Wedding Gifts For Dad

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What are some good ideas for wedding gifts for my father?

Wedding Gifts For Dad

The type of wedding gifts you buy for your father will probably depend a lot on his age and his hobbies. If he's got a crazy sense of humor and is expecting something a little off-the-wall, you could get him an engraved fishing pole and a bucket of realistic looking fish. Maybe you could even give him a disposable camera to take pictures of the one that “didn't get away”.

For fathers who are into genealogy, or just like to reminisce, you could put together a disc of hundreds of old photos that he can just pop into the DVD player at home. If you're a photo-buff, or you know something about Photoshop, you could do it yourself, If not, just check your local business listings (or maybe you already know someone) for someone who provides that service.

Now, if you want your father to really be noticed, personalized license plates make great wedding gifts. There are lots of ideas on the Internet, or you can come up with your own by using a combination of letters and numbers that reflect your father's motto, sports car, life goal, etc. If you're the daughter giving your dad a personalized license plate, you could play on the whole cost of the wedding issue (if that's an issue), the fact that he's not losing a daughter, but gaining a son, etc. It's tricky, but with a little brain-storming, you'll be able to come up with something really unique.



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