Introductions in the Receiving Line?

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How should my daughter introduce my beau in the receiving line?

Introductions in the Receiving Line?

Q: How should my daughter, the bride, introduce my beau in the receiving line?

A: Traditionally in a receiving line, only the couple's parents/stepparents stand with the bride and groom. If your daughter wishes your beau to also be in the receiving line, he would stand next to you. As guests go through the line, they generally just give their best wishes and say hello to each person individually; there's no need for the bride or groom to introduce every guest to every person in the line---it's a moment for them to bask in, not to be worrying about introducing guests to each other. If there are many guests who are not familiar with your beau, then you should be the one to introduce him however you feel comfortable: "This is my boyfriend," or "This is my friend," or "This is my beau," would all be fine.



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