Tipping 101

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How much should I tip our vendors?

Tipping 101

The general guidelines for tipping are as follows (note that pastors aren't included):

Caterer or Banquet Manager: about 15% of the reception bill, or a small gift

Servers: if there is a "service charge" included in the total on your bill, then there's no need to give an additional tip. If a service fee is not included, figure the tip according to the number of waiters ($20 per server is about right).

Coat-Room and Restroom Attendants: if they don't receive a gratuity (check your bill), you might give them 50 cents-$1 per guest.

Bartenders: check for a service charge on the liquor bill. If there isn't one, you can leave 10% of the total bill for the bartenders.

Limousine Drivers: If the tip is not covered in the final bill, tip about 15-20% of the total.

Musicians: optional, but usually about $20-$25 each.

Photographer: optional, but usually about $20-$25.

Hair Stylists & Makeup Artists: tip the same 15-20% you would if you were getting your hair done on any other day.



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