Save the Date - Inviting Others to Your Reception

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Save the Date - Inviting Others to Your Reception

Wedding planning includes issuing invitations to your wedding, including information on the reception that is to follow. But you can issue separate reception invitations, specifically if you are planning a small wedding ceremony with a larger reception. However, whether you are sending out just wedding invitations with the reception to follow noted on them or a separate reception invitation, here are a few tips to help your reception guests to remember the date.

Reception Invitations :

  • Can be sent with a Save the Date magnet and your wedding date, wedding time and reception time detailed on them. Including those along with your invitation is a great and convenient way to help your guests remember the date
  • Can be a card with an engagement picture of the two of you to use as your reception invitation, you can include all the pertinent data about the reception
  • Should include any required dress, the type of meal to be served and even reference to the theme if that's important
  • Can inspire the perfect wedding favor either with the save the date magnets or creating couple photo magnets
  • Can be sent separately or as an inclusion with the wedding invitation
  • Are important if you are inviting guests only to the reception and not to the wedding and it's important to note that one the reception invitation
Invitation Wording:

A sample of your reception invitation wording may be:

GUEST NAME, your presence is requested at the Reception of BRIDE & GROOM's married name to be held at TIME, DATE and PLACE. The newlyweds will be married in a private, intimate ceremony and look forward to your presence at sharing our celebration with us.



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