Dos and Do Nots

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Dos and Do Nots

Do - Spend some time with your spouse checking out the places you want to register and making lists of the items you really do need.

Do not - Just add a toaster oven you know you won't use so guests will have enough of a selection.

Do - Register at more than one store. There is no hard and fast rule that says you have to register at one location only.

Do not - Choosing items that are really expensive because you know you won't be able to afford them in the first year of marriage isn't fair to your guests. Instead, choose a wider price range selection.

Do - Discuss your options with different stores, online sites and even handmade facilities. You'll be surprised by how many places feature registries this day.

Do Not - Feel limited to asking for only household goods. If you are already set up in your house and don't need a lot, ask for some things you ‘might' like to have or even items like movies, CDs and more.



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