Planning a Green Wedding

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I went to a bridal shower and one of the guests talked about a plant that had the word “love” printed upon it, have you ever heard of it? I am planning a “green” wedding and I would love to find out where to get these for my wedding attendant gifts.

Planning a Green Wedding

As you are planning your ecologically friendly wedding, it is often a challenge to uphold your beliefs and still plan the wedding of your dreams. However, recently a new wedding party favor idea was introduced that is absolutely the most darling idea for any bride looking for unique accents in her wedding, even if she isn't going “green”. This most delightful wedding party favor is not only fun for adults but for children that are involved in your wedding. This unique wedding attendant gift is a wonderful way to send your love for the environments, your newlywed spouse and your family and friends home in one tiny little package.

Now this gift for your wedding attendant may be small but it sure packs a powerful surprise. In one of the most unique wedding attendant gifts and wedding party gifts available for the “green” wedding theme, a tiny hand painted flower pot is a small package that is individually wrapped with its own potting soil and a tiny seed. Once the seed is planted, they need only wait one week to see the really surprise, when the tiny seed breaks free, the word “love” is written right on the sprout itself. This creative, elegant and amazing wedding party favor is a great gift to send home with everyone that has been involved with your wedding plans.



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