A History of Diamonds

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Why are diamonds so culturally significant?

A History of Diamonds

Getting engaged is a very emotional event. When a man shops for the engagement ring he plans to present to his prospect bride, he will often look at diamond engagement rings first. Diamond engagement rings can be dressed up with other stones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds, but the diamonds are still important. Conventional pricing suggests a man should invest at least two months salary in purchasing his diamond engagement ring.

But why should men spend so much on diamond engagement rings? What makes the diamond so culturally significant?

Symbolically, the extraordinary physical properties of diamonds is what makes them so powerful in both image and use. In Hinduism, Indra is said to use the thunderbolt for his primary weapon. One of the names for his weapon translates to diamond in Sanskrit. Diamonds were also considered to be gifts of the gods and as such must be cherished.
The Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods. The Romans believed that diamonds were splinters from a fallen star. In Tibetan Buddhism, diamonds are an important symbol and their Diamond Sutra is one of the most popular texts.

In our Western culture, the diamond symbolizes virtue, strength, power, wealth, fearlessness and fortune. Diamond engagement rings thus symbolize love and eternity, which explains their popularity with men and women alike.

Men who present their brides to be with diamond engagement rings are offering a strong promise of commitment to love them for all eternity. So while they may not be the most inexpensive investment, they are one of the most cherished. It also doesn't hurt that diamond engagement rings are also as beautiful as they are symbolic.



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