Spring Garden Wedding Party

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I am planning a spring wedding and I want to use this theme for my bridesmaid luncheon, any ideas how I might stay within the overall theme for gifts and party decor?

Spring Garden Wedding Party

Garden weddings are very popular in the early spring, with bright colors of crisp white, sunshine yellow, fresh spring green, delicate pinks and other pastel hues it is easy to create a wedding filled with the youth and freshness found in an early spring morning. As you begin to plan your bridesmaid luncheon, it is often difficult to identify exciting bridal attendant gifts that are inexpensive and still beautiful.

If your budget is getting tighter and you need to find a way to bring down expenses, creating your own homemade bridal attendant gifts can be an inexpensive and unique way to say thank you to your bridal attendants without breaking the bank. Crisp white linens on your luncheon tables will be perfectly complemented with bright green plants placed at the center of each table. Creating centerpieces by using plotted garden herbs will not only provide the accent that your tabletops need for decorations but can be taken home at the end of the luncheon by the bridal party as your bridal party gifts.

Easy to create wooden picket fenced planters can be made using a small wooden box and craft sticks. Once glued or nailed into place, the box and craft sticks can be painted white and the small garden herbs placed inside each box. Create one box for each bridal attendant or wedding party member that will be receiving a gift. Not only will the green plants provide a vivid color splash on your luncheon tables but the planters will provide a conversational ice breaker and the gifts will provide long term culinary delight to each of your bridal party attendants for a long time.



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