Want to Become a Wedding Planner?

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Want to Become a Wedding Planner?

Do you have a natural love of weddings? Does the magic in the air entrance you? Does the excitement and rush of getting things organized for big events invigorate you? Are you in love with love? Well if any of these apply to you then a career in wedding planning could be right up your alley. A wedding planner is a professional who organizes weddings, including all of the financial and social situations, in order to alleviate brides of the obligation. There are many ways to become a wedding planner, here is one of them.

Get Your Education

A wedding planner should have a well rounded education. There are no "Wedding Planning" degrees but having a diploma in a related field like Marketing or Hospitality Management will help out immensely. These degrees will show that you possess the proper skills to match what you are offering to paying newlyweds.

Get Certified

Now that you have a solid background of education it is time to attack actually getting certified as a wedding planner. While the certificate is not required to become a successful wedding planner, it will certainly help. Finding an organization near you that offers these certificates can be as easy as a search on Google. In order to earn this certificate you will be expected to take a handful of classes concerning all of the different aspects that involve a wedding.

Get to Work

The final step down the road to becoming a successful wedding planner is to simply get working. Being a wedding planner means becoming your own business. You will have to research your market, your demographic, and all of the other financial decisions involved. You will need to market, work hard, and connect with potential clients.



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