Making A Scrapbook As A Bridal Shower Favor

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What are two similar but different ideas to give my maid of honor and bridesmaids as bridal shower favors?

Making A Scrapbook As A Bridal Shower Favor

It's okay to give your maid of honor a unique bridal shower favor that shows your appreciation for the time and energy she's committed to helping you on, and before, your wedding day. One really good idea is to put together a scrapbook for your maid of honor. There's no need to feel intimidated because you can buy kits to help you get started, or you can just do a simple scrapbook using photos of the wedding preparations, the bridal shower party, etc. Add a few comments here and there so that in years to come, your maid of honor will be able to remember (hopefully with a smile) some of the mishaps and adventures that happened during the wedding planning and preparation. When you've got this planned ahead of time, you can watch for perfect (and funny) photo opportunities to include in this unique bridal shower favor.

Keeping the scrapbook theme in mind, you could create some inexpensive bridal shower favors for your bridesmaids that aren't as time-consuming, but equally nice. With excellent quality colored paper, maybe a colored printer, some soft ribbon or colored string, you could make a nice bookmarker for each of the bridesmaids. To get ideas for funny quotes, just do an Internet search, or find some novelty t-shirts with funny slogans and sayings. Don't think a bookmark is enough of a bridal shower favor? You could always buy a book with it and tuck the bookmark inside! You might also want to make a three or four page scrapbook for the maid of honor (don't forget the funny photos!), and just a one-pager for each of the bridesmaids. Then again, you might just go crazy and make a scrapbook for everyone!



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