Cooking Up A Groomsman Gift

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Is it okay to cook something special and give it as a groomsman gift?

Cooking Up A Groomsman Gift

If you love to cook or bake, why not whip up a batch of something extra special for your groomsmen? Creative groomsmen gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and tastes. Maybe you make the best chocolate chip muffins this side of Texas, or maybe you've got a knack for making a perfectly hot and spicy salsa. If your groomsmen appreciate a good sense of humor, make sure to personalize your own jazzy labels. For a nice touch add a note or a card to the batch of whatever it is you've made. Need help coming up with an “appropriate” message to go with the groomsman gifts? Try one of these:

  • Caution: Do not open jar near flammable material.
  • If you think the bride is hot, wait ‘till you try this stuff.
  • Thank you so much for being here, but you're a slob, so please don't eat these in public.
  • I suppose you wanted something gold?
  • You're a great friend for being here and an even greater friend if you can eat this stuff in front of everyone without making a face.

There's no need to spend more money than you can afford on groomsman gifts. Once you've cooked up something special from your kitchen, tell your groomsmen you put a piece of your heart in it. On second thought, don't say that. They might not eat it.



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