Centerpieces on a budget

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What are some inexpensive centerpiece ideas?

Centerpieces on a budget

A wedding centerpiece makes the table. It costs a pretty penny to include an elaborate floral display for each table however, especially if you're having a large wedding. How can you get around the cost and still have a stunning display?

Instead of visiting the florist, try this: visit your local garden or home center and purchase several flats of annuals or perennials in colors matching that of your wedding party. Purchase enough small plastic or terra cotta pots for each plant. Spray paint the pots in gold or silver, or wrap in elegant, metallic foil. Each pot gets a plant or two. This can also be done with tree seedlings.

Group potted blooms together at each table to make a wedding centerpiece. You may need to play around to find a suitable design. If you purchase enough so that each couple can take one home, you'll have favors as well!



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