Italian Traditions

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What is an Italian wedding like?

Italian Traditions

The groom carries a small piece of iron in his pocket during the ceremony to ward off the evil eye. The money dance is still very common at Italian weddings and today the money is most often placed in a satin bag carried by the bride.

Food, food, food....from the antipasto to the sugared almonds {which are said to ensure fertility and should be tied in bundles of 5's or 7's}, food plays a large part in traditional Italian weddings.

In the small villages of Italy, after the Wedding Mass, the newly married couple walks through the town plaza, greeting their friends, relatives, and neighbors. There the villagers set up a sawhorse, a log and a double handled rip-saw. The newlyweds must saw the log apart with the prompting and cheering of the crowd. When the job is finished and the log cut, it symbolizes that the man and woman must work together in all of life's tasks.

In days gone by, many Italians avoided marrying during the months of May and August. May was reserved for the veneration of the Virgin Mary, and August was thought to invite bad luck and sickness.



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