Wedding Party Gifts From The Groom To The Bride

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What kind of wedding gifts should I get my new bride?

Wedding Party Gifts From The Groom To The Bride

So, you're marrying the woman of your dreams and now you have to buy her some wedding gifts and, of course, you want the wedding gift to cause a “gasp” reaction. No pressure! Whether you're celebrating your wedding vows in a traditional or non-traditional way, it's all about the romance. It doesn't matter if she says she's not the romantic type. Don't believe her. Maybe she means she's not into red roses and white lace, but when it comes to the wedding gifts you pick out for her, they have to evoke feelings of romance. What do men fear the most on their wedding day? Doing the wrong thing! Here are a couple of “don'ts” to keep in mind when picking out your new bride's wedding gifts:

-Don't give her a cooking appliance of any type. It's okay for someone else to do it, but the only message you'll be giving her if you do that is, “Get in the kitchen and cook something.” Even if she insists that she wants something for the kitchen, don't do it. Tell her maid of honor or her mother to get her something for the kitchen.

-Don't give her something really embarrassing, especially if she's opening the gift in front of her parents or grandparents! What constitutes embarrassing? Anything that falls in the “honeymoon toys” category pretty much sums it up. That kind of thing usually falls under the category of unique bridal party gifts.

Okay, those are a few don'ts. Now, here are a few do's:

-Do give her a gift certificate to a high-end shoe store. Really. She'll love you forever.

-Do indulge her like a pampered princess with a full day spa treatment that she can enjoy with a friend.

-If money is an issue, you can still give her the gift of her dreams by creating your own book of redeemable “gift certificates” that include things like a ½ hour foot rub, a back massage, a bubble bath complete with wine (served chilled) and cheese. Just make sure to follow through! Don't forget to include a bottle of massage oil with the certificates.

Good luck with the wedding gifts!



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