Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Anyone?

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Can you help me with an idea for a unique and funny groomsman gift?

Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Anyone?

If you're looking for thoughtful wedding gifts for groomsmen, consider putting together a first aid kit…for hangovers! If you can, use a “real” first aid kit complete with the logo and the nifty packaging. You can buy first aid kits from any of the nationally known first aid trainers in the country just be going to their online websites. What you want to pay is up to you. Price ranges usually fall into the $20 to $200 price range. To pull off this kind of gift, you really don't have to spend a whole lot of money. If you decide to buy kits (it'll have a better effect on the gag), just take the “real” first aid stuff out and replace the contents with these choice items:

1) Tylenol, Advil, or some other headache reliever

2) A juice pack (any kind of juice will do)

3) Ear plugs

4) An eye mask for sleeping

5) A packet of coffee

6) Toilet paper

7) A couple of hand-written notes offering advice to the sufferer. For example, you could write a note that says, “At this moment, you're probably convinced that you will never, ever drink again. Let me tell you, you will.” You could also leave a list of phone numbers of people the recipient offended while he was intoxicated.

8) A couple of Vitamin C tablets.

9) A barf bag

These are just suggestions. You can really put whatever you want into the hangover first aid kit. Obviously, the smaller the kit, the less you're going to be able to fit into it. Just have fun with it. Later, when the joke (and the party) is over, you can give your groomsmen the real groomsmen gifts, the actual contents of the first aid kit.



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