No-Time-To-Get-Creative Wedding Party Gifts

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Is it too late to order best man gifts online?

No-Time-To-Get-Creative Wedding Party Gifts

Sometimes the most fun weddings are the ones that give you little time to think about all of the little details that tend to creep up on you. Of course, sometimes they're panic inducing. If you're panicked about getting last minute best man gifts, bridal party gifts, or bridesmaids favors, worry no longer. You can relax. Here are a few ideas for last-minute wedding gifts you can buy, from the almost-last-minute gift, to the extremely-last-minute wedding gifts:

ALMOST LAST MINUTE (two weeks to the wedding date):

-At this stage, you can probably order some neat gifts online. Personalized mugs, ties, golf sets, backpacks, business-class engraved pens, and cuff links are quick ideas. Just make sure to check the website's shipping policy to make sure your order will get to you in time.

NEARLY LAST MINUTE (one week to the wedding date):

-As long as you're willing to pay for shipping charges, you should be able to order last minute best man gifts. Some bridal gift websites offer free shipping on orders over a certain price, but you might have to pay extra for overnight delivery. If in doubt, ask the company before placing your order.

EXTREMELY LAST MINUTE (A couple days away from the wedding date):

-What the heck have you been waiting for? Okay, don't panic. You're going to have to go to the store and buy the biggest, fanciest bottle of champagne you can find. Forget price! You waited too long to worry about price. What you need is an awesome best man gift and you need it fast! However, make sure to check with customer service of that bridal site you were looking at. They just might be able to accommodate you, just ask!



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