The Meaning of Handfasting Ribbon Colors

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The Meaning of Handfasting Ribbon Colors

During a handfasting ceremony, ribbons or cords are draped around the hands of the couple at the altar. Here is what each ribbon color means.

  • Blue represents a sense of sincerity between the couple, as well as peace, honest and open communication, the ability to express oneself, loyalty to the relationship, and patience between the couple.

  • Green represents financial health between the couple as well as physical health, signs of affection, compassionate feelings between the couple, and a sense of caring.

  • Orange represents the attraction between the couple, a sense of kindness, support and encouragement, keeping your heart open, fostering understanding, and being sensitive to each other's needs.

  • Gold represents intelligence, a sense of unity, plenty of energy, and religious blessings for the couple.

  • Red represents passion between the couple, healthy fertility, a sense of strength, bravery, and a long life for the marriage.

  • Yellow represents equality between the couple, confidence for each partner, a sense of balance, joy and charm, a sense of spontaneity, and plenty of enthusiasm for the marriage.

  • Purple represents harmony and tranquility in the marriage, power between the couple, a sense of sentimentality, and intelligence and wisdom.



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