Wording for Wedding Invitations

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How can I remember a deceased parent at a wedding?

Wording for Wedding Invitations

For planning a wedding and handling the mention of a deceased parent, use the following wording for wedding invitations: "The son of Mrs. Jane Doe and the late Mr. John Doe" or "The son of Mrs. Jane and the late Mr. John Doe." Often when the deceased parent is listed first it could sound as if both parents are deceased (i.e. "The son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Doe") Many people often find great comfort in honoring their parent's memory by including a toast of rememberance during the reception. Also if a family member is hosting the wedding, it would also be appropriate to thank the guests for coming on behalf of both the living and the deceased parent (i.e. "On behalf of the memory of my late husband and myself, thank you all for coming") Or if a toast welcoming the bride to your family is going to be said, you can mention how proud the deceased parent would be of both of you today, etc.



5/25/2007 9:10:46 AM
M said:

what is the living parent is remarried? is "son of John and the late Jane Doe, stepson of Jen Doe" appropriate? How should this be worded?


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