Memory Book Wedding Photography

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How do you see your wedding photography?

Memory Book Wedding Photography

There are key moments in every wedding that you want to have documented by the wedding photography, but you may or may not want your wedding photography to resemble traditional images. One of the best ways for a bride to figure out how to request the wedding photography she wants is to visualize the story book she wants to look at in a few years.

One way to help a bride visualize their wedding photography is to sit down and write out a memory book while visualizing the pictures that could go there. Make notes in the margins of the pages. Write down things like: “Mom's smiling, but you can see the tears in her eyes.” Or “Cindy looks great in the dress, but what is she looking at?” Go for the funny lines, go for the sentimental and go for your own personality. These are the lines that you want to be able to show to your wedding photographer.

Think of them as a road map to your own book of memories. There plenty of important ceremony moments that your wedding photography will capture, but you can give the photographer tips on how you want those images to look and the shots he or she should be looking for:

Important Ceremony Moments:

Procession (Bride/Father; Close Up of Bride's Mother, Close up of Groom waiting)

The passing of the Bride's hand from the father to the mother

Profile Shot of Bride and Groom in front of the Minister as the ceremony Begins

Exchange of Vows/Rings

The Kiss

The Presentation



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