Sample Vows for a Handfasting

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Sample Vows for a Handfasting

These sample vows are just a jumping-off point for the husband and wife to be. Feel free to customize, add and subtract to fit your personalities and needs. Handfastings are meant to be as individual as the couple, after all!

I, [bride], take thee, [groom],

to be my beloved husband and partner

to share our days in love from this moment forward.

I shall give to you now

in the presence of Goddess, God, and our loved ones

an oath to remain by your side as your faithful wife,

devoted to you in sickness and in health,

through good times and bad.

I will love you without reservation,

I will comfort you in times of sadness,

and laugh in times of joy with you as well.

I shall grow with you in mind, body and spirit

as we experience our life on Gaia together,

and beyond when we travel to the Summerland.

On this day, I [bride] give to you, my beloved [groom],

a vow of love, honesty, and respect.

I shall walk beside you and grow with you in love always.

I shall cherish our time together,

and honor your soul and body each day that passes.

My true love, in the presence of the Goddess and our family,

please take this vow

as the deepest pledge of my commitment to you and our marriage.

I give to thee, [groom], my troth:

I vow to honor you both in words and action.

I promise to listen and not just hear…

to speak with and not at you…

to ask and never assume.

I vow to respect the time that we have on our Mother Earth,

and to cherish each day that we are gifted with each other's presence.

My life's love, I promise these things from this blessed day forth.



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