Zen Wedding Accessories

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What should I include or eliminate for a Zen wedding celebration?

Zen Wedding Accessories

A Zen wedding is a wedding that offers the opportunity for an unpretentious and authentic exploration of self, love, and life. There's no book of rules for a Zen wedding, because it's more of a concept than an institution. If you're interested in having your family and friends come together to celebrate your wedding day authentically, free of diversions that take away from the meaning of the day, consider adding or eliminating the following wedding accessories:

1) Eliminate walls and boundaries. If it's possible, have your wedding outside where you can connect with the earth and the sky.

2) Opt for no music, or live music only. For a Zen wedding, you want music that's restorative (think Yoga music), if you need music at all. If your wedding is going to be outside, ask your guests to focus on the sounds of nature and to breathe deeply and calmly as you say your vows.

3) In a lot of traditional weddings, there's a lot of emphasis on bridal accessories and wedding accessories. Simplify your life and everyone else's by eliminating as many distractions as possible. The day should be about you and your partner making a commitment together, not about the wedding accessories.

4) Depending on where you're going to get married (i.e., outside), the weather conditions and the landscape, you might want to have a picnic style wedding where the guests dress in very comfortable loose clothing and sit on the ground (on mats). Just keep in mind that some guests may have physical limitations. You want your wedding your way, but you don't want your guests to suffer either. Wedding accessories and bridal accessories are beautiful and fun to pick and choose. However, if you envision a simplified wedding day, less is definitely more



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