Best Man Gifts For the Cultured Best Man

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My best man is nothing like the rest of the groomsmen. What do I get him for a gift?

Best Man Gifts For the Cultured Best Man

What's your best man like? Is he into art or music? Maybe he's a surfer enthusiast or a guy who appreciates opera and the ballet. It's easy to find sophomoric gag gifts, but a lot harder to come up with unique wedding party gifts that really speak to a person's personality. If your best man is an art aficionado, but the rest of the groomsmen are into computer gaming and drinking beer, it wouldn't make sense to have all the same gifts for the wedding party. In a situation like that, where the guys are so different from one another, it's a good idea to take the best man aside, maybe have a night on the town with him, and give him his gift without the other guys around. The next question is, what to get for a gift?

For someone with more mature sensibilities, try one of these wedding party gift ideas:

-Is he an artist? Get him some hard-to-find art supplies. If you plan early enough, you should be able to find out (either through him or through another friend or family member of his) where to get the things he needs.

-Is he an avid reader? Judging by the books lying around his place, it shouldn't be hard to figure out what he likes to read. Why not get a complete boxed set of whichever genre he reads the most?

-Does he have a sports car that's his pride and glory? Get him a certificate to a specialty car shop where he can buy accessories.

The key here is to take into account the vast differences in personality between your best man and your groomsmen. No matter where you're getting married, or how you're getting married, your best man will really appreciate the effort you took to say “thanks”.



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