Fitness Wedding Accessories

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What kind of wedding accessories should I use for a fitness themed wedding day?

Fitness Wedding Accessories

Are you and your partner fitness buffs? You probably met in a gym or while jogging in the park, right? Come on, admit it! If that's the case, why would you want to restrict yourselves to uncomfortable wedding garb and ditch the trail for a sit-down wedding? Your wedding should be a reflection on who you are as a couple, which means customizing the bridal accessories and wedding accessories to suit the day. Forget tradition, pick up your pedometer and walk through these wedding accessory ideas:

1) Sprint down the aisle (or trail!) by wearing sneakers. Sure you can wear sneakers with a tux or a full gown, but if that option doesn't speak to you, why not really make the day your own by wearing matching jogging or track suits?

2) Have you ever been on a vacation where the hotel folds your towel to look like a swan? Towels are cheap wedding accessories that can really add to the day if they're folded into different shapes and used as decorations.

3) Guests love to throw things at the newly married bride and groom. It's true! In today's eco-friendly world, the last thing you want is your guests tossing non-biodegradable stuff all over the ground. Keeping with the fitness theme, why not give your guests fistfuls of trail mix to toss? It's biodegradable and won't hurt birds and animals who want to take a nibble. Wedding accessories for a fitness themed wedding are so much fun. Think headbands, pedometers as wedding favors for the guests, energy drinks in the punch bowl, etc. Wedding accessories don't have to include straight backed white chairs, you could offer stability balls for the guests to sit on!



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