Bridal Shower Favors That Tell The Future

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Can you give me a neat, fun, and unique idea for bridal shower favors?

Bridal Shower Favors That Tell The Future

While you prepare for your wedding day, it's possible your friends (if they're still single) are asking themselves some pretty serious life questions. Will I ever find the “one”? Will I ever get married? Will my mother ever stop nagging about the clothes I wear? Being the good friend that you are, you're probably thinking it would be pretty awesome if you could provide all the answers for your friends. The good news is you can! Well, sort of. Most people have heard of the Magic 8-Ball, but if you haven't it's a nifty toy with magical powers. No, really. Ask it anything you want and it'll give you an answer. Help all of your bridesmaids map out their futures by giving them each one of these bridal shower party favors. The Magic 8-Ball is portable and can be used anywhere, and for anything. For example, your bridesmaid might ask the ball, “Will I ever be rich and famous?” and the Magic 8-Ball will have an answer for her.

Okay, I know you've got this figured out and, unless your bridesmaids were raised in a cave with bears, they won't be overly mystified by these unique bridal shower favors. You can't say they're not interesting though! At the bridal shower party, have a little fun and take turns asking the Magic 8-Ball some of your deepest, most secret questions! Warm up your abs because you're going to do some laughing.

Don't be thrown off guard with these mysterious bridal shower party favors, expect it to give you one of these common replies:

  • Better not tell you now
  • Cannot predict now
  • Concentrate and ask again
  • Don't count on it
  • It is certain
  • It is decidedly so
  • Most likely
  • My reply is no
  • My sources say no
  • Outlook good
  • Outlook not so good
  • Reply hazy, try again
  • Signs point to yes
  • Very doubtful
  • Without a doubt
  • Yes
  • Yes - definitely
Before you give out the gift, tell your bridesmaids and maid-of-honor that you got them something to guide them through the rest of their lives. Now, look into the ball and ask your question.



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