Why Not Play "This Is Your Life" At Your Bridesmaid Luncheon

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I want to play a fun game at my bridesmaid luncheon but I can seem to come up with any ideas, can you help?

Why Not Play "This Is Your Life" At Your Bridesmaid Luncheon

For many brides, planning their wedding has been an ongoing process since childhood; long before the groom was picked out, the bridesmaids were found in childhood friends. Celebrating special friendships at the bridesmaid luncheon is exactly why the occasion began, this special wedding party is an opportunity for the bride to honor and thank each of the members of her bridal party.

With this in mind, it is also a wonderful opportunity to give each bridesmaid unique gifts that celebrate who they are and their importance to the bride. A fun way to accomplish this is to create a game show atmosphere at the bridesmaid luncheon, a “this is your life” type of format in which the bride creates personalized biographies of each of her bridal attendants and then purchases unique bridesmaids gifts that match each attendant. The fun is in the “awarding” of each bridesmaid's gift as she is introduced and the personal biography read by the bride. Fun things to include in this game are childhood stories that are appropriate to share with other members of the bridal party; it is not a good idea to share things that were told in confidence, make the comments and stories light hearted and fun for everyone to share.

Online searches can provide many different gift ideas for the different experiences, characteristics and silly stories that you share; keep the gifts inexpensive and fun for the game. After the game, give each bridesmaid her wedding bridesmaids gifts that are specific to your wedding event such as the traditional bridesmaid jewelry.



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