Stop and Smell the Roses

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What makes up romantic bridal bouquets?

Stop and Smell the Roses

Bridal bouquets are as much a part of the wedding ceremony as the bridal dress. Planning for the bridal bouquet is a unique part of your wedding planning and requires time and commitment. No matter where you decide to host your wedding - whether it's on a beach, in a Church, or standing on the deck of a cruise ship - it's important to plan and select the flowers that will make up the bridal bouquets.

Bridal bouquets can have meaning. They can have depth of emotion. They can be very romantic and they can be sentimental. The florist and the bride should work together to create a bouquet that features the bride's likes and wedding theme, but also works well in pictures and can be put together nicely in a bouquet. Listen to the advice, read up on the ideas and then choose for the bouquets what speaks to your heart.



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