Pre-Wedding Relaxation

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How can I relieve wedding planning stress?

Pre-Wedding Relaxation

Rent a cool car for the day and take off with your spouse-to-be. A vintage car or an expensive sportscar will make you both feel like you're leaving the world behind without having to spend a fortune.

Pack a picnic lunch and drive for hours. (don't forget that men are most comfortable speaking their mind when they're behind the wheel). Call your state or provincial tourist office and tell them where you are. Ask what there is to do within an hour of home. You'll be surprised what new and exciting things you can find in your own backyard. Go fishing, bowling, or miniature-golfing together! Playing and laughing will soon make you forget the stresses that a wedding can bring.



5/22/2008 8:40:47 PM
Lindsey said:

This web site had got to be one of the most shallow and sexist sites I have ever encountered. I speak to you from not only a womens point of view,but alos from my fiancee's. I cannot believe the trivial and empty aspects of marriage that you premote. It is due to these types of prpaganda promotion that so amny marriages end in divorse. you just keep on spreading sexist seperation, good job buddy....
Deeply disgusted,


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