Wedding Invitations Reflect the Couple, Not the Wedding

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What if we don’t want to use our theme on our wedding invitations?

Wedding Invitations Reflect the Couple, Not the Wedding

The definition of unique is that it is not common nor like another. In and of themselves, wedding invitations are unique because they are individual to the couple issuing the invitations. But in general, when we're thinking unique wedding invitations, we're thinking about wedding invitations that are different and that stand out from what is the norm. So, what would make your wedding invitations unique with regard to your wedding?

  • Unique wedding invitations may or may not include your wedding theme whether it's an under the sea wedding, a Disney wedding or other venue wedding
  • Unique wedding invitations may have altered wording, sending the invitation directly from the bride and groom rather than their parents.
  • Unique wedding invitations may be used for second marriages or senior weddings or even the blending of two families.
For a couple electing to marry in the later years of their life after their children have grown and perhaps their previous spouses have died, their wedding invitations may be the most unique of all. Are they inviting the guests, are their children inviting the guests or are they simply sending an invitation to guests to share with them the sunset cruise they are embarking on together. The definition of unique is that it is personalized to the couple that is choosing to issue the invitation. Don't be bound by tradition if you don't want to be.



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