Gifts For Groomsmen Magnified

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What kind of gift can I give the groomsmen to help them reflect on their lives?

Gifts For Groomsmen Magnified

Weddings are a great time to do some soul-searching, especially if you're not the one getting married. Sure your groomsmen might appear intoxicated and care-free, but deep down (way deep down) they're wondering what their lives are all about. A little voice is whispering to them, “Will I ever find my soul-mate?”

When considering appropriate gifts for groomsmen, think about giving them something they can use as a tool for examining their lives, like a magnifying glass! Write up a set of specific instructions (dos and don'ts) for the magnifying glass and hand them out to the groomsmen at just the right time. These make great groomsmen wedding gifts! Here's an idea of the types of instructions, dos and don'ts you might want to write to accompany gift:


  • Use to closely examine your aging body. Reflect on what might have been.
  • Use to help you read the fine print on your insurance policies
  • Use to identify newly sprouted grey hairs on your body


  • Use on women. Never. For any reason.
  • Use this to reflect light into people's eyes.
  • Give the magnifying glass and call it your new best friend. That's just weird.

Okay, these are just a few ideas. A magnifying glass can be a really symbolic tool for your groomsmen to guide their lives, or they may decide to harness the power of the sun to burn holes in the wall. The important thing is that these gifts for groomsmen will keep their hands busy and off of the other guests.



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