Planning for the Venue

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Planning for the Venue

Planning a wedding always begins when the question is popped. Most people know the type of wedding they would like to have, but when you add another person's dreams, aspirations and religious feelings it can require some discussion. The couple are an important part of planning a wedding and whether it's the parents of the bride or the groom or a wedding planner, the wishes of the couple have to be taken into account. This is especially true of the type of ceremony that the couple decides on.

Determining whether the wedding will be a religious, civil or other type of ceremony will play a part in determining the venue. The couple usually has an idea of where they want to have the wedding. Your job as the wedding planner will be to contact the venue and verify all information with regard to booking it for the day in question. Be sure to have a standard contract available that you use for negotiating a venue. At bare minimum you will need confirmation on the following:

  • Contact Person?
  • Location of Utilities?
  • In-house staff?
  • Clean-up responsibility? Yours? Theirs?
  • Parking?
  • Entrance?
  • Dressing Room?
  • Fees?
  • Rehearsal availability?
  • Piano? Organ?
  • Rules about Photography (specifically in Churches)
You will want to confirm a booking of the venues at least three to four months ahead of time. In many cases, it's better to settle on the venue in the first hours of planning wedding because much of the rest of the planning will center on the location. Planning a wedding is like setting up dominoes, each decision helps you make another one. The first domino is the question, the second domino is the type of ceremony and the third domino is choosing the venue and it continues from there.



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