What To Wear If Your Wedding Guests As Part Of The Wedding?

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Should I wear a red dress to a wedding?

What To Wear If Your Wedding Guests As Part Of The Wedding?

There's no rule for guests proper wedding attire, but you should still proceed with caution. If it's a subtle red and a fairly informal dress, it would be fine with nude hose for a daytime wedding. If the dress is fire-engine red and rather slinky, it wouldn't be proper for either a day or evening wedding. If you're going to an evening wedding and you have a dark red, tasteful 'dressy' dress that isn't flashy, it's up to you. You don't want to steal the bride's thunder---ask yourself, "Would it be awkward if I were wearing this and standing next to the bride?" Where you live might also be taken into consideration; in a large city, no one would bat an eye if you wore red to a formal evening wedding, but in a smaller town or suburb, it could be viewed as a fashion faux pas. If you want to be perfectly safe, find another dress.



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