Best Man Gifts - Gags For The Groom

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Can you give me some good gag gift ideas for the groom?

Best Man Gifts - Gags For The Groom

Okay guys, it's time to come up with some unique gifts for the wedding party, or at least for one person in the party…the groom. It's a great idea to go with as many gag gifts as you can, just make sure to do it at an appropriate place like the bachelor party. Just make sure everyone invited to the party knows what the theme is and carry it through. Some ideas include:

-Tying The Knot Theme. For this theme, give gag wedding gifts that focus on the finality of the dating scene. For example, you could give the groom a “little black book” with nothing in it but his wife-to-be's name and phone number on every page.

-Ball and Chain Theme. Instead of giving the same old literal ball and chain as a gift, give the groom-to-be something to remind him that he'll never be allowed to leave home again (without permission that is!). A good gag gift could be a fake tracking device, a pager, a cell phone that can only call or receive one phone number, or a leash.

-Time To Grow Up Theme. For this theme, give the groom-to-be wedding gifts to remind him that a married man, is a mature man. For example, you could give him a calendar of sports cars with big X's marked through them or a note-book with helpful sayings for newly married men like, “Whatever you think dear,” or “What would YOU like to do?”

The gag wedding gifts you get will have a lot to do with how far you want to take the joke, how much you want to spend, and how much you want to annoy your closest friend.



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