Beach Wedding Favors for the Best Beach Weddings

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Are all beach wedding favors the same?

Beach Wedding Favors for the Best Beach Weddings

Heading to the beach for your big day? Beach weddings are great for a number of reasons: they can be a lot more informal; they're fun; and they're the perfect excuse to buy some pretty nifty beach wedding favors.

Practicality is a boring word, but practical wedding favors don't have to be. What's the one thing your guests are going to need the most when sitting in the hot sun all day? Sunscreen! “Hot Wedding” themed sunscreen is about $3.50 a bottle and is perfect for hot days at the beach. Add a few personal words to each bottle and you've got instant beach wedding favors that everyone will be able to use.

Looking for something a little more elegant? Consider palm tree soap favors or seaside tealight candles. Speaking of tealight candles…there are many different beach wedding tealight themes to choose from. Sailboats, sea shells, beach pails and tealights with a starfish design are just some of the beach wedding favors to choose from.

Planning a beach wedding is half the fun. Deciding on the perfect beach wedding favors is the icing on the wedding cake. Decide whether you want whimsical or more refined beach wedding favors, then have fun shopping. Your wedding guests will be delighted.



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