Shape & Style: Choosing Your Bridal Jewelry

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How do you pick out your bridal jewelry?

Shape & Style: Choosing Your Bridal Jewelry

When it comes to selecting your bridal jewelry, the type of hairstyle you will be wearing, whether or not you will be wearing a veil and even the shape of your face will play a large role. If you are wearing a headpiece such as tiara or crown, then your earrings and necklace should coordinate with those pieces. For example, a pearl necklace and earrings will complement a pearl headpiece.

When it comes to choosing the necklace, you want to pay attention to style of the gown and its neckline. A high neckline won't require any type of necklace. A V-neck will enjoy a drop necklace. Off the shoulders will be complemented by a choker or smaller necklace that enhances the shape of the neck. The more elaborate your gown, the more elaborate the jewelry should be to accent it. If your dress is simple
with few accents, complement it with simple jewelry.

The color of your wedding will also play a part in the selection of the bridal jewelry. White wedding dresses look great with pearls. Off white dresses look better with white or yellow gold. When choosing your bridesmaids' bridal jewelry, it is important that it is complimentary to what the bride is wearing, but in simpler format. For example, if the bride is wearing a choker of pearls, then bridesmaids may also wear pearls, but perhaps only two strands instead of three. Also, if the bridesmaids are all wearing identical dresses, be sure to put them in identical jewelry. If they are wearing different styles of dresses and different colors, you can mix and match their bridal jewelry as well.



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