Engraved Bridal Shower Favors

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Can you give me some good ideas for engraved or personalized bridal shower favors?

Engraved Bridal Shower Favors

These days, you can get just about anything engraved or personalized by why would you want to stick with the same old tried and true traditional bridal shower favors when you can have really neat things engraved? Okay, maybe a lock for your gym locker doesn't exactly fall under the “neat” category, but it's definitely practical and every time your bridesmaids get their sweaty gym sneakers our of their lockers, they'll think of you!

Bridal shower favors don't have to be expensive gold-plated candle holders or engraved pewter jewellery. The average everyday person wants something useful that serves two purposes: It has to have some meaning and practical value. Bonus points if it makes them laugh! Alright, that begs the question…what kind of engraved or personalized bridal shower favors should I get? Below is a partial answer to that question. Keep in mind that “practical use” can be very loosely defined:

1) Engraved or personalized wind chimes;

2) Belt with engraved buckle;

3) Personalized toilet paper rolls;

4) Personalized wallet;

5) A set of engraved coasters;

6) Personalized board games;

7) Personalized photo Rubik's Cube;

Maybe you know someone who had the neatest bridal shower favors that you want to copy their idea. Maybe you'd like to come up with your own bridal shower favor ideas. Through a combination of suggestions from friends and online searching, you should have no trouble coming up with some unique bridal shower favors for your bridesmaids.



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