Pre-Marriage Announcements

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I am getting married in 14 months time, but a lot of people on my guest list are overseas so I need to send out a pre-inviation note to give everyone time to make their travel arrangements. How should I word this?

Pre-Marriage Announcements

Many couples like to announce their wedding date a bit early, before sending out invitations. This is a great idea for anyone who has guests coming from long distances.

A great way to let guests know of the impending nuptials and date is to send a postcard, perhaps with a picture of the couple on it. On the postcard, try keeping it simple. A good suggestion is to simply have, "Save the Date" typed across the top of your postcard, above a picture of the couple.

The postcard can then be phrased as such: "Joe and Sue are going to be married on such and such a date." Followed by, "Please save the date."

A very simple postcard with the above information is a great way to send out a pre-marriage announcement to guests who may live some distance a way.



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