet search, or find some novelty t-shirts with funny slogans and sayings. Don't think a bookmark is enough of a bridal shower favor? You could always buy a book with it and tuck the bookmark inside! You might also want to make a three or four page scrapbook for the maid of honor (don't forget the funny photos!), and just a one-pager for each of the bridesmaids. Then again, you might just go crazy and make a scrapbook for everyone!

Can you give me some good ideas for engraved or personalized bridal shower favors?

Engraved Bridal Shower Favors

These days, you can get just about anything engraved or personalized by why would you want to stick with the same old tried and true traditional bridal shower favors when you can have really neat things engraved? Okay, maybe a lock for your gym locker doesn't exactly fall under the “neat” category, but it's definitely practical and every time your bridesmaids get their sweaty gym sneakers our of their lockers, they'll think of you!

Bridal shower favors don't have to be expensive gold-plated candle holders or engraved pewter jewellery. The average everyday person wants something useful that serves two purposes: It has to have some meaning and practical value. Bonus points if it makes them laugh! Alright, that begs the question…what kind of engraved or personalized bridal shower favors should I get? Below is a partial answer to that question. Keep in mind that “practical use” can be very loosely defined:

1) Engraved or personalized wind chimes;

2) Belt with engraved buckle;

3) Personalized toilet paper rolls;

4) Personalized wallet;

5) A set of engraved coasters;

6) Personalized board games;

7) Personalized photo Rubik's Cube;

Maybe you know someone who had the neatest bridal shower favors that you want to copy their idea. Maybe you'd like to come up with your own bridal shower favor ideas. Through a combination of suggestions from friends and online searching, you should have no trouble coming up with some unique bridal shower favors for your bridesmaids.

Can you give me a neat, fun, and unique idea for bridal shower favors?

Bridal Shower Favors That Tell The Future

While you prepare for your wedding day, it's possible your friends (if they're still single) are asking themselves some pretty serious life questions. Will I ever find the “one”? Will I ever get married? Will my mother ever stop nagging about the clothes I wear? Being the good friend that you are, you're probably thinking it would be pretty awesome if you could provide all the answers for your friends. The good news is you can! Well, sort of. Most people have heard of the Magic 8-Ball, but if you haven't it's a nifty toy with magical powers. No, really. Ask it anything you want and it'll give you an answer. Help all of your bridesmaids map out their futures by giving them each one of these bridal shower party favors. The Magic 8-Ball is portable and can be used anywhere, and for anything. For example, your bridesmaid might ask the ball, “Will I ever be rich and famous?” and the Magic 8-Ball will have an answer for her.

Okay, I know you've got this figured out and, unless your bridesmaids were raised in a cave with bears, they won't be overly mystified by these unique bridal shower favors. You can't say they're not interesting though! At the bridal shower party, have a little fun and take turns asking the Magic 8-Ball some of your deepest, most secret questions! Warm up your abs because you're going to do some laughing.

Don't be thrown off guard with these mysterious bridal shower party favors, expect it to give you one of these common replies:

  • Better not tell you now
  • Cannot predict now
  • Concentrate and ask again
  • Don't count on it
  • It is certain
  • It is decidedly so
  • Most likely
  • My reply is no
  • My sources say no
  • Outlook good
  • Outlook not so good
  • Reply hazy, try again
  • Signs point to yes
  • Very doubtful
  • Without a doubt
  • Yes
  • Yes - definitely
Before you give out the gift, tell your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor that you got them something to guide them through the rest of their lives. Now, look into the ball and ask your question.

Can I make my own mini kits or boxes as bridal shower favors?

Time Out Boxes As Bridal Shower Favors

So ya wanna make your own bridal shower favors do ya? The good news is that it's easy to do. The bad news is that you have to come up with nifty ideas that are going to wow, inspire, or give your bridesmaids a chuckle. Worry not! The following are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. You can use these ideas, add to them, or create new ones.

These unique bridal shower favors are called Time-Out Boxes, for when your friends need to give themselves a “time out”. Whether they need to call a time out because they've been naughty, or just because they need a break is their decision to make. Make each bridesmaid the same Time Out Box, or create a different one to match each bridesmaid's personality:

Note: Cover a shoe-box with cloth and ribbon, or buy pre-made fancy gift boxes for these.

1) Spa Therapy Time-Out Box: Add a few sticks of incense, maybe a nice hand or foot massaging lotion, a candle, and a relaxing CD.

2) Instant De-stressor Time-Out Box: Chocolate, a hand-written “permission slip” to relax and let go, a couple of bubble bath beads, and a mini bottle of liquor.

3) Brain Exercise Time-Out Box: Crossword puzzles, sudoko puzzles, a sharp pencil, a rubix cube, a library card application, and a few hand-written quotes thrown in for good measure. You can find quotes online.

4) Perky Pick-Me-Up Time Out Box: Tea bags, citrus scented candles, an energy bar, a handwritten note with instructions on pick-me-up stretches that can be done quickly and anywhere.

Hopefully these ideas will spark your imagination! If you think your friends can handle it, feel free to turn these Time Out Boxes into something a little naughty. It's easy to make your own bridal shower favors and with a little imagination you can come up with all kinds of wild and crazy kits.


Wedding Showers Unite Two Families

One of the great parts about getting married is the co-mingling of two families, two sets of traditions and a lot of internal family rituals. Wedding showers can celebrate this and help blend the traditions of both sides of the family before the wedding ceremony.


Bridal Shower Gifts

Bridal showers are a great time for the ladies to get together and shower the bride to be with gifts that celebrate the role she is soon to be taking up as a wife. Bridal shower gifts can follow the theme of the bridal shower itself. A morning coffee or brunch bridal shower might inspire gifts for the morning like coffee, robes and more. An afternoon tea and dinner party can inspire leisure time and evening activity bridal shower gifts.

Where can I find great gag gifts to use as bridal shower favors?

Gags And Gadgets As Bridal Shower Gifts

Whoever said girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice didn't meet my friends. It's too easy to fall into the tried and true traditional bridal shower favors when there's a whole world of gadgets and gags out there! These days, you can buy anything from a swearing parrot to pole dancing kits. If traditional bridal shower favors are completely out of the question, consider the following unique bridal shower favors:

1) Pink drill set

2) Humorous tee-shirts (pre-made or DIY)

3) Funny undies/panties

4) Squirt Guns

5) Silly String

6) A subscription to Playgirl or a calendar

7) Caricature drawings of either the bridesmaid or the bride and groom. Get photographs and

take them to a local artist, someone who specializes in caricature drawings.

It's easy to find stores that sell gag gifts. If there isn't one near where you live, do an Internet search using keywords like “funny gifts” or “gag gifts” to give you an idea of what's available, prices, etc. Sometimes the things you see online inspire your to create your own homemade bridal shower favors. The key to pulling off gag gifts is knowing your bridesmaids. If there's one who you know is going to be offended, be careful in what you give as a bridal shower favor. Otherwise, the bridal shower gift is only limited by your imagination.

What kind of games can you play at a bridal shower?

Games People Play

Most of the women who attend a bridal shower have at least one thing in common: they are all there to celebrate the bride get ready for her wedding. When you have that many women, some whom may be meeting for the first time, bridal shower games are the way to go because not only do they get conversation started, they can also help increase the enjoyment of the party.

Three good bridal shower games to get your party guests talking include:

Eat & Tell - Set up a buffet and for each food item type on the table, label them with different topics such as high school, college, first kiss - etc. For each food type a person has on their plate, they have to reveal something with regard to the topic mention (e.g. tell the story of their first kiss, what was their favorite activity in high school and what did they want to be when they were college, etc.)

Play Detective - as guests arrive, give them a note card with the name of another guest. The goal of the game is to discover fun events, information and stories about that person without actually talking to them. It can be hard, especially if some of the guests don't know each other, but it can be fun to discover one anecdote about the person on their card.

Old Fashioned Truth or Dare (Sans the Dare) - Let everyone have a drink and some snacks and gather them in a circle either in a comfortable area or around a table. For this bridal shower game, the idea is to have fun and laugh, not to really embarrass anyone or reveal deep dark secrets. Some great questions to get the game started are:

  • Describe one of your most embarrassing moments.
  • If you were a character in Veggie-Tales, what vegetable would you be and why?
  • If you could describe yourself in one word, what word would that be?
  • Cast yourself in a Disney movie - who would you be and why?
  • Can you answer the question: 'how many hairs are there on Chewbacca?'
  • Do you have a tattoo? What is it?
  • What's the goofiest thing you've ever done at work?

What are the best gifts to give a bride to be?

Bridal Shower Gifts

Some popular bridal shower gifts today may include:

  • A Thin Digital Camera - Digital cameras are getting more and more compact. Every bride to be has a hundred different things to do and to remember. A thin digital camera will fit in her purse and let her take snaps of the different items she wants to remember so she can compare them all together later rather than trying to remember a certain shade or pattern
  • Comedy Gifts - A gift of comedy can be a funny book, a funny movie, or tickets to a comedy club - planning a wedding is stressful as all get out so giving them something to make them laugh is a great gift
  • A Day at the Spa - Go in with the other girls and pick up a spa gift certificate that lets her get a manicure, pedicure, hair done and even a massage - talk about shedding the stress and pampering her
  • Travel and Guide Books - Do you know where they are planning to have their honeymoon? Do they have more than one place they are talking about? Give her some guide and travel books to the different destinations so they can check out the different options and make their planning easier

How can we break the ice at the wedding shower?

Purse Ice Breaker

Put a scale in the middle of the floor and have everyone weigh their purses----whoever has the heaviest/lightest can win a small prize. Commenting over everyone's weights will get the group talking.

Where does the idea of a bridal shower come from?

Customs & Bridal Showers

Do you know the tradition and customs behind bachelor parties and bridal showers? For those who like to know, here is a little history lesson.

The bachelor party dates back to the times in Ancient Sparta. Sparta was a city-state in Ancient Greece. At the time the bachelor party was considered the future groom's last chance to gather money for his future by gambling. After the marriage took place, his wife would take over the finances. Since she ran the home, she also controlled the purse strings.

Bridal showers actually got their start not from celebrating the woman's betrothal, but because a woman's father disapproved of the daughter's choice in husbands. If a father did not give his blessing to the marriage, he did not have to provide a dowry for his daughter's future marriage. Bridal showers took the place of the dowry in order to provide the bride with household items and supplies to seed her future marriage home with. Our modern concept of the bridal shower did not begin until after the late 1890's.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Quiz the Bride

Before the shower, have the maid of honor or another bridesmaid interview the groom with a series of questions (What's his favorite TV show, favorite color . . . and 'Newlywed Game' questions such as "What does he do that annoys you the most?", "If he were an animal, what would he be?"). At the shower, the bride has to try and match his answers.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Just How Well Do You Know Them?

Have the maid of honor or another bridesmaid prepare a list of questions, either about the bride or the bride and groom. Examples like, "Where did she work during college?", "How did they meet?" and "What's her favorite TV show?" make for interesting conversation. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins the prize.

Do you have to make a cake for the bridal shower?

Holiday Bridal Shower Cakes

Do you have to make a cake for the bridal shower? Some bridal showers incorporate holiday themes, particularly standard holidays, that may fall close to the wedding date or the bridal shower date. For example, a couple marrying at Christmas may have a Christmas tree cake at the bridal shower. Here are a few ideas for choosing your bridal shower cake:

  • A table of mini-wedding cakes is a cute idea, especially if you are going for the all out wedding themed bridal shower. The mini wedding cakes can be single serving, so be sure to order enough for the entire party.
  • Holiday themed bridal shower cakes are a real kick especially when you incorporate ideas from major holidays like Halloween, Christmas, Easter and more.
  • Themed bridal shower cakes may embrace a theme from the bridal shower itself, much like a kid's birthday cake does – for example, if the bride is a sport's enthusiast and the honeymoon is going to be spent scuba diving, skiing or doing some other great activity, theme the bridal shower and the cakes around that idea.
  • Picture themed cakes are a neat way to go, especially in honoring the bride parties; silk screening allows you to take several photographs of the bride at various points in her life and creating a scatter picture as the cake decoration – this is a real heart string tugger, especially when you have photos of the bride as a baby, child, teenager and young adult.

How can we make a traditional idea more fun for the modern bride?

Freshen Up Old Ideas

Freshen up your bridal shower ideas by searching on terms like party planning, wedding celebrations, marriage showers, wedding showers, hen party, bachelorette party and even bachelor party. Why search on bachelor party when you are looking for bridal shower ideas? Ideas do not have to be limited by gender. In fact, in some areas, a hen party might take themselves out for a golf social, which involves traveling from pub to pub and doing a shot in each one. That's not what you might typically think of as a party for women, but why not?

Bridal shower ideas can be found everywhere. The only limitations are the ones you create yourself. So don't limit your bridal shower ideas and scan ideas for all kinds of parties – a bridal shower that embraces alternate ideas is not only fun, but also very memorable.

How can we break the ice at the wedding shower?

Who Am I? Ice Breaker

As everyone comes into the shower, tape a piece of paper to their backs with the name of a famous person written on it---athletes, politicians, singers and actors are all great choices. Each person has to try to figure out who she is by asking questions of the other guests, but only questions that can be answered 'yes' or 'no.' Your guests will mingle as they ask each other questions, and the first person to figure out who she/he is wins a prize.

How can we use the wedding shower to get to know the families?

Wedding Showers Unite Two Families

Want a wedding shower that incorporates both families' traditions and cultures into the mix? Plan a wedding shower that unites the two families in tradition.

The invitations should request that each person prepare a dish - something personal that they make whether it's a family recipe, an appetizer or a dessert. They should write down the recipe for the dish they prepare and put that in their card. Wedding showers can then be a banquet of potluck dishes and the bride to be is presented with a catalog of recipes for the future.

This can be a really great treat for a bride who doesn't have a lot of family recipes, or a great way to pass on new traditions from one generation to the next. The recipes can be printed up beforehand and bound in a beautiful book format with a table of contents. The coordinator might go the extra mile for the wedding shower and include a mini-biography of each person who provided a recipe.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Wedding Night Quips

Have the maid of honor or another bridesmaid write down the bride's comments as she's opening her gifts. At the end, read them back to her, prefacing them with 'This is what (Bride's name) will say on her wedding night.' It can get pretty funny, especially if you don't tell her ahead of time what you're planning (otherwise she might be too careful about what she says!).

When do you mail out invitations to a wedding shower?

Invitation Know-How

When mailing shower invitations, it's important to take into consideration where the guests live. If all of the guests live in/near the town where the shower will be held, then 4-6 weeks' notice is plenty. If some of the guests will be coming from a distance and will need to make travel plans, then send out the invites at least two months before the shower date.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Searching for Those Pins

Dump a bag of rice into a large mixing bowl and mix in at least four dozen small safety pins. Each person is blindfolded and has to find as many pins as she can in 30 seconds. It's harder than it sounds!

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Guessing Game

Find a large bottle, jar or other clear container and fill it with buttons, candy, or other small objects (be sure to count whatever you put in!). Pass it around and have everyone guess how many objects there are---the closest guess wins!

Can the bridegroom attend the bridal shower?

Going Beyond the Traditional

Joint bridal showers are a new idea for couples getting married. Whether the couple is on their first or second marriage, the idea of joint bridal showers are to celebrate both getting married. Some couples elect to skip the bachelor and bachelorette parties and roll them together into a joint bridal shower.
Joint bridal showers can blend traditional ideas with modern execution. The joint bridal shower is keyed towards encouraging the couple in joint activities and joint celebration. Shower gifts might include:

  • Couples Massage
  • Dinner for two at a romantic restaurant
  • Airplane tickets to their honeymoon destination
  • Multiple Movie Passes for the Movie Buffs
  • Ski lift tickets
  • His and her bicycles

What do you do for a bride who is getting married for the second time?

Second Marriage Bridal Shower

Is the bride getting married for the second time? Are you looking for some ideas about how to make her second bridal shower unique from the first one?

Focus the shower's efforts totally on the bride. Consider the bridal shower as a celebration of the woman. If she enjoys doing artwork, give her gifts of art supplies like canvas, paints and art pencils. If she is an avid reader, pick out a book from each guest that they think she might need. If she enjoys fitness, give her gifts like items for a home gym, gift certificates to working with a personal trainer or fitness clothes.

You might also make a calendar of 'pithy' or joking advice for each day of the first year of the marriage. You might make up a tip jar with all your suggestions for how to promote fun and health in her life and her married life. Bridal showers are a way to say we love and support you; this is a way to let her splurge on herself while she concentrates her energy and funds on the wedding she is planning.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

The Name Game

Photocopy the bride's full name and the groom's name on a sheet of paper. Pass the sheets out to the guests and have them come up with as many words as they can make out of the names in 10 minutes. The guest with the most anagrams wins.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

The Purse Game

Make a list of things that might be found in someone's purse. They can range from gum to red lipstick to toothbrush to sewing kit. Call out the items and have everyone keep track of what they have---harder-to-find items can have higher point values than common items like wallets and mirrors. You can also make it more like a race with one person calling out the items and everyone else racing to see if they have it in their purse. The first person to come up with it gets a point.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Pass the Presents

Purchase a variety of small presents, ranging from gag gifts or things found at the dollar store to nicer things such as bath oils, inexpensive earrings, etc. You'll want several less gifts than you have guests (i.e. if there are 15 players, have 11 or 12 gifts). Wrap all of the presents in different boxes and have everyone sit in a circle on the floor with the gifts in the center. Set a timer for 10 minutes or so (maybe 15-20 minutes if you have more than 15 people). The bride starts by rolling a pair of dice; if she gets doubles, she takes a gift. Then pass the dice around the circle. Anyone who rolls doubles may take a present. When all the gifts are gone the guests can start take gifts from other guests instead of from the center of the circle. They can also trade freely. Keep passing the dice around until the timer goes off. Whoever has gifts at the end can keep them. Only then does everyone get to unwrap the presents.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Now *That's* A Nice Outfit!

This is sort of a 'let's pretend' game: everyone pretends that it is the wedding night, and wherever the couple is staying loses its power and the bride must dress for the wedding night in darkness. Blindfold the bride and hand her a suitcase filled with lots of bizarre items: an apron, sunglasses, a knit hat, a huge bra---you get the picture! The bride has to put everything on over her clothes. The guests will have fun watching her be goofy and she'll laugh at herself when she sees how she looks (be sure to take a picture!).

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Shower Scavenger Hunt

Divide the guests into groups of three or four. Provide each group with a piece of poster board, glue, scissors and lots of old magazines and newspapers. Give everyone a list of certain words and pictures that they have to find and glue to the board. First team to find everything wins! Some things to find are the bride's name; the groom's name; wedding-related items like a wedding cake, bridal gown, etc. . . . you can get a little crazier with things like 'penis', 'ad for sex toys,' depending on the crowd.

What creative things can we do at the shower?

Journal of Wisdom

Purchase a blank journal and pass it around at the shower, having everyone write their names and thoughts on what makes a good marriage. The bride will have a lovely remembrance of her shower as well as words of wisdom for her new life.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Clothespin Tag Game

Buy a bag of brightly colored clothes pins. At the beginning of the shower, clip 3 or 4 of them to each guest and give each a list of 3 things they can't do (no yawning, no using the word "wedding", no crossing your legs, etc.). Each time a guest is caught doing one of the no-no's, whoever catches them grabs a pin. (only 1 pin can be take for each transgression). The guest with the most pins at the end of the day wins a prize.

How can we break the ice at the wedding shower?

Weepy Welcome

At my shower we went around the group of guests and each lady talked about the first time she met the bride/how she met the bride. There were a lot of great memories shared and it helped everyone to learn who the other guests were. A couple of guests did get pretty teary-eyed, so be prepared with lots of tissues!

Who do you invite to a wedding shower?

One-Time Guests

If you're in charge of hosting a wedding shower and the bride is having more than one shower, check with the hosts of the other showers to make sure guests aren't invited to more than one.

Who do you invite to a wedding shower?

Who Do You Invite?

For a wedding shower, whether it's for the bride or the couple together, you generally invite close friends and family. Ask the bride (and groom, if necessary) who they would like to have at their shower to get ideas and addresses, and keep in mind that whoever is at the shower also must be invited to the wedding.

What kind of shower should we have?

No Shower? No Problem!

Some brides would rather not have your typical bridal shower where you play games and open presents and eat finger sandwiches. For alternatives, do something as a group, such as take a cooking class, go to a paint-your-own-pottery store, or visit a museum or the local zoo. Tailor the shower to what the bride likes to do and is interested in.

What kind of creative shower can I throw?

Creative Girly Ideas

Have a fun girly theme for your bridal shower: dress up and throw a cocktail party, get frilly with an afternoon tea party, or other 'feminine' theme.

What should I know about hiring a caterer?

In the Case of Catering

If you decide to hire a caterer for the shower, keep these tips in mind:

1: Meet with at least three caterers, get referrals and check them to see how previous clients liked their food.
2: If your state provides it, hire someone certified as a caterer.
3: Get everything in writing: what they provide in the way of food, utensils, cleanup and setup; what cancellation terms are; what the deposit is and how much your balance is, etc.
4: Who from the catering service will be in charge of your event? How many servers, bartenders, etc. will they provide?

What kind of shower should we have?

Artsy Shower

If you're looking for an especially creative idea for a bridal shower, try checking around your area for a 'paint your own pottery' store. Often these businesses will host showers after-hours, sometimes providing beverages and snacks. Everyone can paint something for themselves, or paint mugs, plates, bowls, etc. to give to the bride.

How can we break the ice at the wedding shower?

Toilet Paper Icebreaker

A good get-to-know-everyone kind of game: pass around a roll of toilet paper, having everyone tear off as many squares as they like (don't tell anyone that it's for a game and it will be even funnier). For every square a person has torn off, they have to tell everyone one thing about themselves.

How do you throw a wedding shower?

Shower Basics - Bridal Shower Ideas

Here are some great bridal shower ideas. It should be held four-five weeks before the wedding the shower should be thrown by the maid of honor, a bridesmaid, or relative---brides don't organize their own showers ask the bride who she wants to invite send out invitations at least four weeks before the date give a starting and ending time for the shower so it doesn't drag on.

What creative things can we do at the shower?

Recipe for a Good Marriage - Wedding Event Planning

When you send out invitations for the bridal shower, include a recipe card and ask each guest to write out her favorite recipe. Everyone brings them to the shower, where they'll fill up a recipe box and give the new couple a nice gift to start out their marriage. This is a great way to help with your wedding event planning.

What creative ideas can we use for the bridal shower?

Bow Bouquet

When the bride unwraps her gifts at the shower, make sure that someone collects the bows and ribbons and attaches them to a paper plate or circle of cardboard for her to use as her bouquet for the rehearsal. If there are a lot of bows, you can even make more for the bridesmaids.

What kind of shower should we have?

Showers for Both Sexes

If you're planning a shower for the couple, be sure to make it 'men-friendly.' Any games should be fun for both the guys and girls. Girls love oooohing and aaahing over gifts, but if the guys get bored have something else for them to do, whether it's tossing a football, playing cards or watching television.

What games can we play at the bridal shower?

Toilet Paper Gown Game

It's time to head to Sam's Club and buy in bulk. You'll need 3 rolls of white and 1 roll of colored for each gown. Split the party into teams of 2, 3, 4 or 5 depending on how many guests you have in attendance. A larger team of "designers" brings the biggest laughs but you should have at least 3 "brides." Set a time limit (15 minutes works well) and explain that teams should take 10 minutes to hang the dress and 5 to place the finishing touches. Let each team choose a prospective bride and start the clock.

How do I plan a wedding shower?

Everyone Contributes

The host (or hosts) of the shower should get together early on with the group of people who will be assisting with the shower planning. Usually several close friends and relatives will offer to help; take the time to decide what exactly each person can contribute, either monetarily or through or through volunteering time and services. Some people may want to chip in with cash, while others might offer to make food, send the invitations, create favors or centerpieces, etc.

What kind of creative shower can I throw?

Shower Themes

Don't throw just an ordinary shower! Pick a fun theme and apply it to the food, the decorations, and even the gifts. Some good ideas include Kitchen Klatch (give gifts for the kitchen), Gardening Galore (for couples who like to garden), Bathroom Bash (give bath products as game prizes), and Stock the Bar (give the couple gifts such as liquor, shot glasses, etc.).

How can we break the ice at the wedding shower?

Party Babies Game

Ask the bride and her attendants to bring a picture of themselves that shows them before the age of 3. Have the guests try to guess which is the bride and which is each attendant. The guest who guesses the most correctly is the winner.

What is a good shower theme?

Shower Power

Themes for a shower can be very tricky...... Make sure what every theme you pick doesnt limit the gift selection too much! Such as a kitchen shower for a 2 marriage or a victoria secret shower for a 1st time bride who just bought a house....

What kind of bridal favor gifts would be good for an outdoor wedding?

Fun Bridal Shower Favors

Are you having a summer wedding? It's going to be perfect! It'll be a balmy day with just a thin layer of cloud, enough to temper the burning effects of the sun. There'll be enough of a breeze to keep you comfortable and the birds will be singing in the trees. Of course you don't want to ignore the possibility of rain, or worse…bugs. For the perfect bridal shower favors, why not get the lovely ladies each a bottle of personalized bug spray? Just order a DIY bridal favor making kit and get to work on those bottles of bug-spray. Cover up the original label with pretty colored paper, add accents like sparkles or beads, and give the “new” bug spray a catchy name like “Bridesmaid Bug Spray” or “Don't Bug The Bridesmaids.”

Want to take this little gag to a whole new level? Sure, you can stop at the personalized bug spray idea, or you can turn it into an outdoor wedding theme. Create some homemade bridal shower favors by attaching a bug net to your bridesmaid's hats or bonnets. Instead of flowers, have the bridesmaids carry a “bouquet” of fly swatters. Keeping on the whole “bug” theme, you could also give personalized candles as bridal shower favors…citronella candles that is!

Bridal shower favors don't have to be traditional or boring. Just take a theme and run with it!

What kinds of sports or fitness related bridal shower gifts can I give?

Sporty Bridal Shower Favors

If you and your partner are sporty types, think about giving your bridesmaids bridal shower favors to reflect that. It would be good-manners to give elegant and expensive bridal shower favors, but who said you sporty-types had to be mannerly? If you need help coming up with ideas for sport-themed bridal shower favors, consider some of these options:

1) Odor absorbing shoe inserts. Take them out of the package and get creative with them. Maybe you could roll them into thin pencil-like tubes and tie them together with white ribbon! Keep in mind that this won't work for everyone. If your bridesmaids have a crazy sense of humor, they can probably handle this one.

2) Put a scoop of protein powder into tiny, pretty containers and give one to each bridesmaid. With the big day looming on the horizon, they'll probably need the energy boost…and so will you.

3) Give each bridesmaid a personalized bottle of multi-vitamins. How? If you can't find a company that sells personalized bottles, you could always create a neat label of your own, on your own computer.

4) Consider giving out one-day passes to the gym of your choice as bridal shower favors.

5) Give a small, white, personalized hand towel as bridal shower favors.

6) Shooter glasses. Recommended shooter? Energy drinks of course.

7) A pedometer makes a great bridal shower favor. From one sporty friend to another.

These are just a few ideas for sport-theme bridal shower favors, but anything that falls under the category of fitness-related, or sports related, is fair game.

Is it okay to give candy as bridal shower favors?

Sweet Bridal Shower Favors

There's nothing that says you absolutely have to give bridal shower favors, but it's a nice way to thank your friends who've been there for you. If your bridesmaids have a sweet tooth, consider giving candy-coated bridal shower favors. Forget the expense of buying individually boxed and personalized mints (you'll pay a lot of money to get three mints in a box!). Here are some ideas for cheap bridal shower favors that'll help keep your bridesmaids' blood sugar at an all-time high:

1) Be generous with jelly beans! Fill a clear plastic candy bag with jelly beans and insert the package into a white mesh lingerie bag. Stick a pretty white bow on it. Now your bridesmaids will have something sweet to nibble on while they wait for their delicates to finish in the rinse cycle.

2) Gigantic lollipop bouquet. Take three gigantic lollipops and cut the “stems” to different lengths. Fit them into a tall, slim vase, and present them as bridal shower favors to your bridesmaids.

3 ) Marshmallow pillows. Buy your bridesmaids each a high quality pillow case (stitch their initials into the pillow case yourself, or splurge on having them personalized). Fill the pillowcase with oodles of large marshmallows (it's going to take a lot of them!), but first protect the pillowcase by placing the sugary treats into clear candy bags. Tie up the end of the pillowcase with white ribbon.

These are just a few ideas, but there are so many candy choices out there that it shouldn't be too hard to come up with ideas for sweet bridal shower favors. Use practical items as candy containers and jazz up the gift with sparkles, ribbons, etc.

Is there a bridal shower game I can play that also incorporates bridal shower favors?

The Bridal Shower Party Favor Game

Bridal shower favors don't have to be overly expensive; in fact, the whole concept should be fun and light-hearted. What you want to do is bring everyone together to share a few laughs, enjoy each other's company, and take something away from the experience that they'll cherish forever. So instead of stressing over the perfect bridal shower favors, why not turn the whole thing into a game. This game works best if one of the bridesmaids, or the maid of honor, coordinates it. It's really simple, fun, and everyone will take away a good experience from it. Here's how it works:

1) Ask each bridesmaid, and the bride-to-be (as long as the party isn't a surprise!) to each bring a wrapped gift.

2) Set a price limit.

3) It's up to you if you want to have the gifts theme-based. Is the party theme-based? If so, try to keep the gifts within that particular theme.

4) At the party, someone needs to be at the door to greet guests. For all the guests who have a gift, their name goes into a hat.

5) Put all the gifts on a table in one spot.

6) At some point in the evening, after a light meal and a few drinks, begin the game by pulling a name out of the hat. That person gets to choose from any of the gifts in the pile. They have to open the gift in front of everyone before sitting down.

7) The next name is drawn from the hat and that person gets up and chooses a gift. She, too, must open the gift in front of everyone. At this point, she can trade gifts with the person who went before her.

You can only trade your gift once! By the end of the evening everyone who brought a gift should be going home with a gift. This way, everyone goes home with inexpensive bridal shower favors and memories of a fun evening.

What kind of bridal shower gifts can I give at a 50's theme bridal party?

Bridal Shower Favors With A 50's Theme

Want to have a good laugh with your bridesmaids? Dig out some old catalogues or books that describe how women in the 50s lived and turn the bridal shower favors into something 50s related. For gifts you could give out hair rollers, an apron and a rolling pin, a tube of red hot lipstick, or a vintage cookbook.

Are you the maid of honor looking for something funny to give the bride-to-be? If you want to keep with the 50s theme, create a comparison chart for her of brides in the 50s and brides now. It might look something like this:


-Got up early every morning to cook a full breakfast for her husband before he left for work.

-Not only got up early, but did her hair and makeup before setting foot in the kitchen.

-Cooked and cleaned (happily) all day long.

-Planned and organized meals around the family budget.

-Always put her husband's needs first.


-Throw Pop Tarts at the back of their husband's heads as they leave for work.

-Work for a living.

-Insist on their husband's sharing the housework load.

-Eat take out on a regular basis.

-Put her husband's needs first only so can throw it back in his face when the time is just right.

These kind of unique bridal shower favors will be remembered for a long time. A 1950's inspired bridal shower theme should bring a few laughs no matter what you choose as bridal shower favors.

Can you give me a good idea for inexpensive bridal shower favors?

Personalized Guidebooks As Bridal Shower Favors

Have you ever talked to a tourist or visitor to your area who goes on and on about the great places they've seen, places you've never even heard about? Oftentimes we don't know what's available to us in our backyards so wouldn't it be great to create a “Things To Do On Saturdays” guidebook to give out as bridal shower favors? Do it up nice and make it look like a menu at a fancy restaurant, or like a page right out of a tourism guidebook. Make sure to add a note that you'd be happy to accompany the bridesmaid as her “date” unless, of course, she can get one of her own.

If you're not sure how to get started with this unique bridal shower favor, start by actually consulting a local guidebook. Nothing says you have to make every list exactly the same. It's probably best if you turn these into personalized bridal shower favors keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of your bridesmaids. For example, if one of your bridesmaids claims to get a rash whenever she listens to country music, it's probably not worth pointing out any concerts coming to the area.

Visit the local tourism office for a guidebook on your town or city and pick out between six and ten neat things to do that your girlfriends didn't already know about, or think about recently. For the active friend, you could make note of nature trails, parks, etc. For the shopaholic friend, point out some of the top stores or malls in the area. Self-made guidebooks make great inexpensive bridal shower favors!

What kind of off-the-wall gift can I give the bride-to-be that doesn't cost a lot of money?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

The maid of honor has a big job. Not only does she have to coordinate and oversee a lot of the wedding party plans, she also has to keep the bride-to-be calm and collected. The maid of honor is the person who has to constantly reassure the bride-to-be that everything is going to be just fine, even if it isn't. If you're a Type A personality who wants to out-do everyone else, think long-term. Think about keeping the bride-to-be happy long after she becomes the actual bride by making a homemade bridal shower favor just for her. How? By giving her a pimped up mirror (paint it pink and stick feathers all over it) and an accompanying cassette tape with phrases like:

You are the most beautiful woman in the world.

You never seem to age.

Your husband couldn't have found a more beautiful woman.

You don't even need any makeup.

Someone should give you a diamond tiara.

No, those pants do not make you look fat.

If you see any wrinkles in this mirror, it's the mirror that isn't working properly.

You know the bride-to-be better than anyone else, so add the kinds of phrases that are going to make her feel like a young bride for years and years to come. To take it a step further, have her mother add phrases like, “You look exactly like I did at your age.” As the years go by, the bride can simply gaze into the mirror while listening to those affirmative phrases and presto! she'll feel good as new. Go easy on the tape-recorded comments though! Otherwise, the bride may never speak to you again.

Is it okay to give collectible stamps as bridal shower favors?

Put A Stamp On It

Here's something you probably never thought of…giving commemorative or collectible stamps as unique bridal shower favors. Whether your bridesmaid plans on using the stamps, or starting a stamp collection, there's no question that this gift idea is not something you'll see at every bridal shower. The neat thing about stamps is that you can get everything from sports related stamps, stamps with comic book themes, pop culture themes, political, nature-based and everything in between. This makes it easy to personalize the bridal shower favor to match the personality and interests of the bridesmaid or maid of honor.

These days, you can even personalize stamps with your own photograph. If you think your bridesmaids might appreciate seeing their glowing faces on a stamp, you might want to consider going that route. The trick here will be getting the photographs without your friends knowing what it's for.

Is one of your bridesmaids a Disney freak? For less than ten dollars you can buy her a pane of 20 stamps depicting Disney characters. Some of the vintage Disney stuff makes great collectibles! Other collectible stamp themes include art, nature, history, movies, and cars.

Giving the gift of stamps involves a bit of a setup. You can't just hand over panes of stamps to your friends and expect them to be thrilled out of their minds. What you need to do is work up to it. Give a little speech at the bridal party about how you'd like to see the art of letter-writing come back into vogue. Sure you can email and text message, but there's something much more intimate about writing a letter to your best friend. If you want something different, there's no question that stamps make the ultimate unique bridal shower favors.

Can you help me come up with a unique bridal shower favor idea?

Bridal Shower Favors That Keep The Bridesmaids Smooth And Supple

Have you been stretching your imagination trying to come up with really unique bridal shower favors? If you have more than three bridesmaids, this idea might be too expensive (depending on what your budget is), but if you want something really practical and non-traditional, consider giving your bridesmaids each a fancy lady shaver. No, no…not the disposable kind! Watch for sales or splurge on a full-priced model. You might even be able to take it somewhere to be personalized with your wedding date on it. Sound too weird? It really isn't. Think about it this way, electric lady razors make unique bridal shower favors that are different but practical. Sure you could spend $1.50 on a tiny box of mint (note the singular here) that your bridesmaids will either eat or stick in a drawer somewhere until the candy becomes too gummy to consume. What kind of bridal shower favor is that?

Of course, this idea could get a little expensive, but maybe it's something you want to consider giving the maid of honor, while giving the bridesmaids each something a little less expensive. Keeping with the “personal products” theme, you might want to give the bridesmaids each a box of hair care products. Add a humorous card to the gift, or come up with your own witty sayings to add to the gift.


Customs & Bridal Showers

Bridal showers and bachelor parties are considered a matter of course in the modern day; but they are both steeped in ancient traditions. While these are trivial facts, they are also fun ones that you can incorporate into your party planning whether you are in charge of the bridal shower or the bachelor party.

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