Time Out Boxes As Bridal Shower Favors

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Can I make my own mini kits or boxes as bridal shower favors?

Time Out Boxes As Bridal Shower Favors

So ya wanna make your own bridal shower favors do ya? The good news is that it's easy to do. The bad news is that you have to come up with nifty ideas that are going to wow, inspire, or give your bridesmaids a chuckle. Worry not! The following are a few ideas to get the creative juices flowing. You can use these ideas, add to them, or create new ones.

These unique bridal shower favors are called Time-Out Boxes, for when your friends need to give themselves a “time out”. Whether they need to call a time out because they've been naughty, or just because they need a break is their decision to make. Make each bridesmaid the same Time Out Box, or create a different one to match each bridesmaid's personality:

Note: Cover a shoe-box with cloth and ribbon, or buy pre-made fancy gift boxes for these.

1) Spa Therapy Time-Out Box: Add a few sticks of incense, maybe a nice hand or foot massaging lotion, a candle, and a relaxing CD.

2) Instant De-stressor Time-Out Box: Chocolate, a hand-written “permission slip” to relax and let go, a couple of bubble bath beads, and a mini bottle of liquor.

3) Brain Exercise Time-Out Box: Crossword puzzles, sudoko puzzles, a sharp pencil, a rubix cube, a library card application, and a few hand-written quotes thrown in for good measure. You can find quotes online.

4) Perky Pick-Me-Up Time Out Box: Tea bags, citrus scented candles, an energy bar, a handwritten note with instructions on pick-me-up stretches that can be done quickly and anywhere.

Hopefully these ideas will spark your imagination! If you think your friends can handle it, feel free to turn these Time Out Boxes into something a little naughty. It's easy to make your own bridal shower favors and with a little imagination you can come up with all kinds of wild and crazy kits.



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